Meghan’s Instagram plug for friend’s £3,600 retreat

Royal site comes under fire for promoting luxury wellness breaks to 7.6m followers in mental health campaign


This is how it happened

a lot of crazy talk going on

1. you do not get the date wrong. The tech around pregnancy now is so advanced with the 10 or 12-week scan the mother and doctor know exactly with a day or so when that baby is due. RELIABLY. No wrong due dates. As you see the midwife or doctor during the pregnancy especially in the last weeks, they are continually measuring baby growth and confirm the due date. Let’s drop the wrong due date theory. Unless she never saw a doctor or got a scan? Unlikely.

2. Multiple surrogates who are oddly miscarrying all over the place? Nah. Just not a statistically probable event. One surrogate. Who probably delivered a few days before the babies alleged birth.

Look the whole reason Meghan got involved with Harry back in 2016 is because she such as it was career was over. And she wanted more than a supporting role on a cable TV show. She wanted the lifestyle influencer gig. She hooked up with Krueger Cowne to get it and even though K and C did a great job trying to market her no one took a bite.

So now she comes up with the dumbass idea that if she hooks up with a famous guy (Prince Harry) and has the standard Holly wood faux romance, she gets lots of pr which gets her merch contracts (and it did she merched like crazy from day one after the reveal)
and directs traffic to her IG account again to do her lifestyle influencer gig and make $$$$.
But while she got lots of merch $$, she never got a long term contract which was necessary to assure her financial future. And she had to close the blog and SM because it made her look “unroyal” so she lost that source of income. REMEMBER the second the affair was outed in the UK tabs Meghan’s Mirror shows up. Run by JM’s friend. And MM is getting a cut of whatever sales they make.

During the engagement, she again merched like crazy, and articles started appearing in business publications like WSJ BBC WWD hyping 1) what a great idea it was to invest in a blog like The Tig and 2) how Meghan could sell your clothes shoes jewelry purses eyelash growth serum, nasal spray whatever. The wedding was an advertisement for Givenchy and a networking event to attach Megsy to celebs who could enhance her career prospects. Since the wedding in violation of all RF ethical codes, she has continued to merch like crazy.

The shower in NYC was nothing more than a merch festival for her, and her celeb new found friends. Blatant in all the product placement and free ads that were occurring at that shower. IN the last months we have had an article in the Daily Beast again selling the idea that when Meghan wears something it sells out, and she really should be given a LONG TERM sponsor contract again which violates every ethical standard of the BRF.

We have had articles placed in fashion industry publications trying to secure Meghan a long term endorsement deal.
The entire affair from beginning to today has been about securing a career and income stream for Markle as a lifestyle influencer. That is what this has all been about and continues to be about. But the plan has failed she has not gotten that long term brand deal. Today her best bet Givenchy hired Ariana Grande as their new Givenchy rep. Which just shows how unrealistic Meghan’s’ aspirations have been she has nowhere near the reach Grande has.

Even the royal Sussex IG is all about generating huge numbers of followers and the IG runners are using tried and true methods to boost the IG follower numbers. Huge numbers of IG followers are essential to get the big money when merching and doing sponsored ads.
All of the confusion and drama over the actual alleged labor and delivery was because Meghan had promised and probably been paid for the exclusive she gave to Gayle King at CBS. Her relationship with King and Oprah is essential to her fame and fortune plans. That is a total quid pro quo relationship[p there Gayle gets the scoops to justify her 11 mil raise, and Oprah thinks she can resurrect her fading career with the Apple deal with Harry.

EVERYTHING is about promoting Meghan’s career hence the complete rejection of anything royal. Where is Harry in all this? I don’t know. He has definitely merched he has worn Everlane, club Monaco and wore a Givenchy morning suit to PE’s wedding. These are all MM’s brands. Maybe he just got freebies from her, but the code of ethics requires he not accept freebies. Perhaps he is cooperating with her to get rid of her cause she won’t leave till her financial and fame future is guaranteed. Maybe he has insanely bought her delusional idea they can leave the BRF and live off merch money and be celebs. Who knows. But make no mistake what we see here is total building a lifestyle influencer career which is failing despite all the effort made.

How the baby fits in I do not know. Maybe she thought it would get her the popularity she has not gotten thus far. Maybe it was part of a deal she gives Harry a baby in return for him allowing her to launch her career. Maybe they are just two idiots who do whatever.

