Patrick Howley Reports NXIVM Full Story Will Be Told


Jeffrey Epstein faces million pages of evidence says the NY Post

Wow, that’s a lot of Evidence to go through! Prince Andrew must be crapping his panties. We all know that Jeffrey provided both sexes and didn’t discriminate on the color of his victims as long as they were young children, scared and helpless. Some wanted their victims not to be able to speak English as they abused them like animals.


We reinstated the death penalty in America, and I await additional charges in the future.


Something is coming out? DTS~ Drain the swamp!

Something is coming out? DTS~ Drain the swamp! —- Now they are saying there are some very troubling documents related to the 2016 US election which the Ukrainian gov. is ready to hand over. What the hell is coming out?

oops! yep, and it’s going to…

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