Anon submitted: Daily Mail – Sussex documentary

Funny how he went on then to marry a fame and media-hungry woman. Sorry but this guy is fake and uses his dead mother to justify his and his wife’s poor behavior. Sorry but this guy has turned into a lying weirdo. He and his wife love all the attention. They just don’t like it when people criticize them. They want to get worshipped all the time.

Oh jeez, after watching the video, I got to tell you I felt resentment from Harry, the roll, the job, his family, the pressure, oh my.

Dear Harry, try living in the real world and go to work and dig ditches all day, feed and house you’re children on 500 quid a week!  Not one person in the world will stop you from leaving your Royal privileged life. A Matter of fact, we would applaud you if you did.

Get outpatient, intensive therapy quick.

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Anon said: Meghan’s fans

So I had a conversation with some Meghan fans today, and they claim Meghan doesn’t care what her “haters” think. I only replied this:

Sure she gives a rats ass. She’s a narcissist who wants to be adored by the public, and that’s not happening. What she really doesn’t give a rats ass about is you. Her naive ass-kissing fan.

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attends the WellChild awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel on October 15, 2019, in London, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)


Wow, they still have fans??  After what they did, they must be delusional teenagers! They must have snorted the woke speech like pixie stix!  The woke couple are part of the dirty wheel of the NWO.

Thank you anon, stay away from the fans, they bite! 🌸😎🥰

I’ve moved Harry and Meghan to the Hollywood Category

I decided since they don’t act in a dignified manner, they belong in the whinger category of Hollywood.  You can still talk about them, but I don’t like anything they are about.  Send me Cambridge’s.


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Anon said: Richard P. Tweet

I love Richard’s tweet. It says a lot that even Charles has had enough. He was the one who supported Harry all the time and his relationship with Meghan. Charles should have reigned those two in from the beginning and failed. Harry and his wife are now on his own, and it won’t end well for Harry one day. Cunning Meghan will probably fine after the divorce etc. And it’s obvious that William doesn’t have anything to do with the Sussexes anymore, even though Harry and Meghan’s fans claim that William supports his brother etc.

The BRF serves at the pleasure of the people, and they appreciate the attention giving to them by the press.  To turn against the media is suicide! Self-serving is not part of the Royal way. They are supposed to be selfless.

This is a clear message to me and one that’s appreciated.

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The Sussexes sent one of their friends again to talk about them

I forgot, she did give up her dog. And her dad, oh and that boyfriend she was living with, and more friends than one can count. I’m sure I’ve left someone out. Bless her! *eyeroll*

Absolutely!  For someone suing the Daily Mail, she is running a lot of knee padding articles?? Hmm…

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Fox News- Meghan Markle’s dad reveals why he shared her private letter. I have to defend myself

Now, the adventure of the Markle’s has hit America.

The Sun is owned by News Group Newspapers, a subsidiary of News Group — which is a sister company of Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News Group. The newspaper acknowledged Harry’s legal action. Reach plc, which owns the Daily Mirror, said it was “aware that proceedings have been issued” but hasn’t yet received notice of them.

“I decided to release parts of the letter because of the article from Meghan’s friends in People magazine. I have to defend myself,” he told the outlet. “I only released parts of the letter because other parts were so painful. The letter didn’t seem loving to me. I found it hurtful.”

Anon submits: Thomas Markle – letter

Why I shared Meghan’s ‘hurtful’ letter: Duchess’s father Thomas Markle reveals he kept note secret for SIX MONTHS and never intended share it until HER friends spoke to a US magazine about it and ‘misrepresented’ its contents

The drama of the Adventures of the Markle’s reality show, look I’m already getting bored. It’s a new take on lather, rinse and repeat with a threatening lawsuit dangling.


Lawyers always tell you to shut up, shut down, but they seem to be speeding up, going to the court of public opinion.

By the way, I’m blocked from signing in on the DM. They want me to sign in under my personal facebook page, nope. Ask me here on jerseydeanne using anon.  I support the DM so why block me? I have a problem with Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace for not posting the sources.

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Anon submitted: The Daily Mail – Sussex lawyers

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recruit ‘attack dog’ lawyers used by the rich and famous instead of Royal Family’s favoured firm in lawsuit over Thomas Markle letter.

IMO, all part of the plan from day one, To nail large companies for a big payday.


Let’s go to court! Meghan’s PR team will have to testify, Meghan will have to prove it, Harry will have to testify in open court. I hope they televise it!  Do you know how much the press will make on this? Do you know how much this will catapult Markle on the world stage? Everyone is going to make money, and I think a certain someone will have to make a public apology to get out flames.


The press is circling the wagons, and they will protect their own spreading the liability. This is going to cost Harry and Meghan a fortune in lawyer’s fees. It’s a big gamble by the WOKE couple.


Crickets from the BRF

Thank you, anon for being patient! 🌸😎🥰🐸

Anon said: The Scam

Where can I find the pictures you posted showing pre-engaged Meghan directing the camera to record prior to Harry’s arrival. Jessica Mulroney, Doria, and Marcus Anderson are also present. The pictures include Marcus in Harry’s face, Doria rubbing against him and running her fingers over the lapel of his jacket. It appears that he was let in on a scheme – part of the blackmail? He then proposed to Meghan.

Sorry, this late getting to you, I’ve had a lot going in the real world with moving, but I’ve been thinking about your anon.  I know it might be hard to find on the site since I had to upload over 62k posts and most aren’t properly categorized.  So I went back to my tumblr site and around the web to find you some pictures for you.


We speculated that MM and company scammed this entire play for fame and fortune.  I was told by a close source in March 2017 that MM had a recording she made of Harry from October 2016. She was shopping it around to tabloids and I guess who would pay her asking price of 35k, wow, right?  One of Murdoch’s people were scheduled to meet at Kruger and Cowne.  I never heard anything after that and kept it to myself until these pictures came out.


You look at the pictures from IG and it screams stalker, scammer, and grifter.  The blogs won battles but we lost Harry in the end, he fell prey to the Narcissist lore and look at the mess he is in now. I can’t blindly support him, I’d be nuts if I did.  I have to be as fair and objective as I can be.  Prince Harry is walking a tight rope without a net.  Since Meghan has introduced the world to WOKENESS George Soros and Hillary Clinton group think it led me to a bigger connection to the world of politics. It was there all along and we discouraged to dive further.


There are LARPERS, live-action role players in this disgusting play for fame and fortune.  My research has taught me they can well-trained dark PR, bots to change the minds of readers on social media. I did fall into that trap, but there are good and bad actors, you really don’t know who’s side they are on.  I had ultimately decided nope, there are more worthy causes like the victims of pedo abuse and saving our country from deep state actors, like Meghan Markle the Clinton Puppet.  I knew I get her that way, she really is full of 💩 and isn’t worth promoting but I know my readers want this.


Remember there are no coincidences and everything is connected.


The first picture is my screenshot, I was determined to promote the games since the Orlando Games. Harry won my heart that year and I felt important to protect him. I’m disappointed now.


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