Rep. Ratcliffe zeros in on Exoneration line of questioning

Hey Squad! I’m trying to bring you evidence of the presumption of innocence always applies to everyone, even Donald Trump.  This is a Fox News interview with Congressman Ratcliff, a former prosecutor.


Mueller is a prosecutor, and he had no right to add exoneration. His group of Hillary Rotten Clinton lawyers is counting on your emotions on this dirty narrative.


Prosecutors don’t exonerate, the people do.


Collusion doesn’t exist in this case, the word should be a conspiracy, and there isn’t any proof of a crime against the President. However, there is proof of spying and conspiracy against the DNC, Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS.  Illegal FISA warrants claiming the Steele dossier was valid, which it wasn’t.  IMO it is a treasonous offense because it continued after our president took the highest office in the land.


The DNC ran a scam, wiretapped Trump tower illegally and sent a phony  Russian lawyer stating she had dirt on Hillary. They never produced anything.  Don Jr was angry; his time was wasted.  That’s not a crime.  We can speculate, but that isn’t proof.  How do we know that Don Jr, wouldn’t have handed over the information?  We don’t, and it’s inconclusive.


Again, everyone has the presumption of innocence under the law.  You also have to be Mirandized. If this ever went to a real court, they would throw this crap right out. The president is being harassed and overly prosecuted daily.  What are his options?


People, who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, right Rep Cummings?

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Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the panel chairman House Oversight, and Reform Committee hearing on " The Trump Administration’s Child Separation Policy: Substantiated Allegations of Mistreatment." July 12, 2019, in Washington, DC. (Photo by Aurora Samperio/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


The New World Order, elitist, paid for the narrative via kickbacks to media outlets, talent agencies, PR agencies.


This harassment should never happen again to anyone.


People should be shouting and calling this out.  Legislation should regulate PR agencies. They are writing copy for the MSM to say a specific narrative, look at Hillary’s tweets, she is still in charge.  Fox shows you over and over again they are using particular wording, Not above the law,  cover-up watch for it.


The president must be protected in his own house.  The president cooperated fully in the investigation, and he had the right to yell privilege!  Witnesses are going broke with attorney’s fees. The Dems won’t let it go, so now is time for operation boomerang!


Back at you! Dems

Jewish Rabbi: Nancy Pelosi :Failed Us”in condemning Anti Semitism~ Masel! Goosebumps


Have Nadler, CNN, and MSNBC accused Barr of lying? Not yet? I expect them to do so.

Mueller doesn’t want to testify. He never wanted to begin with. He was trying to avoid any public questions since he issued his report and gave the 9 min press conference a while ago. Nadler and Schiff are two idi0ts who still insist on “plenty of evidence of collusion.”

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LOL, there isn’t any evidence against the president. However, there is plenty against Hillary Clinton and the DNC! Let’s not forget GPS Fusion through Hillary’s lawyers bought and paid for Steele dossier that was fake, made up, fiction.


Sean Hannity was talking about points for the Republicans to bring up. One crucial one, Why hire the prosecutor Andrew Wiseman who donated to and was at Hillary’s celebration win that never happened? This man fights dirty, and he intimidates witnesses. Asked one Russian oligarch for evidence against Trump and he would make his charges go away. The Oligarch declined the offer, and he didn’t have anything on Trump.


Nervous Nancy wants to take this into the fall! When will this all end? Well, August Micheal Horowitz comes out with his report on the FISA warrants, that should blow this away. Every player involved in spying on American citizens.  It’s illegal folks!  That goes back into the Obama/Biden era.


We have AG Barr, and Durham that has their investigation and Barr has already hinted to spying. It won’t be President Trump in handcuffs, and it will be the Clinton’s and cronies.


If that doesn’t get these bastards, Jeffrey Epstein case will get the swamp monsters.  It’s all connected!


I will be watching tomorrow morning. Matt Gaetz ought to chew him up.


Thank you Squad member, God Bless America, 🌸😎🌸💋

Who are in the picture? Bill Clinton, Tony Podesta, George Nader, and Jeffrey Epstein.

Who are in the picture? Bill Clinton, Tony Podesta, George Nader, and Jeffrey Epstein. The same George Nader who was a witness in Mueller’s investigation.

The link to cover my ass! I posted this picture the other day, I gladly reblog it again, we must drive the message home.


Who was a head of FBI during the Epstein investigation?

Right! Robert Mueller. He sent a SWAT team to get Roger Stone out of his home in the middle of the night. Roger Stone did nothing wrong. But he failed to nail Jeffrey Epstein? Very interesting, I would say.


And the fact that Robert Mueller led the FBI at the time of the original charges against Epstein has not gone unnoticed by those who still see the former special counsel as one of the president’s deep-state enemies. Speaking of which, there’s a Comey involved too:


WOW! Although very biased against trump and most likely piggybacking on others stories, Trump dumped Epstein from the club for misconduct, he cooperated with authorities in their investigation against Epstein.

Trump won’t humiliate you unless you start on him, he is always going to say something nice until he can’t, then there will be hints.

I want to let you all know that the left is accusing our president of everything they have done wrong, what’s it called? misdirection

The left is following Hillary Rotten Clinton’s lead, not above the law, right Hillary back at you! Maybe we should tell her that and also you’re done in politics!   You are a disgrace, Hillary, this one is for you!