In August Meghan’s Mirror announced something new would be added to their site. And the something new which later showed up was a baby section. So clearly in August the Meghan’s Mirror crew knew there would be a pregnancy. Allegedly she got pregnant in mid-August so it is pretty amazing the M Mirror already knew that pregnancy was coming. And that Meghan’s first thought re allegedly discovering she was pregnant was to go to her site that makes money for her.

The kid like everything else for Megsy is just another marketing tool.
There is no doubt in my mind she was never pregnant. If there is a kid and I assume, there is it came from a surrogate. All the lies and deception around the actual labor and delivery were to cover up the surrogacy and to seal the deal with Gayle King and CBS.

Everything I have said here we have receipts for all the articles is in the archives.
For all the theories being put forth the central issue here is the merching the money searching for fame and fortune. You cannot understand anything without seeing that.

Thank you for this, and your right everything is on this blog, with the help of many people around the globe that love the Royal Family for whatever reason. We do have receipts for everything. Occam’s razor simplest answer must be the correct one.  Plain old fame and fortune story we know how they end, in tragedy.

The universe always wins and what you put out does come back to haunt you. That means the royal family will pay the butcher’s bill as well.  We all know it’s something Harry did as a customer at Soho House.  Whatever the reason he fell for a narc.

Anyone can easily say why didn’t he leave? Unless you’ve around a narc and watched it happened like many of us have you’ll never understand. It’s hard to get rid of them unless they decide to leave.  Sometimes they will move on and still haunt you. It’s an extremely abusive relationship.

Don’t forget that MM got audited and some said financial reasons, that one would do the trick.  Bye Bye TIG, I didn’t do it. I’m not a rat. Meg sent me a picture and said she sold it to one of her Indian friends; I forget her name.  I think she was there having drinks with Priyanka and this girl Janine?? in LA picture that MM sent out on her Instagram.  Plant values her Tig site for 700 bucks.


I don’t know if the press is going to stay angry or fall back in line. I hope they fight like hell it’s their England too.

Some are new to this and like us we have been here since the beginning. We held it together for a really long time.  I hope we can remain, friends, after all this is over.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋💖

tumblr anon said: I wonder CW president

I wonder CW Prince Harry appointments sound like Prince Andrew get medals, promotions after Epstein scandal broke. I esp like part of the description of the job as pres. of CW trust make lasting impact w ‘THEIR IDEAS’ for social change. Whereas the ambassador is to assure you are ‘heard.’ Later sounds like all needed is a suggestion box while the former is to appear as making a difference for them, royals with PR OPs and not exactly in tune with what CW wants. It Sounds like wasted taxpayers’ money, c foreign countries, merch.
 BP put the brakes on our friendly botoxic Actress. She had to have known the Queen job wasn’t even in her atmosphere.  Meghan’s Twinkies tried on her behalf.
Sounded pretty good last year, but when Meg PR made a big deal over the households being split, the palace broke it to her gently but firmly the house of Excess will be under Buckingham Palace.  Nothing will go out without the Queen’s communication secretary approval.  God bless them and boy are they in for a treat!
Today, anon, brings this topic up, why now? I wouldn’t give them a wooden pallet in Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park.  The palace has known from the start what she was like and hoped that she’d fade away. Harry would lose interest in MM, and we could continue to do the job.
We are nearing the alleged ending, I’m still hanging on for the summer, but I do have other things I can do.  It’s a game of tug of war now.
Meghan’s alleged maternity leave, the drama queen can’t stay away. Sorry Meghan, no engagement, no posting your bullshit PR.  That’s the way it’s got to be you screwed me over.
Hey! Look how much fun we are going to have to when she merchs the baby!
Oh, the merch thing, a reporter claims that CH is paying for all her clothes, but CDAN says she is charging designers to wear their stuff.  Win, Win for everyone a true humanitarian!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Crazy Question

This might sound like a crazy question. But with the fake news coming from KP twitter, specifically on Saturday about Meghan going into labor, I really don’t believe a lot that comes from them anymore. Especially when it’s about her because her PR has more influence than most realize. Anywho, is there a possibility the Morocco trip was planned by her PR then published as if it was at the request of HM? They accomplished absolutely nothing, so the trip was another epic fail. Who wears a 98,000£ dress to a business casual event.😒


It’s entirely possible, Meghan took over the entire trip!  HM did send a message to the King, but other than that it was a PR merching ploy so she could get paid.

