Meghan Markle and Just Harry are in PR crisis mode

No amount of PR is going to work!

Apologize and beg forgiveness!

We all know your too dumb to realize what you’ve done is wrong.  I would bet that your PR Sunshine Sachs has told you to lie low in a basement somewhere. You can’t get any lower. This is called bad press, really, really bad press.  Like Woody Allen bad press.  


Time is almost up for Harry; he must be getting back to London. You can stay in LA, Meg, move in with your mother. All of your plans have failed.  There won’t be a payout of any kind.  You screwed the pooch! 


Dreams of becoming George and Amal are never going to happen! 


The Crowne always wins! It’s the foundation of the Crowne and the stability that is England.


The Daily Mail is having a ball racking the money in at your expense. It’s only the beginning; they get to continue this for over a year. I think that will bankrupt you and your friends. 

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I believe that your marching should be exposed to the masses.  I bet some designers would be willing to come forward and tell us how you charged them to wear their clothes and jewelry and how you made money off of this practice (Maybe Jess Mulroney).  We all know that’s a big no-no in Royal circles.


By the way, that potato sack you merch is hideous! 

3 M…and I don’t mean Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing!!!!

I think everyone is aghast at the reveal of 3M… Markle Merching Money that has been released. No one, I assure you, ever thought they were in the range of $250K per appearance.

This woman ran a fraudulent scam against her own Father in Law? She was being given money by Charles to pay for her clothes once she submitted the bills for her wardrobe for a particular function…is that correct? He would then pay the designer/company etc. What then? Did she get her $250K cut from his payment to them? So if you put the whole outfit together it could range up to $250K to ???? per outing? This is an outrage.

When the time comes to settle accounts with ” her nibs” in the divorce settlement, PC should deduct all of the monies he has paid out for her. Accountants can make a projection of the amounts and where she would have taken a cut, for her financial antics. He should deduct all of the $$$ she had funneled to her for wardrobe payments (since it appears she got a cut of the payments he made) jewelry cut she got, the payments for security, and the re-payment of the renovations to Frogmore cottage. I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, as I am not counting sunglasses, make-up, creams, hats (Madewell?) shoes, coats, bags…essentially everyday wear.

Not to mention the Soho house furniture collection she must have bagged free of charge for the promos she gave as to her furniture and decorator selections there. That “avocado” breakfast with Daniel Martin where she promoted the mugs and plates were all from Soho House. Like Meghan’s Mirror, all pretty blatant, in your face kind of adverts.

I can not even imagine the money she made on the wedding that Charles paid for, i.e., the $400K dress from Givenchy. Possibly, that is one of the reasons why CWK was let go, Givenchy found out they were not paid fully for the dress, Markle got her piece, or all of it, for promoting the brand, and maybe the powers that be at Givenchy went ballistic.

It’s a thought.. and one the IRS should be looking at, as should the Inland Revenue people in Britain. Her “shenanigans” are not clever, they are fraudulent…”Fraud in the Inducement”…where you lead people to believe that money, for example, is being used for one thing but in fact, it is being used for something else. It is a crime.

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Yes, I agree with you, courtiers knew her deal right after Invictus Games, Toronto. So why didn’t they stop her? All the blogs were jumping up and down, blinds were posted and it fell on death ears. 

They should make her pay back everything and yes, report her to the IRS. Since MM has given up British citizenship she is American and we demand our payments. 

Thank you anon, 🥰

British broadcaster Andrew Castle predicts Meghan will be ‘flogging a wellness range’

Andrew Castle has predicted that Meghan Markle will have ‘wellness range’ in two years, while Prince Harry will start his own line of ‘Sussex Royal underpants’.
The broadcaster, 56, from Epsom, appeared on This Morning today alongside Bev Turner, 46, from Manchester, to discuss whether those with royal connections should be able to cash in on their status by promoting products.


Meghan’s mouthpiece Omid claims that she and Harry want to “work” more in Canada

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will take on more work in Canada and a second child is ‘not their priority’ due to their packed schedule, royal expert claims

Ok, Omid landing himself a job at OK Magazine. 

Speaking to OK magazine, Omid Scobie,’s royal editor at large, also said the couple’s packed work schedule in 2020 means another baby is not a ‘priority’ right now, but would be a ‘wonderful surprise’.

He added that their recent six-week break from royal duties, which culminated in a glamorous trip to Vancouver Island, gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a chance to ‘recharge’ and spend some ‘uninterrupted’ quality time as a family-of-three.

‘[Canada] is a safe place for the couple – they were able to go unnoticed there for a while,’ Omid told the publication.

‘It’s an important place for Meghan and she has family and friends there. It’s also part of the Commonwealth. We’ll see them take on more work there, perhaps even a tour, but I don’t think they’re house-hunting yet.’


What family?  Oh, they want that 14 million dollar house and they will make the taxpayers pay for it. 

He went on to say they’ll return to work with ‘renewed energy’ and will be ‘safeguarding their mental health’ more in 2020, having endured a challenging 12 months.

They did it to themselves!  Harry wanted the private jets! 

But while Frogmore Cottage is their current home, the royal expert said he believes the couple haven’t ruled out spending time in a few other place throughout the year like the Clooneys.


I guess Meghan will be thriving then. 

In terms of their work, Omid said Meghan’s work as vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust will play a huge part of her 2020 schedule, while the couple will also be focusing on launching the Sussex Royal Foundation and making it ‘their own franchise’.

Yeah, I don’t know about that one, they screwed the pooch last time.  I do, however, think they will go balls to walls on the Foundation.  They need money to become an Amal and George. 

He claimed Meghan will focus on launching a lot of new initiatives from the second quarter of the year, jumping from project to project to make ‘as much impact as possible’.

Last month it was revealed Meghan has trademarked her Sussex Royal brand on more than 100 items, from teaching materials and emotional support groups to newspapers.

Also on the list were several items of clothing including footwear, headgear, T-shirts, coats, jackets, anoraks, trousers, sweaters, dresses, pyjamas, suits, hooded tops, hats, bandanas, headbands, socks, scarves, gloves and sportswear.

This is loaded with takeaways! 

Meghan Markle is blurring the line between Celeb and Royal- DUH

This is Meghan Markle trying to get her friends name out there. Remember the blind? She got snagged and will figure a way to promote the designer. Or is the Royal Family finally catching on that Meghan has been doing this entire time? 

“A firm’s advertisement may not include photographs of Members of the Royal Family visiting their works or exhibition stands, or being publicly involved with their goods or services.

This is how it happened

This is how it happened

a lot of crazy talk going on

1. you do not get the date wrong. The tech around pregnancy now is so advanced with the 10 or 12-week scan the mother and doctor know exactly with a day or so when that baby is due. RELIABLY. No wrong due dates. As you see the midwife or doctor during the pregnancy especially in the last weeks, they are continually measuring baby growth and confirm the due date. Let’s…

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tumblr anon said: I wonder CW president

tumblr anon said: I wonder CW president

Anonymous said:
I wonder CW Prince Harry appointments sound like Prince Andrew get medals, promotions after Epstein scandal broke. I esp like part of the description of the job as pres. of CW trust make lasting impact w ‘THEIR IDEAS’ for social change. Whereas the ambassador is to assure you are ‘heard.’ Later sounds like all needed is a suggestion box while the former is to appear as making a…

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Crazy Question

This might sound like a crazy question. But with the fake news coming from KP twitter, specifically on Saturday about Meghan going into labor, I really don’t believe a lot that comes from them anymore. Especially when it’s about her because her PR has more influence than most realize. Anywho, is there a possibility the Morocco trip was planned by her PR then published as if it was at the request…

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