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Some nuggets I discovered doing the most recent episode of the Enty Podcast, but didn’t have time to mention. This former royal turned spokesperson/celebrity reunited with her husband because men stopped paying her for sex. This royal frequently had the madam/procurer/sexual assaulter over to his place, but only when he had a woman willing to do a threesome. Apparently, he liked to watch the madam be rough with the other woman. The royal who likes underage girls has at least one illegitimate child that he publicly refuses to acknowledge but who he has to pay a significant amount of child support to each month. 

Former Royal turned Spokesperson/Celebrity: Sarah Ferguson

Madam/Procurer/Sexual Assaulter: Ghislaine Maxwell

Royal who likes underage girls: Prince Andrew   

IIRC Prince Charles also has a kid floating out there and was BFFs with Jimmy Savile. The BRF’s a hot mess…

Oh My Gawd 

Aeltrileaf via letsdothis3 ~Provides Connections but there is a lot of meat on this bone

Rachel Chandler Photos Scrubbed from Getty Images, Chairman is MI6, Fire at WB and the Maxwells=EPSTEIN

By letsdothis3

On Twatter today:



Mark Getty

Mark Harris Getty, KBE (born July 9, 1960) is a British businessman and is co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images. He is the son of Gail Harris and Sir John Paul Getty.

He’s also a director at Holdingham Group Ltd


Hakluyt & Company is a British strategic intelligence and advisory firm, and since 2011 has been a trading name of the renamed company Holdingham Group Limited. Pelorus Research is another trading activity of Holdingham Group, started in 2011, providing research to investment managers. The company is headquartered in London and has subsidiary offices in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney.


Hakluyt avoids publicity but is regarded as having a reputation for discretion and effectiveness among its client base. Hakluyt was founded by former officials of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). It attracted controversy in 2001 when Hakluyt was alleged in the Sunday Times to have employed staff to infiltrate environmental groups when working for BP and Royal Dutch Shell.


Holdingham Group is chaired by Paul Deighton, and the other members of the board include managing director Paul Schreier, Robert Webb QC, and Matthew Williams.


Voat related post: I came across a website today and I’m pretty sure something is up with this group by @fhaqyu


A little back story: I am reading a book and came across a term I’ve never heard “Hakluyt”. So, when I come across something I don’t know I search online for the meaning. So from there in the DuckDuck search came this site in the first page came up. I clicked it and I’m pretty sure that this power group is a shell company for something but I’m sure it’s probably nothing.


The reason I’m sharing with you all is that to me, the whole site seems pretty damn fishy being a single page website with 5 offices all over the world?? In the footer, you will see that this is owned by a parent company, Holdingham Group Limited. When I went to their site and looked at their directors and their advisory board I’ve literally been fascinated at this group and trying to find out what the purpose of it really is.


The list of the advisory is, to say the least, a who’s who in business and everything about this group just seems odd. I can’t find shit else about what they do aside from these three websites and the individual info about them in general. Robert Webb’s background at Darktrace is extremely interesting.

Darktrace, did you say? I just wrote about them today. Here:

Huge blaze breaks out at Warner Bros. UK studios where Harry Potter and James Bond blockbusters were filmed.. connections to the ENIC and Tavistock groups and the UK football pedo scandal

ENIC Group (formerly English National Investment Company) is a British investment company, focused on the sports and media sectors. ENIC is owned by Joe Lewis (through Tavistock Group) and Daniel Levy…as well as football clubs, ENIC also invested in other businesses, such as software company Autonomy, retailer Warner Bros. Studio Stores.

Autonomy was founded in Cambridge, England by Michael Lynch, David Tabizel and Richard Gaunt in 1996 as a spin-off from Cambridge Neurodynamics, a firm specializing in computer-based finger print recognition…Lynch planned a $1 billion (£770 million) fund called Invoke Capital to invest in fundamental European technologies…One of the first companies Lynch has backed is cybersecurity firm Darktrace [which has MI5 connections]

Darktrace is backed by several advisors and investors from the technology, business, and cybersecurity domains. The company’s advisory board includes Alan Wade, former CIO of the CIA and Lord Evans of Weardale KCB, former Director-General of the British security service MI5.

