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Two questions if you don’t mind
1. Do the Sussex’s now have a legitimate birth certificate for Archie? I remember reading that if you adopt from a surrogate there was an 81-89 day waiting period and then you can get a certificate with everything filled in
2. We know MM and PH were married in the church but do they have legit license from the Magistrate office
Thank you in advance

  • not that I know of  and they hoping you forget about it
  • That’s a good one!  I was sent some startling information about this, it may not be a legit wedding, dog and pony show. Could be blackmail

Thank you anon, 🥰


Anon submits : DM Royal Christmas without the Sussexes?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘have told the Queen they will not spend Archie’s first Christmas with her at Sandringham because they need some time away to recharge and make plans’

OMG, Gruelling, really? LMAO, where do I sign up?

Anon submitted: It’s Hello Magazine but…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could stay in the US after their six-week break to spend Archie’s first Christmas with Doria Ragland instead of joining the Queen at Sandringham, Hello! claims

Why not, there are times that Kate & William spent the festive seasons with the Middleton’s.  God sped, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  I bet the farm on a Sunshine Sachs some made up mini-tour and random spottings of the woke couple.

With today’s political climate, they need to step lightly in the US. Any visit to AOC and the lot will brand them as socialists.  The wall charity that helps illegal aliens enter the US illegally won’t go down well.

Enty told us months ago that the Sussex’s were looking for a house in the 10 million range. He also said it was palace personnel that was making inquiries.  Either they stay at the new home or a posh hotel. Either way, I see leaks from friends that visit with pictures of food. How awesome the couple is while bashing the press and the people of England for not liking Meghan.

The Blind items will be flying.

Thank you anon, JD 🌸😎🥰

Anon said: Tired of MM and PH

I’m really tired of these two. I think I will start taking a break from them. This chick will stay a BRF member for many more years (she will go back to America one day though)… they just annoy me at this point.


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ME TOO! The dress is terrible! Someone get her a stylist!

Our main goal is to investigate the truth. We are Geo-political, pedo hunters making awareness, Trump warriors! If we can reach one person than we win.


Anon said: Comments MM

Are you still reading the comments on MM articles? I had to stop reading them; it’s just too much. I liked the comments on the Daily Mail, but MM is every day in the news, and her fans, fake friends, and family are so annoying…


It’s not worth bringing back comments anymore, I started this when Meghan was commenting, and we had a legit war of words. Now, it’s turned into a frenzy that I’ve said over and over again, Stop giving Meghan Markle air, #NoAir.  People don’t realize you are making her happen, stop making Smeg happen. No press is an excellent press for the woke one. Let her die out, which is what the BRF would want.

I get that people want information, and to keep hashing up old pictures and articles is falling right into her hands!  The more you hate on Smeg, the more she can preach this Diana 2.0 crap to Harry. He falls for it and wants to be the knight in shining armor as she sucks all the mojo out of him.

Smeg’s PR brought back her family right on cue for Sunshine Sachs, a PR strategy to get people talking about her. Remember, Smeg needs money! The more you click, the better she makes out. Don’t buy whoah is me narrative; she is a shark that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The backers are Hillary and George, and they want the open society narrative (communism). They are hateful people.



Thank you anon,  🌸😎🥰

Everyone wants a work and holiday schedule like the woke couple

I’m sorry, Arch Bishop, you’ve got caught lying too many times to make what you say credibly.  People worked their bottoms off five days a week, and they don’t get six weeks to vacation. What the hell is the matter with these people?

If you are trying to become woke, get therapy, it’s wrong!  It’s refreshing to be a good steward for the planet, but please, don’t tell people they are dying in 12 years.

Changing your child’s sex; it’s abusive, children change their minds a million times. Let them be kids. The pronouns crap, excellent for you, it’s not for me, and if someone asks me what my pronouns are, you will receive an eye roll and MRS followed by a lecture. You be you, and I’ll be me.  Shut the front door on the woke couple.

Sorry,  I went off-topic but when it comes to Meghan and Harry it’s game on.

Meghan, Harry and America – Go dummy! I warned you

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘are considering creating a second base in the US and will use their forthcoming trip to California to test out a potential move.’

No 💩, sherlock! It’s all part of the plan.  Harry is such a sap! This could have all been avoided with the word, NO.


The drama queen needs to thrive with her people of Hollywood! Oh my, they couldn’t give her a second look when she lived there before Harry.  The tabs will eat her alive.

BP vs. Harry and Meghan

It amazes me that they have to communicate through the press instead of calling everyone in a room and talking it out.  Royal or not, most normies would have been fired on the spot!


CNN is known as the Clinton News Network, no surprise there that Meghan Markle turns to them. Right, Hillary?

Anon submitted: The miserable couple

Anon submitted: The miserable couple

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘miserable and unhappy’ as he battles new ‘wave of agony’ after retracing his mother’s steps in Africa, according to royal biographer

Same Angela Levin that wrote the crazy mishmash on Newsweek?…

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Anon submitted: Daily Mail Prince Charles

Anon submitted: Daily Mail Prince Charles

You reap what you sow Charlie .. you should’ve got a hold of the Duchess of Excess a lot earlier.. she is out of control and on a mission to make it all about her. He let Meghan and Harry do what they want, so it’s also his own fault.

You know what? I blame…

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