Anon said: Hmm

There’s a rumor going around that Harry isn’t using a “royal lawyer”. Apparently, they decided to hire American lawyers in their case against the Mail, and the statement was so dramatic because Meghan wrote it actually for the Americans because Meghan cares more about them than the Brits.

The lawyers are also in London, yes they are not Royal lawyers that could have…

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Anon said: Hmm

There’s a rumor going around that Harry isn’t using a “royal lawyer”. Apparently, they decided to hire American lawyers in their case against the Mail, and the statement was so dramatic because Meghan wrote it actually for the Americans because Meghan cares more about them than the Brits.

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The lawyers are also in London, yes they are not Royal lawyers that could have quickly taken care of these issues.  I did receive from a source that Meghan wrote the last statement over the phone to Harry and Edward Lane Fox while Prince Charles was away in the middle east.


She planned to make Harry acknowledge her as his girlfriend. It was her license to fame and fortune, but it wasn’t working unless she got the ring, the kid to cement her lifetime of terror on the people of earth.  Sounds dramatic, I know, but look who we are talking about the thirstiest actress that Hollywood didn’t want.  It’s no secret; she is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton; she was using the woke speech from the start.


The only thing is Meghan is a hypocrite, which the blogs were reporting since the beginning.  She was the girl who liked to drop the towel, and we found out she yachted, she slept with Harvey Weinstein on purpose!  Brett Ratner for free and allegedly Steve Mnuchin had to pay. That all came from blind guru Enty, the entertainment lawyer.  There are also claims that she slept with Harry’s friends for the introduction. Markus Anderson introduced her to Mischa Nonoo at Soho Miami Beach location, knowing she had a direct connection to the Royals. Reports say that she cheated on Harry with a photographer in Miami, and he shot a video of her tossing his salad. Has it been sold?


There are no coincidences, folks. The BRF allowed her in the family because what Harry wants, Harry gets. Now, he is getting what he deserves.


One anon repeatedly said, with the right PR Harry can be saved, I don’t think so.  The passive approach was never going to work against a steam roller.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

Tumblr anon said: Mark of Respect


Meghan Markle has been warned over clashing with senior royals as Palace keeps a ‘close eye on her’, royal biographer claims

Written by Rebecca Flood  for the Sun

Now it’s telling us to switch over to the Mail and Angela Levin who posted the most unflattering mish-mashed article I ever read in News week in 2016 or 2017!

Meghan, too, looked radiant, immersed in her new child. Yet the road ahead will not be easy because Harry finds himself alongside a wife who often seems to have little taste for the quiet life. 

That part is right, and she shouldn’t have married Harry if he told her this is what he wanted.

As we shall see, there may be storm clouds ahead.

I think that part is right too and IMO maybe seniors royals are starting to have enough of her rubbish leaking, but this article is from May 11th.  Let’s go back to the Sun article for a moment and see what was added now.

“The Royal Family is a very hierarchical organisation. It’s the Queen, Prince Charles, the Cambridges, the Sussexes – in that order.

The Queen does have favorites, and IMO her adult children have a place at the table.

It’s been noticed that some appearances by Meghan and Harry have clashed with those of other, more senior, royals including Prince Charles, which is a big no-no.

Angela warned that the ‘palace machine is a force to be reckoned with’.

IMO they have allowed enough time for the Duchess of Sussex to become acclimated to Royal life with many crash courses which went largely ignored by Meghan, who thinks she knows it all. This is Royalty, not Hollywood, shape up or ship out.

I think IMO that they are saying Harry didn’t know this was happening with Meghan insatiable appetite to see her name constantly in the press and like previous posts I made they link friend Izzy May, Publicist and Markus Anderson  Soho, flunky, and keeper of the stars secrets.  These people are not helping Meghan but encouraging her own demise as a Royal.

Thank you, Kari, for the ask, 🌸😎JD


Anon said: Shoot….. I say look at the research

The Rose story is back in DM again. Did Meghan not like the attention the Cambridge kids got at TTC? And of course, DM is removing the comments claiming this is a jealous Meghan ploy which shows someone paid for this story. When does the RF do something to get this jealous dangerous beetch under control? And how about Harry? Is he really so jealous of Will and Kate he is allowing his escort wife to do this? What is wrong with the BRF? This is madness; it is cruel, and it is malicious.

Tabloid BS, let’s take a look-see  together written by Katie Hind and Jack Newman

Katie wrote last night rubbish but informative about Izzy May and Markus Anderson, so I’m not sure of the motive behind this.

She also did the Serena Williams articles which we know the Sussex’s aren’t living there, PR for Serena, I’d say, but a player in this comedy of errors.