The board of directors is chaired by Robert Webb QC, former General Counsel of Rolls Royce and British Airways. Twelve of the company’s 20 directors, including co-chief executives Nicole Eagan and Poppy Gustafsson, used to work at HP Autonomy. The company does not list the members of its main board on its website

Mr. Alan C. Wade is the President of Wade Associates, Inc.

Address: 2325 Dulles Corner Boulevard, Suite 1125 Herndon, Virginia 20171

He is also a director of Chiliad, Inc. based at the same address. Chiliad, inc. is a Christine MAXWELL company. See: The sister of Ghislaine Maxwell is CEO of a data search technology company used by the FBI!

Seems like some deep cleaning is going on ATM. Remember that it was alleged that the pics Rachel Chandler posted on her Instagram showed CCTV on Epstein’s pedo island. Many, if not most of the girls who attended his NYC dinner parties were Russian. They might have been trafficked via his New Mexico estate (many Russians girls are flown to Mexico, and then get trafficked to the US.) There was a Russian guy mentioned on a post with Epstein a couple of days ago. They named Peter Listerman as a procurer. He is a famous matchmaker who would procure girls for Epstein, politicians and A-List celebrities. He doesn’t show underage girls on his page, but we do know he does he’s tied closely to Epstein. “One procurer, Peter Listerman, claims in TV interviews that he introduced many oligarchs and A-listers to Russian models, and says: “I’m not a pimp, just [a] matchmaker.” and don’t forget the Ukrainian links. I believe that Russia was also involved with the Hampstead case. This is a global network, here is some reading:, Of course, he is Mossad but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t cooperate with the Russian mafia as well.

I love Aeltrileaf dedication to finding the truth and many others have researched for years, at their expense to their personal lives and wallets. This has got me curious, when someone has a gut feeling I think we should help out.
Here we go down another rabbit hole and if someone or something sticks out, please say something so we can all become better informed.
One thing I’m starting to recognize is these companies are full of former spies, CIA, FBI, NSA, MI5 dealing in corporate espionage, spying on citizens, data mining.  The other day Kitty anon sent in links and now I look at this post and it reads like Deloitte, maybe not exactly the same thing but there is a lot of meat left on this bone. I’m going to have to do another post.

JKR submits: Daily Mail from Donald Trump to Prince Andrew, Guy Adams investigates Epstein

DM mentions Prince Andrew

From Donald Trump to Prince Andrew, GUY ADAMS investigates Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who relished having VIP pals

  • Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has VIP pals including Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton 
  • Kevin Spacey was also seen on Epstein’s Boeing 727 jet nicknamed Lolita Express
  • In 2008 he plead guilty to prostitution charges and registered as sex offender
  • Yesterday he appeared in U.S. court accused of running child sex-trafficking ring


What is missing is that President Trump was the only person to cooperate with investigators over Epstein. He even threw Epstein out of the club. Daily Mail has to pick up the speed this moving really fast.  Prince Andrew is toast. Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert might have been involved with the Meghan Markle case, and I remember something about making her a star, I have to check my archives.

The reason I blog about this is not only for the victims; it’s back way into Smeg.  Lila4 and I were on the right track a couple of years ago.  This is huge, and smeg is a small tater tot. Since this came out what does she have on him, nothing.

