Meghan Markle Merching

Yes of course when you merch the idea is to look good. The bigger idea is to generate public interest. If the public isn’t looking at your pics, you have no value to the company. As a GF you can’t get a company to make a long-term commitment – if he dumps you public interest ends. That is why she had to be a wife – now she can get long-term commitments cause they assume she is sticking around.…

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Felix re: the merching contracts she has to wear the brand 3-5 times depending on the contract. Not the same item of clothing or shoes etc. Note she has now worn Manolo Blahnik shoes 3 times. Different shoes though. So we’ll see if she wears them twice more or maybe the contract is over. If she sells and the brand is happy she gets another contract.


Ok yes you are right the shoes are from the same brand.. Well at the moment the Palace is quiet and have not announced anything with her for the time being ..Let’s see if this is truly over and they publish a statement in the coming days which will end this mess??

Thanks anon😊👍

We make a big deal over her merching, the BRF don’t care, she is not a royal. They know thisis what actresses do.