KP has lost a lot of credibilities since Meghan came aboard, many seasoned Kate and Will Bloggers that never said a nasty word got blocked. No apologies, no nothing. IG KP is a mess and Meghan is responsible for the doxing!

A family who I love and adore is allowing this nonsense to continue and I can’t wait for the day when I can get off the leash.  I’m the least offensive anti meg blogger out there.

With every war there are casualties, MM didn’t kill me, and I’m still breathing. This soldier shall continue.  FACT!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Geez~ Let’s review

so let’s review

Meghan stays in a $75,000 a night penthouse at The Mark probably comped or paid for by “friends.”
Meghan merches everything – the whole shower was like the wedding only worse gifts in boxes left on the street for the paps to photograph, so the brands got exposure merching handbags, clothes, suitcases, hotels, restaurants, whatever.

The Beyoncé “melanoma Mona Lisa” (Beyoncé’s words on her IG) celebrating black people infiltrate the white power structure oh the RF is so screwed on this.
Beyoncé on her website (see Mio) writing praise for Meghan thus summoning the hive to Meghan’s defense.

My fav Beyoncé is claiming Harry is advancing race relations with Meghan. If the truth on Meghan came out, race relations would be set back. And Harry? The guy who used the “n” word? Called a soldier a “Paki”? Nazi costume as a joke? Meghan who wears dark makeup now to look more black but joined a white sorority and chased rich white men? Three white husbands? White live in lovers? Race relations advancers? Beyoncé, don’t be a tool.

And now People has an article with all of Meg’s Tamara Mellon merch (one of the Tamara Mellon consultants was at her merch pap festival – shower), and you get a 100$ discount just like the IG lifestyle influencers give. Yeah, Megsy you reached your goal using Harry to become a lifestyle influencer!!!

DM comment claiming to be inside, says she got Morocco to stop her from going from NYC to LA and showing up as a surprise guest at the Oscars. I believe this the Morocco trip is last minute and frankly makes no sense otherwise.

The RF has NO control over her.

Dear God. And I bet you it gets a lot worse.


It will, and she outed to People Mag her agenda in Morocco, Girls education and youth empowerment, you got to be kidding me in a Muslim country??  KP never released why they are going in the first place, and we can’t guarantee the King will even be there.  It’s to political, big goose egg if they allow her to do that.

I agree with you, one big comp fest, merching stuff and promoting the hell out of so-called friends. I guarantee you they will all turn their backs once it all comes out.

MM claimed she was white and Jewish. Meghan is a morpher, and she is anyone you need her to be as long as it benefits her.

How in the hell does this have anything to do with race relations?  You marry someone for love, so she is setting up the race war. Gee, I wonder what she said?


Thank you anon 🌸😎

Anonymous said: So PH and MM are going to Morocco this month. Wouldn’t MM be 7 months this month and should not be flying.

So PH and MM are going to Morocco this month. Wouldn’t MM be seven months this month and should not be flying.

Meghan Markle is indestructible! Come on!  The only pregnant women that would dare go to Zika prone island pregnant.  The Forest was sprayed in her honor, and she decided not to go.  Another 3-day vacation for them, cause we all know she is going to do the catwalk of merching. The question is, will she take the tags off the clothes this time?
Thank you anon 🌸😎

People have the right to criticize their representative in democratic world

If KP, I guess through that press secretary guy, and Meghan are forcing people to respect and like Meghan, it’s not going to work!!! If anything, it will cause more anger from people who are forced to endure her behaviour and spending, which, in the long run, could cause a referendum. Guess what Meghan, and guess what press secretary, you can NOT force people to like other people. Respect is EARNED. Get Meghan to stop spending, and get HER to treat people with respect. That’s how it works!!
Embed from Getty Images
Who likes to eat dirt sandwiches?  I don’t, and I hate having one forced down my throat!  The worst part is her pseudo mumbo jumbo feminist yachter bullshit, and half the world knows she is wearing prosthetics.  I agree with you and you do as I say,  not as I do!
Everyone is welcome here, I may not like what you say, but I will go to war for your right to say it!
I won’t be a grammar nazi, half of the people are on cell phones.  We can figure it out together.   I literally in tears.
We are deeply disappointed with this decision to defraud the people of the UK.  MM is getting paid to wear these clothes.  I want to know is she still sending Clarence House the bill?  Double dipping.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD

Thanks and all the best

Hi JD, Ko again. How are you? Thanks for the patient reply, and you have explained why the RPO quit suddenly.