Thank you JKR 🌸😎💋

Coercion Theory ~ Meghan Markle ~ PR companies ~ the dirt they have on the Royals~ The Players

Coercion Theory ~ Meghan Markle ~ PR companies ~ the dirt they have on the Royals~ The Players

This is a post to let you decide if you believe in the coercion theory, combined with today blind it makes this more plausible to believe.  These are all the players involved in this.  It’s enormous, and the amount of money invested in this is staggering against the Monarchy over greed.  A giant payout for these scoundrels if they can distribute the dirt on a 1,200-year-old institution. They…

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Coercion Theory ~ Meghan Markle ~ PR companies ~ the dirt they have on the Royals~ The Players


This is a post to let you decide if you believe in the coercion theory, combined with today blind it makes this more plausible to believe.  These are all the players involved in this.  It’s enormous, and the amount of money invested in this is staggering against the Monarchy over greed.  A giant payout for these scoundrels if they can distribute the dirt on a 1,200-year-old institution. They need someone to publish it, or the monarchy pays them.  Either option is terrible, the stalemate, you may wonder why she can get what she wants, look at this blind. That’s going to make people nervous on both sides.  The so-called friend, let’s see, does she have any friends?  This friend has to be shitting her pants sitting on that.  It’s dangerous and reckless.

Ask questions,  post a comment in our forum.  Tell these monsters to FO 🤬.  They should all go to prison. We seek the truth, not some half-assed fake news websites. We chose to fight for the Monarchy, damn if we want to see it destroyed by a Z-list actress with a fake belly to embarrass the Royals into giving her what she wants is the huge payout, not a 1 million but mega bucks. The family in on it too.  as you will see by the  next posts.

Don’t let these people get away with this.  Here are the clues folks.  Yes, I flip-flopped, I needed the evidence to belive and support it so I can let you know this is correct.

Soho House
Formation 1995
Type Private members’ club
Headquarters 72–74 Dean StreetLondon, England
  • Worldwide
private persons
Leader Ron Burkle

Soho House is a hotel chain [1] and group of private members’ clubs originally aimed at those in the arts and media, but more recently expanded to include those with a ‘creative soul’.[2] The original location is at 40 Greek Street, SohoLondon. The company now operates clubs, hotels and venues around the world, and in 2015 changed from SOHO House Group to Soho House & Co.[3] Membership is selective and members are drawn mainly from the media, arts and fashion industries.[4][5]

History & Ownership[edit]

Nick Jones (Soho House founder and previous managing director) sold 80% of the club to British high-street tycoon Richard Caring in 2008.[6] On 13 January 2012 the Financial Times announced that 60% of Soho House Group had been acquired by the US billionaire Ron Burkle, through his investment fund Yucaipa for approx. £250m, with founder Nick Jones retaining 10% and Richard Caring (Caprice Holdings) 30%, however, in September 2015 the company’s high leverage and limited free cashflow was under scrutiny by fixed income investors.[7][3][8] However, company profit potential has been affected by growth in new clubs.[9]

Clubs (Private)[edit]

Soho House in Toronto

The rooftop at Soho House in New York

In July 2018, Soho House held 23 clubs worldwide.

Country Clubs
 United Kingdom 9
 United States 8[10]
 Germany 1
 Spain 2
 Turkey 1
 Canada 1
 Netherlands 1
 India 1

Specific Club locations include: including BarcelonaBerlinChicagoIstanbulWest HollywoodMalibuMiamiMumbaiTorontoNew York City and include Babington House and Electric Cinema, Notting Hill.[11]


In 2009, more than 80 residents signed an appeal by a neighborhood association against allowing Soho House to move into the top two floors of Luckman Plaza in West Hollywood, near Los Angeles. The opening of the West Hollywood location also drew opposition from Beverly Hills Mayor Nancy Krasne.[15] In Amsterdamthe Netherlands, an attempt to open a new club also meets fierce protests.[16] An Amsterdam House opened nonetheless in August 2018 [3], as well as a second house in Barcelona [4].



Soho House membership policies focus on creativity “above net worth and job titles” with “studied resistance to ostentation…[and] cultivated status signifiers,” and favour moral values over financial success (“several execs were banned because they were thought to be abusive to their assistants”)[12] In June 2015, Soho House had over 50,000 members and a global waiting list of over 30,000.[8]

Founding members[edit]

In popular culture[edit]

Soho House New York was featured in season 6 of the TV Series Sex and the City in an episode titled “Boy Interrupted”. In this episode, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) pretends to be a member by using a stolen membership card.[13] On 16 August 2017, the film Tulip Fever (starring Alicia Vikander) was first screened at London’s Soho House.[14]

The History of PR Firm Sunshine Sachs

Who is Sunshine Sachs PR?

