Anon said: Get ready for sickly sweet PR

Wow, they called out the big guns for this article, Ingrid Seward, one of the only people I trusted after the death of Diana for Royal news.

The couple has to pull off an excellent performance to try to turn this around for Preach and Leech.

I will tell you that the public is mad as hell at the pandering to the American press over the British Press. The duo is supposed to represent the UK interests above their own.


Rumors stir that Meghan Markle was looking for Million dollar deals for pictures of Archie and none came. That’s why we haven’t seen his face, and the baby goes from bald to hair, thin to thick. What is going on? The people demand to know!

The African peoples aren’t thrilled as they are trying to settle difference they have in their country. They claim they don’t want them there and conditions are breaking down. Children are starving, and there is political unrest. Who in their right mind would send them to Africa with this in mind and whatever happened to Sentebale?

Let’s say they don’t pull it off, will they be punished? No, nothing will happen, nothing been done so far.

It’s morally wrong to use suffering people for PR! It’s shameless PR, and the people see right through this agenda from hell!

IMO, it’s another vacation for the woke left couple. Harry will do the heavy lifting while Meghan gives her left woke speech on racism and female empowerment coming from a woman who allegedly yachted on land and sea.  I expect her to be at the beach working on her tan.

Thank you anon for the article. 🌸😎🥰


DM – Prince Harry reveals details of TV Series with Oprah 🙄

I saw this yesterday and I thought do I want to promote this? Oprah is waist-deep in the pedo territory. Plus, she was never friends with Harry and Smegs and I couldn’t imagine why she was invited and given status as a family member in her placement at the church.

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NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 24: Oprah Winfrey, and David Geffen attend the David Geffen Hall Renaming Ceremony & The New York Philharmonic’s 2015-16 Opening Gala Concert at Josie Robertson Plaza at Lincoln Center on September 24, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)


After researching, I found that many stars were from Creative artist agency, remember there aren’t any coincidences. That’s a good tip for @DanWooten to track down and question publically. Meghan was a mediocre success and no one knew who she was before Harry.


Enty the Entertainment lawyer from CDAN  wrote a blind item that Reese Witherspoon received an invitation to the wedding. The claim was she never met these people why would she go? She declined the invite.


I’ve always remained skeptical of #MeToo and TimesUp, they are one and the same and IMO hypocritical. Oprah was part of the hit pieces on Micheal Jackson.  Yet claims say that she helped support Harvey Weinstein defense with money. She is friends with Pedo Geffen and goes on his rape cruises, most recently it was rumored she was on his yacht for the Google camp.

Another bad choice for the once-popular People’s Prince. Sexual predators are being exposed almost on a daily basis. Some that will be busted will shock the socks off you. I was pretty shocked when reading some of my favorites well-respected directors, considered Hollywood Royalty are part of pedogate and pedo Island.  Naive Harry and his experienced thirsty wife Meghan are leading themselves into the mess that is Hollywood celebrity lifestyle.


Get this Disney, Nick and Hollywood is part of the child grooming rape culture! That’s why many young stars are so screwed up with drugs and mental health like Amanda Byrnes.


Tech giant Apple is losing money undercharging for their channel, rumors swirl. Ask why Oprah isn’t putting it on her own channel?


Prince Harry, do you really want to go down this rabbit hole like Uncle Andy?

New blind gossip: big baby bucks. Lool


And here we go.

“[B]ecause she is trying to be artsy…” LOLOLOLOLOLOL. 

This is going to be the main motivation for her exit, imo. She can’t monetize the way she wants to because the press scrutiny is intense and the family keeps asking questions. 

Who didn’t know that one?  Harry is complicit, yes? 


I know people blame HM for not slapping Harry and her down.  But she is 93.  It is up to Charles to do so.  He has thrown many others under the bus it is time to deal with Harry.

He needs to be reminded what his job and duty  is.  To serve the Monarchy and support HM, and Charles and William.  What is it Harry doesn’t get.  He is mired in controversy, his wife is a freakin nightmare and he needs PR from the U.K. not U.S.  

And as far as all the lazy comments on Kate.  She is married to an heir and is raising a well rounded one.  Her numbers are not as important as CAMILLA who is next.

And they will do what is best for their family.  Not those who have no idea how to raise a child.  15 degrees aren’t going to teach you. And Megs took quite a lot of time off except for fun duties.


Royal Family fury: Queen ‘strictly bans’ mentions of Meghan Markle after dramatic snub

ROYAL   /   Published: Mon, September 16, 2019

THE QUEEN refused to talk about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during a recent horse riding trip at Balmoral, according to a royal insider.

@hitthegroundrunningblognot​  Touche! I want to remind folks, nobody knows what the Queen is thinking. To have courtiers called flunkies should remind everyone that is never the language to use about HM advisers. Maybe, Meghan and Harry to stir the shit pot. Any press be it blogger or media is good press for the thirsty. 

Meghan Markle to play key diplomatic role after surprise endorsement – ‘Important to US’

Meghan Markle to play key diplomatic role after surprise endorsement – ‘Important to US’

Hi Cora, after everything (the tig is back, SS, Tig Tots…) how are you still not on Divorce Watch?




Hi, I know évident, clear signs of the marriage being almost over have been popping up here and there (going back to PR firm SS, tell-all interview with GK, renewing trademark for the Tig + TigTots) but I’ve yet to see how they interact with each other which is why I’m waiting for the tour or a joint engagement before that.

I’m wanting to see their interactions on the tour too.  I hope they don’t disappoint! 

I think the tour is going to be it. We will see “signs of strain” a la Charles and Di …when they get back the real dirty stuff starts. 

Smegs has to sure up the brand first and I’m sure she is going to hate Africa. Harry is doing all the heavy lifting on the tour while she sits back at the lodge and drinks.

One thing I do caution is that Sunshine Sachs will use typical tabloid tactics to keep people interested even if it’s some bad PR.  


Meghan Markle scam: Fans warned – DON’T buy her new clothing range on eBay!

ROYAL   /   Published: Sat, September 14, 2019

MEGHAN MARKLE launched her fashion collection this week, and items instantly began flying off the shelves. But now, supporters are being warned to take care not to fall foul of scammers.

Why cause she won’t make any money? The only scammer I see is Meghan Markle