I am looking forward to more insights on this new Chuck-lunching deputy and avocado-munching make-up artiste as and when you have them.

I am sorry to hear about the threats too… but it only proves the bloggers are on the right track. I do read your blog daily, even if I do not write often. 🙂

Meanwhile another query. Is it likely that we have to deal with the current scenario — shameless spending and merching, stealing the spotlight from others, blatantly aggressive PR — for quite some years (or I shudder to think of it, forever)?

The BRF is her golden goose and why will she want to part company with a goose that is laying golden eggs? When and how will this ever end? Take care and all the best for your health.

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Ko! thank you so much, the feeling is she is starting this all over again, even plant got deja vu!  That is scary, does it mean she will leave? Only time will tell.  I see merching coming up on a regular basis, and her nest egg is gone.

Chuck lunching OMG, so funny! It sounds like chunking pumpkin where they launch pumpkins with homemade cannons once a year!  Fire in the hole! As Meghan is being shot out of a canon!

A reliable Tipster says they are broke, both of them. Is the recent move because of it as the press imply? I think it’s a security breach and maybe the people are tired of hearing the spoilt get three houses to live in while people rough sleep.

The Royal family have to act, and they need her to leave on her own, why would she ever do that?  MM has nowhere to go, and she has all the attention she could ever dream.

Yes, we have to deal until Harry spell is broken, until then she will continue to suck the life out of him as we predicted.

Some great sleuthing by anon

HI JD, How are you? BTW, I like that distinctive and artsy header on your website (and the content, of course 🙂 Meanwhile, that is some quick and brilliant sleuthing by NSW anon.

The Chucks restaurant, owned by a Finch who has business deals with Soho… now the pap-walk makes sense (so, she merches the restaurant now for fees?). The still-unsolved bit, though, is this Daniel Martin Johnie popping out of the woodwork, with avocado on toast.

What is the money trail that links her, DM and Soho? I suspect it goes deeper than desperation to show she is at KP. Any thoughts from you or NSW anon? Cheers Ko

Embed from Getty Images

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 10: (L to R) Charles Finch, Nick Allott, and Alan Yentob attend the launch party for the inaugural Issue of ‘Drugstore Culture’ at Chucs Serpentine on July 10, 2018, in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Drugstore Culture )

Ko! It’s so good to hear from you!  It’s all a great big puzzle with lots of big players.  That could be she is merching the restaurant, Charles is also a publisher, and one of the blinds says she is sending pages for a tell-all.

The same people keep popping up, but Charles is a new addition.  I went back looking through Getty images for other links, Harvey is a favorite that pops up and Eden Roc, didn’t the Cambridge’s stay there for a night or two before a continuing holiday?

That comes up with Abramovich very dangerous character, but that goes in another direction, I would hate to think treason, but it does look that way.

At first, thoughts were the Matthews it turns out the Russian.  All of this leads me back to the Duke of York, I’m sorry guys, but it really does. I love the girls, I do and would defend them tooth and nail.

The Daily Mail connection is what we need to find out about, they have protected MM with deleting comments in large batches lately.

The recent use of Splash news and Coleman Raynor has raised the hairs to stand up on end, and these are the same folks that offered Tom Markle money. Why ask them to do helicopter shots of Soho Farmhouse and the bolthole for Harry and Meghan?  That was a security breach that sent RPO into early retirement.  It ruined her career.

I’m smelling a setup for Tom Markle, what a way to get rid of your dad. It will be interesting to hear Sam Markle’s podcast.  The flip-flopping was due to “bargaining. ” You’re trying to reach out and get ignored back to lashing out. We have a hurt father you can’t choose one daughter over the other. I understand blended families. There is one thing to Ghost a stranger, but you don’t ghost your dad, there is no closure, it’s heartbreaking.

MM sugars are threating bodily harm to handicap person, that is a hate crime. I’ll keep you posted on this.  Sam is my friend I will let you know, but I won’t break our trust we have. She can tell me what she wants to put out there.  The other stuff is personal chit chat with girls.

I’m hanging in there Ko, and I’m glad I have fantastic friends here. Stop by here we have it turns out a mature audience. These girls aren’t teenagers.

Thank you, Ko 🌸😎