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More interesting info from Lady Campbell about Harry and Meghan.

Thank you Anon, enjoy! 

Hey Sunshine Sachs..P C check cleared. Your bill is being paid as we speak

So now that they have been paid, SS has come back on the scene with all the anti-Charles, anti-Middleton, David Foster “Father/Son storyline, pro-Meg storylines.

I assumed they had not been paid and their interest waned for a while waiting for the check to come in. After all the venom they ordered and nowhere to put it until they could reload…sad.

Scarlett O’Harkle would do without eating before she would give up her PR team at Sunshine Sachs. I have contacted someone at the FCC to look into some of their antics for me. One thing that is disturbing is how many times I mention something here about a story of theirs and I get blocked. All will be revealed I am sure.

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Really? I’m not blocking you that is for sure. The palace can block my website with a snap of fingers.

I do agree that Sunshine was waiting for their installment. The Gruesome Twosome has got nothing to say besides they are squatting at Tyler Perry’s house. They need a pap stroll, they are way behind. 

I did figure out why the Sussex Royal account is still up, they are influencers and anything over 5,000 likes gets them paid. They need an IG account badly.

They can’t change the account name, which is what I would have done. Why didn’t they do that? Are they dumb? Or does Buckingham palace have control? 

David Foster is thirsty for fame and going through a midlife crisis. What kind of asshole claims that Harry is his son? I mean REALLY Bozo the clown, the kid’s father is going to be King of England numbnuts. That truly is a kick in the sack which of course, I blame MM with the blessing of Harry. 

STOP giving them money unless your sadistic and like being roasted on hot burning coals. This leads me to believe (they) are blackmailing Prince Charles. Why else would you allow this behavior? 

I know I’m labeled Meghan’s troll but if you let me off the leash, you know what I can do. 

Thank you anon, 🥰

Lady C’s books

I did not check to see if Waterstones ships outside the UK.


A balanced account of game changes, conflicts and ambitions. The fall from popular grace of the previously adulated brother of the heir to the British throne as a consequence of his marriage to a beautiful and dynamic Hollywood starlet of colour makes for fascinating reading in best-selling royal author Lady Colin Campbell’s balanced account. Lady Colin knows her royal history and psychology, and as the first seven years of her adult life were spent in the USA she has a foot in both the American and British camps. With unique breadth of insight she goes behind the scenes, speaking to friends, relations, courtiers, and colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic to reveal the most unexpected royal story since the Abdication. She highlights the dilemmas involved and the issues that lurk beneath the surface, as to why the couple decided to step down as senior royals. She analyses the implications of the actions of a young and ambitious couple, in love with each other and with the empowering lure of fame and fortune. She leads the reader through the maze of contradictions, revealing how Californian culture has influenced the couple’s conduct. She exposes how they tried and failed to change the royal system by adapting it to their own needs and ambitions, and, upon failing, how they decided to create a new system altogether.

Publisher: Dynasty Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781916131712
Number of pages: 411
Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm

Click on the black box to order, yes they do ship internationally for an additional 9 pounds. It’s listed on Amazon, but you can’t purchase it.

Lady Colin Campbell is listed as number four on Amazon books about the Royals. Finding freedom is listed as number one in the Royal category; however, they aren’t even close to the non-fiction category.  It’s not going to be a best-seller as far as money goes.

Personally, I doubt there will be balanced anything, and I look forward to a few zingers. Meghan Markle is jealous that Lady Colin’s book is coming out around the same time as hers.  Noticed I said her book, we all know that Megatron was busy sending pages to a friend. Should you buy Finding freedom will be loaded with word salads and delusions of grandeur, a completely fictionalized book.

I expect that Lady Campbell’s book will have some PR qualities as she is talking to MM friends, which we all know they lie, but I do look forward to what the countries have to say. Maybe this book will get her back in the good graces of Prince Charles.

Ultimately, I suggest Lady Colin Cambell’s book over Finding Freedom for our British and European readers. I would download her book when it comes available.

