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Let’s do the Royal run down! We will see what’s out there for Meghan Markle antics and from what I see everywhere is anger. Please, don’t fall into that trap, because it doesn’t really matter in your personal life.

Vin and I texted one another last night for hours and we don’t like posting Meghan Markle but we realize you want us to talk about her.  Don’t expect hatred we won’t do it.

Prince Harry made his decision and its time to act Royal.

We have learned that MM friends may be behind the onslaught of PR crimes against the public. The girl is her own worst enemy, her friend Izzy May, and Markus Anderson is the ones that need ghosting and mind their own business. Hollywood and Royals aren’t even closely related.

We listened, and we will be posting all royals from now on with politics and music. We do want to hear from you, so please do send us links and give your opinion, this site promotes freedom of speech and expression.

Handsome devil! Happy Birthday, Sir! 🎂💖💖💋

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Kate and William are fine~ Isn’t anyone Married out there?

I’ve been hearing these nasty rumors that Kate and William are not getting on well, I can confirm that’s bullshit! When you get married and have children, your focus is on children.  What did you want them to do make out?  I’ve been married 21 years and no we don’t hold hands, there are smooches here and there, you trust one another.  That’s the comfort of marriage.

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The lovey-dovey stuff happens in private, and No, there wasn’t an affair with Rose! Good Lord man, please, it was a nasty rumor spread by we suspect MM for this.  No wonder why she got a chilly reception on the balcony.

Here some advice for Meghan Markle, the privacy of the Royal Family is paramount, people who leak the rumors can’t be trusted.  Prince Harry is still with Meghan, and it doesn’t appear to be any break up coming anytime soon.

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The feeding frenzy must stop!  Please realize the Royals are based on rank, and they are stoic and respectful.  Couples must act accordingly.


Meghan Markle is not that important in the scheme of things. She had her time with the whirlwind engagement and wedding. Time to move on and get to work.


The Queen’s children will come first.  It was the Queen’s birthday celebration with her military forces. They act like the military, disciplined!  Something the new duchess refuses to yield too.  Never enter into marriage lightly, you also marry the family, and in this case, the country.

Thank you, JD 🌸😎

MM still looks the same without the hideous cape

actually, if you look at her on the balcony when she shed the bulky shapeless coat she was merching she looks pretty much the same. The severe hairstyle perhaps contributes to the impression her face is bloated. But her arms are still thin. And in the sheath dress on the balcony, she looks the same. I think she has left over clothes to merch from the pregnancy period which she did not get to show because her events were canceled. That coat she wore today was baggy and shapeless for a pregnant woman. Once she took it off she has on a very inexpensive dress ($50 supposedly on the MM site).

But compare this to her efforts last summer at both TTC and the garden party. She isn’t getting the clothes anymore.

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Meghan needs serious help with Hats, the tight bun is not her style.  I know of no cancellations, they said that will be all she is on maternity leave.  Doesn’t matter anyway she did plenty during her downtime. She needs to stay away from these dark colors and give in once in a while.  She will be here for a while as I’ve stated before.

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Mysteriouslytranparentwitch submitted Sun ~ MM will do Vogue in Sept women’s empowerment


As I said yesterday Meghan participated, she did not come in a sexy way she opted to dilute her participation in Vogue UK in September.

It must have been Meghan’s day but watching the live. Meghan seemed disappointed. I think they say the car plan 20 minutes before.

Meghan had to share the light of the cameras with Camilla and Catherine and she was not aware you could see at several times that she is looking at her Givenchy clothes.
Meghan felt unsure of herself with Catherine’s royal look.

The press team already has a plan to fight the bad press of the prochiane publication of Meghan’s expenses.
Meghan’s marketing team waited for KP to publish Catherine’s coat mark before publishing Meghan’s coat.

The Daily Mail Photo is terrible and pretty much summarizes Meghan’s situation.
We continue to say nice things about Meghan but the reality is settled. Meghan is not so important, she is stuck with the child of Sophie Meghan is she still a superstar ?! Not according to this picture.