This is so rich! It goes with the Hollywood left-wing agenda, and I laugh at this one, I now suspect Jack of running the leads down  of the players.

Now for Jack Newman, I have to say he is a hard-hitting reporter that brings all sorts of topics to the table. I found this after a good scroll.

Strange, he did the above article, which is a PR piece for Max George, but I suspect this journo is investigative reporting. He posted this article about new divorce laws, hmm.  This is factual.

Oh, I think some people are doing some research now, and I wouldn’t give the Rose articles much weight at all, if she is headed for Divorce I doubt it will because of the Cambridge’s.

Thank you anon, good time researches this one! 🌸😎

PS: we love our reporters and mean no disrespect to them. God sped to Jack!

JKR submits DM~ Meghan’s secret rock: Publicist Izzy May


If she helps Meghan with the PR, she doesn’t do a good job. Oh and Anderson is also involved again.

Meghan’s ‘secret rock’: Publicist, 40, who works for David Beckham has become one of Duchess of Sussex’s ‘dearest and closest friends’

  • Izzy May has quietly become the Duchess of Sussex’s closest confidante 
  • The two women were introduced by mutual friend Markus Anderson 
  • Miss May attended the Royal couple’s wedding last May with Markus Anderson

Like I said earlier, she is a publicist. Nightmare!  Sara Latham is the communication for Meghan and Harry. It was said she hired a new personal assistant that was un-named.

Izzy is a So HO affiliate and David Beckham as I mentioned before is represented by Creative Artist Agency who invited Hollywood stars that had never met the bride or the groom! Lovely right!  Markus sending out a reminder he is still lurking?

I know I posted about Freund before, aha I did

Freud Communications is a public relations firm based in London. It was founded in 1985 by Matthew Freud—of the Public Relations dynasty of Edward Bernays—and great-grandson of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud). The PR firm of Edward Bernays became Britain’s largest independent consumer PR firm.[1] The firm was bought in 1994 by another independent UK agency, Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV), in 1994 for about 10 million pounds only for Matthew Freud, together with other partners, to buy back the company in 2001, for a similar sum, when AMV was itself purchased by the US group Omnicom.[1][2]

The French Publicis Groupe (the third largest communications firm in the world) acquired a 50.1% stake in Freud Communications in June, 2005. In 2006 Freud purchased advertising agency DFGW.[citation needed][3][4]

Freud Communications USA, which closed in February 2009, was based in New York City.[5] The company had a turnover in 2011 of around £40million per year, a staff of more than two hundred and has been ranked by PR Week in their ranking system as 6th in the UK.[6]

In 1999 Leapman reported in The Times that Freud Communications had offered an Internet brand management service to its clients. This would “scour the Net for references to its clients” and if they were criticised, “the agency would use rebuttal tactics to minimise the potentially negative impact of online inaccuracy“.[7]

In 2007 PR Week ran a story documenting the use of WikiScanner to track anonymous edits and link them to organizations through their IP addresses and found that “Freud Communications’ London office was caught making Wikipedia edits on behalf of clients.”[8][9]

They are dirty, got caught making Wikipedia edits on behalf of their clients! Boom!  Caught, busted and how much do want to make a bet they may be behind the PR LARPing?  These same people may have attacked reporters that we trust to give us the articles we need to run our blogs. Fake news people.

Let’s follow the links, shall we?  conflicts of interest of Wikipedia. Thank you JKR! 🌸😎

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Kendall Jenner: Tiffany & Co flies back from Aus in 24 hours

Kendall Jenner

It wasn’t so much breakfast at Tiffany’s but champagne, diamonds and a famous Jenner at one of the hot tickets on the Aussie social scene.

While Tiffany & Co. unveiled its new flagship store in Sydney on Pitt Street, all eyes were on special guest, model and TV personality, Kendall Jenner, who flew into Sydney Thursday morning. She even made a tracksuit looked chic while arriving at the airport.

As she walked along the red carpet, Kendall told media “there is a lot I love about Australia…the atmosphere reminds me of home”.

She was dressed in a short yet oversized bubblegum pink dress drom French design house Ingie Paris @ingieparis and matched with a silver Tiffany & Co necklace and white court heels.

Kendall Jenner arrives at the official opening of the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in Sydney, Thursday, April 4, 2019. Picture: Dan Himbrechts

Ms Jenner, 23, is dating Australian basketballer for the Philadelphia 76ers and GQ Australia cover star Ben Simmons (who unfortunately didn’t jump out of a big blue signature Tiffany box) while security around the mega model was tight.

