I’m seeing the start at the beginning again ~ MeAgain and Again and again and so on

Many articles are reintroducing the characters with who introduced the couple Violet Von Westen Holz and more.  They should go back even further to the IG Toronto 2016 visit where Harry went to Soho House for a dinner party cooked by celebrity chef Cory, MM X live-in boyfriend, she attended that dinner party and gave her number to Prince Harry under the guise as a most helpful volunteer.  That’s when the texting started, and her relationship with Corey was over. Lies and lies ahead of us people.



… Harry the PR Image

“That”s what the other anon stated in the ask” — Oh I know it was the anon that stated it, wasn’t trying to blame you Felix…
“what peanut butter jelly brain has stated is that she is there for the monarchy but beating down on MM.” — She/he like many others believed Harry to a lovely person, that he was manipulated/blackmailed into it all. That the Monarchy mainly the Queen would have never allowed Meghan, Wallis 2.0 to enter the firm. Something was truly amiss from the very beginning. I’m sure you can agree on that is well. However as the sh** show has rolled on its shown that Harry’s lovely persona, alot of people bought into was merely a PR image. The great war hero Harry. Time has also shown that the Queen and Charles, with them abetting Harry and Meghan in their schemes and extravagant spending of taxpayer funds, they don’t care about us Brits just the money they get from us. People just don’t want to believe that the image they were sold is a lie…
“So what’s the new goss now anon?? What new fantasy theories are they coming up with now?? Let me guess they are still stuck that ARCHIE is a doll” — Unfortunately there are people saying its a doll. Hopefully they don’t actually believe it, because a real life baby does exist.


Hi, anon.

I didn’t take that the previous anon was having a go at me. I don’t follow Peanut butter Jelly’s blog and many of her followers and have no idea on what they post.

I totally agree with what you have stated. Many thought that Harry got played and JD, I had looked into blackmail but nothing existed to make it plausible.  At the end of the day, Harry played with the media and here we are.  The BRF would have never accepted her into the family if Harry didn’t want her.

With ARCHIE it’s a real child. Can you picture the queen trying to explain to the UK people who pay their wages that she travelled to Windsor to take pics with a DOLL? Some people like bird brain on the other blog don’t think.

But let’s forget about her. Apparently, there is a SEX TAPE of MM that’s being shopped. This should be interesting to see if it comes out.

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Anonymous said: Regarding the birth certificate: No signature from Harry

Regarding the birth certificate: No signature from Harry and a signature at the bottom confirming only that this is a copy of an original being held on their records. William signed all three of his children’s birth certs. Didn’t they release a statement only last week that they would not be releasing the birth cert to the public and a week later we have this? Is someone overriding their decisions I wonder?
I understand, more mystery to add to the shit show, hurry up and wait.  It’s nonsensical to keep this going.  Are they trying to make people like her? On the contrary, MM is going to be the most hated if they keep going this route.
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More lies

so Mio Scobie Meghan and Harry’s mouthpiece is on GMA saying that tomorrow Will and Kate will visit the baby. Except Kate has engagements all day and so does Will. Harry even has an engagement. So uh how is this baby visit going to occur? More lies?

And so much for Harry’s paternity leave, he is working at least for him a lot. Guess dimwit knows he is not exactly a hero right now so he has to do all these engagements especially the kid’s hospital visit to try and charm his slimy self back into the public’s good graces. He is going to Rome soon to do a polo event also.


Facetime, Skype, LOL.  I think Kate and William want to stay far away from the funny farm! Can’t today, cramps are bad.

That’s the new PR plan work him to death, as Wink said with the right PR, blah, blah, sorry wink I know you meant well but this is so far from what was being said and the reality of insanity on behalf of both parties, it’s a match made in PR hell.

Polo season! HA HA, okay this should get exciting🤐 , Harry’s numbers have taken a nose dive and will continue to fall. There needs to be an adult in the room to stop these out of control people from damaging our beloved Monarchy.

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Anonymous said: How does that make Megan lose because her baby doesn’t have a title?

How does that make Megan lose because her baby doesn’t have a title?
The anon came back, with their comeback is a little too late, what I wrote is from the heart. I don’t have a crystal ball, and some anons like to trip you up.  Here it is. I don’t know why they didn’t say that to begin with, troll play.  They didn’t get the answer they wanted. Please stop calling people IT!
Sorry wasn’t clear. She lost on the baby part. It doesn’t have a title like she wanted just master. And sure she got a price, but she lost her credibility to people her reputation because she lies a lot whitewashing her image. People don’t forget those stuff you know.
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Anon said: I guess MM won

I guess MM won after all she has her golden ticket & she’s part of the Royal family ugh I forever hate them right now for letting this happen & the Queen not doing anything to stop this mess now they are a laughing stock Thanks Harry & MM for destroying the Monarchy I guess that’s why William was angry to his Brother.. I would be if was him tho & also livid all I hope is the truth coming out soon that’s what I wish 😔 & the Monarchy coming back like what it’s was I’m maybe delusional but (c)Anon
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Just My Op

I don’t really care about the BRF but I have to say, I really don’t like how Meghan treats her father. He was there for her when she was a child and teeanger. He did everything for her, that’s why Samantha has always been jealous of her. He treated her like a princess. Her mother was not there for her. If her mother were white, Meghan wouldn’t care about her, we all know that. Meghan is playing a political PR game.

Yep, I do agree with you!  Thanks, anon 🌸😎

Anonymous said:It seems like a new baby is born and people, where I’m at, don’t even care about it

It seems like a new baby is born and people, where I’m at, don’t even care about it. They just keep saying, surrogate baby. Several times over.
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Well, that’s what I keep hearing too, and nobody cares, or they don’t believe she gave birth.  Naturally, MM has made a fool out of the family once again.  It shows that Harry was a willing participant in another scandal. I feel sorry for the baby. Very sad indeed.

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