Daily Mail reports Meghan Markle is writing a children’s book- Hello new Fergie!

You know I hate to be the spoilsport here, but she did leave a rescue dog in Toronto for being too old??  Five-year-old dog??  Really?? The other dog was claimed to have broken legs and needed bionics, HA!  Later a picture of the dog with dog socks.


Ms. Unorginality is now following in Fergie footsteps with a children’s book. The article claims it’s not a tell-all, not yet at least but Enty the entertainment lawyers say she is, sending pages and pages to a friend.


Meghan has to lock down another kid before the tell-all happens. If you read the CDAN post from Enty, the senior royals are not happy about this, although the most senior member thinks it will fix itself.  I don’t agree with that. The press is out for blood, I don’t blame them.