Finding Freedom, I will enjoy making fun of it, I know the press will.

Thank you anon, 🥰

Meghan – Thomas Markle Documentary

Meghan Markle is ‘CERTAIN’ to have watched and ‘hated every minute’ of the TV documentary with her father Thomas – who feels he’ll ‘never’ see her again so ‘may as well make some money’, royal experts say


Phil Dampier, author of Royally suited, Harry and Meghan in their own words, told MailOnline it marks a ‘watershed moment’ for Mr Markle because he truly believes he’ll never see his daughter again – or meet Archie and Harry.

He said: ‘Meghan will probably be angrier than ever at him for sharing intimate family videos, but he was proving how close they once were.


‘Thomas probably now thinks he has nothing to lose by talking to the press so he may as well make money out of it. Some will criticise him for that but he has almost reached a point of no return where he feels he will never see his daughter or grandson anyway’.


Penny Junor, Prince Harry’s biographer, told MailOnline: ‘This whole sorry saga seems to have covered themselves in glory. It is a complete tragedy and unless they all get together and sort it out, this will continue to be a running sore’.

Richard Fitzwilliams, royal commentator and former editor of International Who’s Who, said: ‘The sky is more likely to fall in that Meghan reconciling with her father, especially after this extraordinary Channel 5 documentary’.

He added:  ‘I cannot imagine that Meghan wouldn’t have watched it – and she would have hated every minute of it’.


Prince Charles’ biographer Tom Bower said Mr Markle is the victim – not Harry or Meghan.

He said: ‘I sympathise with Thomas. In difficult circumstances when she was a child, he alone ensured that Meghan had a good education and was introduced into the film world, which she embraced. He’s now fallen on hard times and instead of helping her father she has shown him no sympathy or understanding. She should have reached out to him before she became engaged to Harry, just as she would hope that in 40 years time Archie may need to help his mother.


‘Nothing is more important than your blood relatives. And now – in the same manner – she has driven a wedge between Harry and his family’.

Meghan Markle is not trustworthy

Kate Hawkesby: ‘I was right not to trust Meghan Markle’


It’s not her I’m disappointed with the most, to be honest. Her behaviour and game plan’s entirely predictable – bag a prince, court the press, get some victim clout on board with claims of people being racist or sexist or toxic against you and then pull the pin.


This whole thing, from the get go, has been about control, and when she didn’t get it – as we’ve seen with her Dad, the media, the royal family – she walks. Cuts and runs.
It’s petulant and it’s short sighted.


Thomas Markle opens up Meghan’s childhood with trove of unseen photos and videos

Thomas Markle has shared extraordinary unseen photos and films of his Duchess daughter for a 90-minute bombshell documentary where he spoke of their loving and close relationship before she dumped him for Harry and his ‘stiff’ royal family.
The 75-year-old described his love and pride after the birth of his daughter in August 1981 and opened up his extraordinary family album for the Channel 5 film watched by 1.26million people last night.


Thomas Markle – documentary – Meghan – Little Red Riding Hood school play

The Duchess of Sussex’s estranged father has revealed how he knew his daughter would be an actress after seeing her perform as a teenager in high school plays.
And a video was revealed in a Channel 5 documentary last night of one of Meghan’s star performances aged 15 as Little Red Riding Hood in the play Into the Woods.

Former TV lighting director Mr Markle also told a Channel 5 documentary last night how he helped build some scenery and rig the lights for plays at the school.

Viewers feel sorry for Meghan’s father after bombshell documentary

‘Uncomfortable to watch…why didn’t the royals help Thomas Markle more?’

Social media users watching the extraordinary film seemed sympathetic to Mr Markle, with a number of people saying he seemed like a good father and a ‘genuine guy’.

Shanelle Stephens said: #ThomasMarkle seems like he was a really decent dad to Meghan. It’s so sad now she’s married into a prestigious family she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

‘It’s not like he wasn’t there for her when she was growing up. He was in your life #MeghanMarkle reach out to him.