This company and its players are a bit of a mystery. They are everywhere and no where. Getting a company history is difficult. Especially since all they have for a website is an electronic business card. Their confidence is enticing.

Hailing from Long Island and graduating from Cornell UniversityKen Sunshine entered the 1970s social and political public relations stage in New York. He served as political advisor to some notable figures. They range from Presidential Candidate George McGovern, to New York City Mayor David Dinkins where one of his responsibilities was to manage the young Bill de Blasio. Parlaying his consulting expertise in politics into mainstream PR, Sunshine founded Ken Sunshine Consultants in 1991.

In addition to his private sector clientele, he continued to advise political figures like Gov. Mario Cuomo and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in their respective New York State gubernatorial campaigns.

Ken Sunshine consulted for top tier clients like Barbara Streisand, the National Health Care Workers’ Union, and the 1992 Democratic National Convention. There he worked alongside former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, then-chairman of the Democratic Party.

In 2002, Sunshine partnered with Shawn Sachs to co-found the groundbreaking PR firm Sunshine Sachs. Sachs graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1995 before staffing for ND Senator Byron Dorgan. He then successfully held an advisory position on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Sunshine Sachs Gets Celebrity PR

Over the past decade and a half, the firm has represented a celebrity client list that is the envy of everyone that knows better. Such as Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham, Natalie Portman, the Michael Jackson Estate, and Justin Timberlake. The wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson was Sunshine Sachs’ highly controversial work. Sunshine Sachs is headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York City and has expanded nationwide with offices that include Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Austin.

Sunshine Sachs remains a top PR and communications agency, and quietly over the decades, the firm has kept pace with technology and embraced the power to change the world, shape cultures (social media), and create new business models of success in the world of PR. The firm is so valuable to high profile clients because they practice for themselves what they provide-discretion. Recently they have branched out into a production company that will create content for digital, TV and film.

Today, Sunshine Sachs represents notable brands and personalities within the entertainment, fashion, music, and sports industries. Most noteworthy, though, is the firm’s consultative impact upon globally recognized nonprofits and political figures.(billionaire globalist) 

PR News For You:

Talent management agency Kruger Cowne has embarked on a joint venture with JH Public Relations, to offer an integrated PR function for its 300-strong client roster.

The PR service will operate as a separate business. Clients of both firm’s will have access to a range of services, including book deals, PR and event support, public appearances and public speaking engagements.

Kruger Cowne was founded in 1999 by Mark and Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne and represents global stars including Bob Geldof, Elle Macpherson, Meghan Markle, Lily Cole and Boris Becker. JHPR was founded by entertainment PR entrepreneur, Jessica Huie.

Nelthorpe-Cowne said: “It was time to grow the team in line with our business objectives. Bringing JHPR in-house means that we can expand our client offering, through the promotion of our iconic and inspiring roster. We are truly excited for the next chapter for Kruger Cowne and JHPR, and are happy to welcome them to the team.”

Huie added: “It’s very exciting to kick off the year partnering with Kruger Cowne. Having represented the agency for the past nine months we recognised the obvious benefit that would result from a partnership which gave our combined client roster all aspects of talent management – branding, PR, endorsements and public speaking. I’m delighted, and looking forward to a fruitful relationship, competitively positioned to maximise on opportunities for new and existing talent.”

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Did Meghan Markle ask sleazy publicist Max Clifford to make her a star in Britain

During her television interview after her engagement to Harry was announced, Meghan Markle insisted she ‘didn’t know much’ about the Prince before meeting him on a blind date.

The American former actress did, however, have a long-standing interest in becoming famous in this country.

