60 Minutes Australia on Twitter

60 Minutes Australia on Twitter


The silence from Serena, Oprah, George Clooney and Gayle confirms the suspicion that Archie’s christening was kept “private” because none of them went.


I think so too. If they had bigger names to attend the christening they would announce it via a town crier.

Archie is older than declared, it’s all sneaky to cover for a surrogate. The A-listers would have leaked it

Politically Correct BS

MM only cares about herself and only promotes herself but those idiots can’t see that.

And they never will. We have been saying this the whole time, but we get ridiculed and shit because of it. She will get what she wants and do what she wants. And no one can do a thing about it. The BRF wont do a thing about it. I can’t believe she is still a subject after all this time. SMH. Hope you are well, and everything else i say, yada yada yada lol


Prince Harry should have been with Royal Marines he is patron, he blew them off! Shame on you!

We discussed this privately yesterday and we are disgusted with Harry! Our Troops mean the world to us. Semper Fi, always faithful, I guess not with Harry.

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He chose celebrity over Royal obligations!

Rumors are swirling that the fab four foundation is missing money??

Did MM cash those checks from the Aus tour??  Enty, the entertainment lawyer, follow him


Culinary submits Buzzfeed Meghan and Bey

1 2 3 How cute! aww

Allegedly, CDAN had a blind item that said something to the effect that Bey was not impressed and considered MM like the famous reality family.  Did she find out?

Oops, here it is

MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019

Blind Item #3

The permanent A+ list singer wanted nothing to do with the alliterate former actress. The singer put her in the same category as she does the reality family. Forced to take pictures but never going to be friends.