So Where Are These Accounts? And Who Are They?

So Where Are These Accounts? And Who Are They?

They blasted private citizens so why not blast these? Oh wait I have an idea why.😒

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Daily Mail ~ Siofra Brennan ~ Is there a real royal Feud between Meghan and William

Daily Mail ~ Siofra Brennan ~ Is there a real royal Feud between Meghan and William

Is the real royal feud between Meghan and WILLIAM? Eagle-eyed fans claim the prince gave his sister-in-law the cold shoulder on Christmas morning by fidgeting with his scarf as she tried to speak to him.
Scarf Gate!  Meghan’s been Scarfed!  Both sides of the fence agree for once that William Scarfed MEagain! 

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Bigger issues than Meghan’s PR

Bigger issues than Meghan’s PR

I doubt that William was blindsided by Meghan’s PR. Let’s not forget why he has a difficult history with his father. They play the long game and Kate is more popular than ever. What did all the nasty articles actually accomplish except giving them a clear picture of what they are dealing with? They probably just rolled their eyes and moved on to more important things. The fact of the matter is…

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London House

Unlike many people, I think that the story about the cowshed rental is true. I think they spend most of their time there because she isn’t allowed to bring all her friends to KP. Princess Margaret had similar restrictions put on her about her more colorful friends as well. So, that leaves me wondering what they actually plan to do about a house in London if they don’t want to stay in KP. With…

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Meg has to destroy everyone in her path

Meg has to destroy everyone in her path

This is why she released the article blaming the Gloucesters for H&M not moving to their apt in KP. She must destroy everyone around her that doesn’t act exactly how she wants. She takes NO responsibility for her life.
Her level of entitlement is incredible. For a nobody from LA with only minor recent success in her career, she acts like a monster. At least the singers and actors were know to be…

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MM is a GNAT / AUS Republic Anon

MM is a GNAT / AUS Republic Anon

Anonymous said:

I don’t think it is a big deal if AUS becomes a republic. They will still have an affection and bond to the royals and the British. It is part of their heritage. As for Scotland the can leave the Union with England and NI and still have a monarchy. Plus polls not showing favor for independence right now. The harry meghan saga is bad news but really MM is a gnat and not so…

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Prince Harry is Just Railing Meghan Markle 24/7, Source Alleges – The Hollywood Gossip

Prince Harry is Just Railing Meghan Markle 24/7, Source Alleges – The Hollywood Gossip

DM best comments Meghan Narckle

Part 3
with DM commenters
D.Oliver, Georgetown, Cayman Islands, 8 hours ago
I bet she talked to him when he gave her his $500,000 lottery winnings.
Sussexgirl, Rye, 7 hours ago
All the news stories some months ago said HIS brother stole the money. He gave it to him to handle for financial reasons and he refused to give it back. I believe Thomas Markle himself said this.
LoveThisLife, Southeast Seashore U.S., United States, 7 hours ago
EXACTLY. Then dumped him. LIKE HER POOR DOGS: One she threw away and it died soon after she regimes it, probably of a broken heart, and the other mysteriously broke BOTH back legs! She is a horrible person. JUST WAIT UNTIL SHE CANNOT GET PREGNANT, LOL! My fingers are crossed!

Babe, In Belgium, 7 hours ago
Father pays for daughters education….. Where’s that nighthood
Elisabeth , California , United States, 7 hours ago
No evidence he gave her all of his lottery money
Korova Milk Bar, Somewhere, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
Babe, respect in families works both ways. Many think children don’t owe their parents anything if they were toxic, harmful parents, but in that same vein, ungrateful toxic children should not expect to be owed anything by their parents.
SalahNonStop, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
Lovethislife, you are vile

sfm123, Chicago, United States, 8 hours ago
She’s cold hearted. Just look into her eyes, she’s been telling lies!
Annie Duerre, La Plata, Czech Republic, 7 hours ago
The picture of her smug face says it all.
LittleMsJones, Villefranche, France, 6 hours ago
There is something very wrong with this woman. The way she walked up the aisle, so calm, cool and cold was eerie, total stalker.
Monalisa Oak, London, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
She also has a murky past beyond anyone’s imagination!
Tuneful, Silver Spring MD, United States, 4 hours ago
There are blinds that this was a coerced marriage because she has stuff on the BRF or just Harry. Am waiting for the reputed dossier on her past to drop. And agree about the wedding. Very weird display. And of course no bridesmaids, because they’d take attention from the narcissist.
Iseult, North Coast NI, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
LittleMsJones, I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks after the wedding and she said exactly what you said about Meghan’s walk up the steps and the aisle, she was the cold in-control ones while Harry was a blubbering mess. There’s something very strange about the whole relationship, it seems almost an exact replay of the weird relationship between Edward, Duke of Windsor, and Wallis. He too became a helpless
LightDweller, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Her lack of emotion on the wedding day was abnormal and troubling… but what else can we expect from a sociopath?
Garbeau-, New Orleans, United States, 1 hour ago
But there’s not a bad bone in her body though!
Calamity Jane, Left Coast, United States, 55 minutes ago
@LittleMsJones – Not only that, but she treated the whole ceremony as a joke, even laughing at times. Like she was high.
Damiana, Victoria, moments ago
Paula Abdul FTW!