As one of the 5 ‘K’-named daughters of “mum-ager”, Kris Jenner, Kendall (with 107 million Instagram followers hanging on her ever move) is the older sis to fellow model Kylie (with a mere 131m followers) and is half sister to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Kendall was joined by CEO Alessandro Bogliolo, A$AP Ferg, Lara Worthington, Jesinta Franklin and Victoria Lee who all celebrated what is deemed Australia’s best Tiffany store.

The famous and virtually priceless Tiffany yellow diamond, recently worn by Lady Gaga to the Oscars, also had its own security and will stay enshrined in the new store for the next few weeks so the public can have a good ogle.

The flagship store takes up 1,800 square metres and will become the ultimate luxury shopping destination in Australia. From the unique facade design to its gracious interiors, the store echoes the company’s global reputation and 182-year history that includes Sydney, where Tiffany first opened a store in 1994.

Get in line, people. Picture: Darren Leigh Roberts

The launch was a visual spectacular with lot of colour although the starting post was black, as guests wandered down the “black” carper. After drinks in the style-fuelled store, guests made their way downstairs to an unconventional location under the store, which had been painted ‘Tiffany’ blue.

For the first time, the store also featured a large permanent assortment of Tiffany ‘High Jewellery’ with pieces being among the world’s most precious and exceedingly rare creations.

Guests swamped the Tiffany “style studio” with dedicated stylists offering more interactive browsing of jewellery in open displays, with photo opportunities and a Tiffany try-on studio where guests tried on one of the store’s most dazzling jewels.

There were also custom installations created exclusively for the store by nine up-and-coming and established Australian artists including Lisa Cahill, Anna Wili Highfield and Gemma O’Brien.

As one of the world’s most popular “influencers”, Kendall recently responded to her involvement in the ill-fated Fyre Festival.

The music festival — which enlisted a whole crew of highly paid models to promote it — was the subject of a fascinating Netflix documentary and created a huge stir, with people losing major bucks, when the whole event was deemed a disaster, before it even started.

But there was no talk about that at the launch, with the media being tightly reigned in when it came to asking questions.

As one of the highest-paid models, Jenner was reportedly paid $500,000 to attend the Tiffany event and also shot a Vogue cover in her 24-hour Sydney stay.

In fact, the store will be one of the top ten flagships worldwide and is of great international importance to the brand.

450 of the country’s social set made up the guest list including Eva Galambos, Jessica Mauboy, model Cameron Robbie, Carmen Hamilton, Amanda Shadforth, model Victoria Lee, Soho House executive Markus Anderson and every major lifestyle magazine and fashion player in town.

Watch out Kris Jenner, Sharks are in the water. We love the Kardashians 💋💖💖💖💖💖

well……Something is going on

Something is going on so now finally the real story about how Harry and his escort met – in private rooms set up by the well-known pimp MA. The only thing missing was the cost eh?

So we get the “split” the mysterious hire of a Democrat fixer and former aide to Clinton and now MA the arranger of first “date” (did Meghan kiss on the first date? LOL!!!) and the person who introduced Megsy to the Clinton fixer.

Something is coming JD!!!

Embed from Getty Images


You know it, and we are back talking about Meghan on the main blog!  I wish I had more time to give, and I’m trying!

There are a lot of theories we have been told on how they first met, and I’m sticking with they met in Toronto, and Meghan slipped him his number just like Camilla said.

It’s about time that someone exposed Markus Anderson because we have tried like hell to get something on him. He shut his IG down early in this circus, but he still managed to be the puppet master.  Appearing here and there it’s almost like a taunting us.

Markus is the fixer, the connection guy, no wonder Meghan hit it off with him. I had a conversation with Sam several months ago, and she said Meghan was never like this until she met Markus.

If Markus is indeed the middleman for the yachters, he must be making some hefty cash off these girls.  It came to my attention from a source they also use PR agencies as well, what a great place to make offers for sexual encounters — all at the click of the mouse.

This is what I heard, you don’t have to have sex with them on the first date, but if a girl wants to be taken care of for the rest of her life, she is willing to go for it. Some get pregnant and get a load of this, the guy will pay them for the rest of their lives, and they don’t mind. Wow! Blew my mind, dating for dollars or pounds.

The political connections go right back to Hillary and Bill, boom!  How much more obvious can you get.

What is the end game for these charlatans? We have all these links to metoo and times up, I happened upon them accidentally following the characters from  Variety and their conference they are having.    The only thing I can think of is Prince Andrew from all the blind items.

Are they extorting?  I’ve never seen the Royals act this way.  They nailed Harvey and now a dead pop star, R Kelly is a no brainer but who is next? The rhetoric is all the same, and please read the links I posted.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