@Mike Cernovich is right, the left has swept this under the rug from the beginning. if it was Trump they would have nailed him but it was a big donor to the Clinton’s.  They will do what all Democrats do throw him under the bus.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋 Let’s get this information out there


The black cash ledger was a fake document

The article is from 2017. The info about the ledger was leaked into the press on purpose. The Mueller team could not use the original doc. Because they always knew that the doc was fake. They cited media reports as evidence. Holy moly!



No wonder why federal courts want Congress to figure it out first, it’s a bloody mess.  Lady Justice is crying right now, her scales are not being used, but McCarthyism is alive and well.

The Dems are trying to bankrupt Trumps associates with lawyer fees, how about paying them back? The supreme court must step in and stop this circus.

Tariffs do work, we need fair trade, we lost millions of jobs to the Chinese, they have stolen intellectual properties, unfair labor practices. We built their cities, they have an amazing infrastructure.  We can’t get Dems to sit down and stop tossing word grenades at the president to get stuff done.

This is the real shit show! 💩💩💩 It stinks!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

I am triumphant but I want to know the truth

To that anon. For two and a half years CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post, and Democrats told us that Trump was a Russian spy. He worked for the Russian gov. Now it turned out that reportedly the Mueller team knew it in 2017 or earlier that Trump never colluded with any foreign government.

Then why did Mueller not inform the public about this as soon as he knew all those accusations were false? AG Barr said, “It’s not jiving”

“Why did Obama’s officials Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Baker, and others were lying?  Trump wanted to drain the swamp? 

Are we allowed to know the whole story? yes, we will with the expectation of matters of national security 

Why is NYT cowardly trying to stay away from CNN and MSNBC? LOL, to be able to ask the president  questions without being called fake news on the national stage😝😝

What is NYT afraid of?  losing what bit of crediblility they have left when they report that the former president and congresswoman get tossed on the political bonfire that’s bigger than Watergate!  These people broke the law and spied on Americans via the UK

Personally, I don’t think NYT is better than CNN and MSNBC. They all spread false stories for almost 3 years. Yes, many prosecutors have said that Trump was engaged in the obstruction. Also, many prosecutors have stated that the obstruction case is pure political when there’s no underlying crime.

Dems want to impeach Trump? Go ahead but don’t expect people, like me, to support it. Before I support impeachment hearings, I want to know why we have been lied for so long?

Why were Brennan and Clapper hired as “experts” by MSNBC? By CNN went that low by putting on their shows such a creep as Avenatti?

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Thank you anon! I used the NYT to show the second news outlet to turn away from the feeding frenzy of hate against the real estate tycoon turned President. The Dems narrative has fallen apart but if you say it enough does it make it true, NO it doesn’t but people are so hopped on the Hate that was spread that they can’t let it go! The Democrats refuse to believe which I pray for a speedy investigation into who and why this was started with some indictments this time.

I tried to answer some of those questions but I would be interested in a rebuttal.

We know the who. We need the official ruling to this no matter how painful it is and I will post that truth.  Let’s keep the pressure tight and ongoing.

Again, thank you and previous Anon, rebuttal? 🌸😎

Mueller~ Newsweek

1,000 federal prosecutors who served under both republican and democratic administrations have analyzed the Mueller report and said it is clear Trump engaged in obstruction of Justice.

there is no need to be triumphant about Trump he is as bad as any of them. Corruption runs deep. None of these clowns have the well being of the working and middle class in their minds.


Thanks for your opinion, but he didn’t obstruct and allowed everyone to testify.  Yes, corruption runs deep with Hillary R Clinton and Obama figuring a way to spy on American citizens via the UK. The Steele Dossier aka the insurance policy is fiction.  If that’s fake then everything else is, many legal experts have weighed in on this and there isn’t enough evidence legally to charge Trump but there is evidence to charge others in the democrat party.

Like AG Barr said the Mueller report “isn’t jiving” Let’s wait to run the president over after the investigation is over with misconduct into the witch hunt of the century!

I don’t trust any Main Stream Media, it’s said that many reporters were being paid off.  Washington Post claimed Fox News are the ones that got it right! NYT is telling it’s reporters not to go on to CNN and MSNBC.

Personally, the first time we got back money from a tax return, fuel is affordable and I can go to the grocery store (Publix) instead of Save a lot which their meat comes from Mexico, our friends are owner-operators truckers.

Wait until I post about the President Trumps prescription drug plan, it’s impressive.

Thank you anon! 🌸😎

Mueller passed the bucket.

It’s clear that Mueller passed the bucket. The Trump-is-a Russian-spy narrative fell apart. He stated it clearly that there was no collusion. He has no intention to testify even if many Reps want him to. He knows if he does testify, there is no way for him to avoid tough questions on the opening of the investigation.

The reason Durham got appointed is delivering all those answers. Mueller left Dems on their own to decide if they want to pursue the obstruction case, they can go ahead and try and do it. However, Pelosi knows if there is no underlining crime, the obstruction case is pure politics. So, it is what it is.

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This is a big dumpster fire of epic proportions! Nancy knows that it would mean certain death for anyone up for re-election on the Dems side.  You have to realize they hope this Mexican tariff deal blows up in Trump’s face, but they all know it’s not going to happen.

I should post the AG Barr interview if I can.

This is the mainstream media side who wouldn’t be happy even if AG Barr carved up President Trump for Thanksgiving.

One thing I taught my kids was to look at both sides of the argument to become better citizens, and upon doing that, I too learn to stop thinking one-sided, and it pulled me to the center. I suggest to everyone to do and teach your children the same.

Thank you for your ask! 🌸😎

Don’t forget that Felix is on during the wee hours in this half of the hemisphere.