Captain Tykey said: ‘Bless #thomasmarkle, so sad watching this. Clearly loves her very much.’

Another Twitter user said: ‘#Thomasmarkle has every right to tell his story. The guy has been slaughtered across the news and social media for two years.’

And Meg La Maniac, said: ‘The Thomas Markle documentary is a tear jerker. He’s a sweet humble man. Both taz and I are crying!’

Thomas Markle – Meghan – documentary

‘I was jealous of Charles… I cried’: Thomas Markle tells bombshell documentary how he watched ‘beautiful’ daughter Meghan marry Prince Harry from a ‘safe house’ after being forced to stay away

In the 90-minute documentary that aired on Channel 5 this evening, a visibly crestfallen Thomas Markle described watching his daughter walking down the aisle, shortly after he had been released from hospital after suffering a heart attack.

He said: ‘I stayed at a safe house and watched the wedding. My daughter looked beautiful.’


‘I wish that I could have been there with her. I was certainly appreciative Charles was there.’


But an emotional Mr Markle told the interviewer he was ‘jealous’ of the Prince of Wales as he watched the ceremony on television, and that walking his daughter down the aisle was something ‘I really wanted to do’.


He added: ‘I admit I cried a bit about that.’ To this day I can’t forget that moment, she was beautiful. It was a nice wedding.’


He spoke about meeting his wife, and Meghan’s mother Doria, while working at ABC.

‘Not everybody seems to approve of those kind of relationships,’ he added with regards to being in a mixed-race relationship at the time.


‘People would look at Doria like she was a housekeeper. It wasn’t fair. Of course it wasn’t fair.


‘I think she’s going through the same problem right now with the royals. I don’t think they know where to place her.


She always looks scared. She always looks like a deer in the headlights.’


He also accuses Prince Harry of acting like a ‘sensitive’ 12-year-old and pledged to evidence against the couple in the High Court saying: ‘I’m going to defend myself’.

Accusing his daughter and son-in-law of saying ‘trashy things’ about him, he said: ‘I don’t care. At this point, they owe me. The Royals owe me. Harry owes me, Meghan owes me. What I’ve been through I should be rewarded for. My daughter told me that when I reach my senior years she’ll take care of me. I’m in my senior years now, it’s time to look after daddy’.


In the extraordinary film he also reveals the details of his last phone call with the Sussexes on the eve of their 2018 wedding as it emerged he had posed for a paparazzi photographer, a decision he says will ‘haunt me for the rest of my life.

He said: ‘Harry said to me: ‘if you had listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened to you’. I said to him ‘it’s too bad I didn’t die because then you guys could pretend you were sad’ and then I hung up on them. I was done’.


He has never spoken to them since or met Archie, despite sending texts and letters, and added: ‘I don’t think at this point they’re thrilled to see me or want to talk to me. The last time they might see me is being lowered into the ground’.


Mr Markle spoke of his elation when he found out that Doria was pregnant.

He added: ‘When they handed me the baby I was thrilled I could not be happier. I looked at her and saw her face and finger around my finger and that was it. I knew she was going to be special.’


 Mr Markle is ready to testify against the Duchess of Sussex in court in a legal battle between the duchess and The Mail on Sunday, after the newspaper published extracts from a letter she sent to her father.

He told Channel 5; ‘To them I don’t exist and now Harry, whether he realises it or not, is part of my family and I’m part of his. We should be talking’.


He added: ‘He’s not 12 years old any more, he’s got no right to be this sensitive. There are other parts of the letter that I would never put out because they’re too offensive and too hurtful to me. And that’s where it’s at now’.


The 90-minute documentary explores the background to what he calls his ‘complicated’ relationship with his daughter and their dramatic fallout in the run-up to her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018.

In addition, it charts Meghan’s formative years – she lived with Thomas between the ages of 11 and 18.