Tony The Wiz, new york, United States, 8 hours ago
These two really do deserve each other !!! Both pitiful people who are looking more for publicity and status !! Meghan can’t stand the heat she is getting from the Queen and the Royal Family.
Lola Ivy, Santa Monica, United States, 7 hours ago
You know when “Tony the Wiz” comments the arrows have been manipulated. Don’t you have other hobbies? Loser.
Korova Milk Bar, Somewhere, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
Lola, the Meghan “haters” never call her fan base names. And yet the Meghan luvvies are all too quick with insults and “hater” language. You’re all a bunch of hypocrites.
Monalisa Oak, London, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
MM will destroy monarchy soone than expected by anyone.
sam my, Westworld, Togo, 6 hours ago
They cant seem to make her understand tht she has to give in, if only a little. I think tht is what Charles nickmname for her implied, “Tungsten”, it is a very hard steel, and MM is hard.
pianochick86, LA, United States, 6 hours ago
Not at all, Lola. The rest of us just have common sense, unlike you.

Tony The Wiz, new york, United States, 8 hours ago
Two Smug people !!! Like Daddy like daughter !!
LittleMsJones, Villefranche, France, 8 hours ago
Agreed, Meghan has mental health issues too, it’s only a matter of time before the RF figures this out, if they haven’t already. They have a big problem on their hands with this one.
Babe, In Belgium, 7 hours ago
RF have mental health issues. Queen should have passed the torch years ago but no one is ever good enough and no one ever will. The Queen has allowed the succession to become a public personality competition. Every man and his dog feel entitled to comment and have a say in who should be the king. Charles should have been put on the thrown years ago. It’s a monarchy that’s how they work. Instead RF is being made to look like a bunch of mollycuddled boys being com dad by scheming commoner women.
mick333AKAseamus, New York, United States, 6 hours ago
LittleMsJones-So true-if people thought Diana and Fergie were bad for the Royals they ain’t seen nothing yet!
Tiny CO2, Warrington, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
The rule in the UK is succession on death. Very few people want Charles and hope he either has a very short time on the throne or gives it up to continue to interfere in politics. Harry is now only 6th in line. He can do what he likes within the law.
sam my, Westworld, Togo, 6 hours ago
The problem with Harry, is he thinks he is entitled, like William, this was started with his mother and continued with Charles. William will be king one day, Harry, never will. This is why he will not stay quietly in the background, he was not raised that way. Do we see Andrew or Edward acting like Harry, no.
js74, somewhere, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Exactly. My take is that they’re both in on this together: him for money, her acting as the victim to have the public on her side.

compulsiveloser, Cincinnati, United States, 8 hours ago
bunch of drama queens
Monalisa Oak, London, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago
British Royal family has been used to it with Charlies’ ex-wife.

Gerseygal, Toms River, United States, 8 hours ago
It’s Prince Harry’s fault…How can you marry someone and not meet the family…He only met the Mother…Nobody from the Mother’s side at the wedding…How toxic must this family be…Bringing this on the Queen’s doorstep is a DISGRACE……
Bofinken, stockholm, Singapore, 7 hours ago
Disgrace is the middle name..
Cassandra2B, Fylde Coast., United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

montyban, medway, 8 hours ago
What has Harry done to the Royal Family…he has made them a laughing stock. And all it has taken is three months.
JS, Somerset, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Given their shady pasts, the two are most unsuitable as Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors. They should give up their titles and live quietly on their own money.
Teejay, London, 7 hours ago
@JS agree 100%

LittleMsJones, Villefranche, France, 8 hours ago
Whatever happened to Harry saying any friends who talked to the press would be cut off ? If people don’t believe Sparkles is using her friends to leak stories, they’re seriously wrong. She’s manipulative, too bad Harry can’t see this.