Indeed, word reaches me that Meghan was so keen she even consulted the notorious ‘kiss-and-tell’ publicist Max Clifford.

Another source close to the spin doctor alleges: ‘She considered Max while weighing up who was best placed to make her a star in the UK.’

A Kensington Palace source is, understandably, eager to play down the claims, insisting: ‘This is not true.’

Of course, Clifford is no longer around to give his side of the story, as he died in December at the age of 74, days after suffering a heart attack.

Intriguingly, however, Meghan, now 36, did end up being represented by one of Clifford’s proteges, 38-year-old Jessica Huie.

The Londoner, who worked for Clifford for some six years, was employed by Meghan from 2015 with the task of raising her profile. She certainly succeeded: Meghan met Harry the following year.

Like Meghan, Jessica is the daughter of mixed-race parents and said of the Duchess earlier this year: ‘I liked her. We connected and we got talking about race. I found her impressive: she was quick-witted and honest.’

Whatever the truth of the claims, Meghan certainly had a lucky escape. Clifford was arrested in December 2012 on suspicion of sexual offences, as part of Operation Yewtree, soon after Meghan is said to have approached him.

In 2014, he was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on four girls and women aged 15 to 19 and sentenced to eight years in prison.

The publicist for famous names including Kerry Katona and the late Jade Goody, Clifford was best known for selling tawdry accounts of affairs to red-top newspapers, which helped bring down Conservative ministers such as David Mellor.

With her quirky style and thick, black eyebrows, Bee Beardsworth is making waves in the fashion world.

It is, however, her love life that’s provoking the most chatter.

The 22-year-old Burberry model is living with fellow mannequin and singer Daisy Maybe (far right, with Bee), whom she met at a house party in edgy Dalston, East London. Yet Bee tells me: ‘I’m not really a lesbian, but I do like to try different things.’

The Tatler cover girl admits that unconventionality helps you to get ahead these days: ‘Now, modelling is about being different. It’s way easier to get a job if you’ve a couple of tattoos than if you’re just “normal”.’

Growing up in the Cotswolds, Bee was born into the jet-set lifestyle thanks to her father’s job as a pilot.

She cemented her place among society models by appearing in a Dolce & Gabbana runway show alongside Viscountess Weymouth and Lady Kitty Spencer.

And Bee, who is also a photographer and artist, has recently made a film ‘about a woman who meets men on [dating app] Tinder and eats them’.

Anyone keen to become friendly with her should be advised — she is obsessed with cats. Her moggy’s name couldn’t be more appropriate for a fashionista: Gucci.

Sir Rocco Forte’s wife Aliai, who raised their children while he built their £194 million hotel empire, suggests that women should let their husband be the breadwinner.

‘If you’re lucky enough to marry a man who can provide for you, he should take the lead in business,’ she tells me at the Beck At Brown’s launch in Mayfair.


As well as a son, Charles, Italian-born Aliai, 51, has two daughters with Rocco — Lydia, 31, and Irene, 30 — who both work for the family firm.

‘The problem is that society places women in such a position and you think you can do everything,’ adds Aliai (pictured with Irene, near right, and Lydia, far right). ‘I don’t want to tell them they can do everything, because I don’t think it’s true.’


 Very modern manners

Many social observers thought Prince Harry would set a trend when he invited not one but two former girlfriends, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, to his wedding to Meghan Markle.

But, if television personality Lisa Snowdon is anything to go by, it hasn’t caught on.

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Lisa, 46, tells me she won’t be inviting any of her ex-boyfriends when she ties the knot with Yorkshire-born entrepreneur George Smart.

So that will mean no invitation for actor George Clooney, who courted Lisa for five years on and off after they met while shooting a Martini advertisement in 2000.

The Clooneys captured much attention at the Royal Wedding last month, with the Hollywood star’s wife, Amal, dressed in striking yellow.

‘He’s not coming [to my wedding],’ Lisa tells me at a party in Mayfair. ‘No exes are invited.’