PS someone noticed that Charles was not next to her but rather near his brother Andrew and his sister (they are very funny). Rose’s story has not passed for him yet.


Frenchie! Woo woo! 💖💖💋, I agree with you, Meghan had her shot, and now it’s business as usual. It’s her fault trying to push this stupid fashion narrative, and she looked like as ass, I don’t know why we continue to talk about her.

Anna Wintour is miffed? OMG, alert the fashion police! Of course, it will be about MM narrative on women empowerment, and I will tell you I never lost mine! I don’t need some twit to shout the political and far left tales while emasculating men in the same article.
That my friends are a complete and total turn off to me and women like me that have fought the good fight for years, Meghan is our embarrassment as women.  I’m not trolling, and I’m stating a fact of life here.
What has she really done? Go Yachting for dollars!  GTFOOH with her whiney false narrative a real woman doesn’t sell themselves to anyone! I’m not sorry for writing this either, give it up already, Markle.
Bullshit she doesn’t want to be featured on the front of the magazine! That was so laughable to read Frenchie, and I’m glad to have that conversation with you.
As we said, this is the coming out party with disappointing results. Please give Harry back his nutsack now!
I’m playing with MTW, but it was a big let down.
With love  and appreciation, JD 🌸😎💋💋💋💋

tumblr Anonymous said: Meg looks like 💩 today. I can’t believe H&M were in the carriage with Cam and Kate

Meg looks like 💩 today. I can’t believe H&M were in the carriage with Cam and Kate. I think that was a last minute change as Cam looked pissed and Kate was distant from Meg. Harry didn’t look too thrilled either. I cannot decide if he is done and she is pushing this stuff (this is what I assume) or he is still pushing her on his family.
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Good shot of the filler mark, but as you see they are smiling, maybe not thrilled but it’s either a message of solidarity or maybe they didn’t have enough carriages available these things are antiques.

What was nice to see is the HM the Queen that was in an enclosed carriage, that was cool! It’s something I’ve haven’t seen before.  we should celebrate that.

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Why does MM take precedent when this honorable lady should always take front and center?  It’s Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday celebration. I bet she is getting a biscuit cake! I would love one right about now!  That’s a grand idea!

Thank you anon for the ask! 🌸😎



tumblr Anonymous said: Looking at the picture of her face, she spent the last weeks in recovery

Looking at the picture of her face, she spent the last weeks in recovery of some beauty surgery. Lips, under the nose on her rights side is a cut line, cloth to the ear and next to her eyes.
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Meghan does have some redness around her throat, which could be threading but it could be anything. I suggest enlarging and running through forensics, that might show if any works been down. Please note that Enty did say she was promised 500k in plastic surgery.

Thank you anon for your ask, 🌸😎

tumblr Anonymous said: Regarding Meghan’s Mirror

Regarding Meghan’s Mirror – it’s also funny how they sometimes know BEFORE the event what Meghan will wear. They have photos of her outfit etc. sometimes before she even arrives at the event.
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That’s so obvious by yesterday paid for article the Daily Mail ran yesterday.  Meghan continues her reign of PR terror on the good people of the world.

Please, who wants to look at that same type outfit but slightly different, that’s why I prefer this young lady!

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Tada! Duchess of Cambridge with the new family Rock star! Prince Louis!

Thank you anon for your opinion! 🌸😎

Meghan’s facial expressions

A friend of mine said the reason why she finds Meghan so unlikeable is because she always has a weird self-satisfied expression on her face. Smug and arrogant. I hope Karma will kick her ass someday. She slept and lied her way up, she doesn’t deserve to be a royal family member. She belongs to dirty HW.

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I can confirm this complaint from day one, the commenters on the DM said they don’t know why, maybe it’s the smug look on her face, the cat that ate the cream that they don’t like about her.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