Vile and disgusting, this site has got A lister’s, I’m blown away. Megs was not A lister, had to search for her, that’s the only picture of her.


We are on the same page, what is this “business” she had to handle was trying to win back harry but he called it off. Gotta keep that 15 minutes of fame going. Wait I’m so behind who is Camilla Tis?

sorry Camilla Tominey and maybe the picture at whole foods, who knows but they apparently had it set up for her at the rugby game. I put up Dickie Arbitier opinion, maybe she didn’t like hearing, no you are not going and off she went back home but not before laying out for Camilla Tominey.

The business, IMO, to make Harry release that statement while she was sucking on his big fat knockwurst (sorry H)

Who knows with this chick, she’s a cherry bomb waiting to go off. 

When this relationship was confirmed by the palace my stomach dropped. I am hoping the palace and prince harry sees what she is doing. There’s already reports that she’s back in Canada after two days. How would they know that with no pictures if her people weren’t leaking info. I have a really bad feeling about MM.

Girl! I have goose bumps, thinking the same thing. Camilla Tis going to drop a bomb tomorrow with latest dish. I’m starting to believe anon that said they are friends, to me it’s is conspiracy cause throw Markus Anderson into it and you’ve got set up, maybe, lol. Getting a little crazy here, we have been diligent and read, watched and asked the right questions.

I was thinking before you anon me, that they are not a couple anymore . come on what do you think?

People wanted to kill her over plot on Suits not over Harry. And if that is true how the hell she couldn’t handle 2 week of british not so harsh press?

Exactly!! She got it down like a politician making the same speech, over and over. I went all the way back to March on her instagram, there was one or 2 threats,  she didn’t delete anything, still probably has the one, where the guy wants to fuck her 19 times a day, she must love the attention. she called them trolls THAN and now she is freaking because people are saying shit about her, ignore it like you did before sweetheart. She was dropping hints back than and couldn’t get anyone to pay attention.

Pierce Morgan IMO, wanted you to see the interview, compare it to what’s happening now, it’s sounds like it’s happening now and the people are commenting on it like it’s now! Crazy, right

So I thought the same thing that anon said about MM actually being with William and not Harry. But it’s now more of me needing to see how Harry and MM are together in public and if their is that “chemistry” that people are saying is there. What are your thoughts?

Jesus, if William is the one, I’d fall out my chair, but  if that is the case Prince Harry is most stand up guy on earth, that’s huge.

If we ever get to see them together, we might be able to see their chemistry, I know we’d be able to see Harry’s, he is true blue, MM she’s an actor and can cry on demand, we’ll see.

 I’m trying to keep an open mind. One thing that bothers me, I heard she is friends with Camilla Tominey (sp) gossip girl, if that’s true, I don’t think I can bring myself to have faith in her.

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