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I saw this yesterday, and I was laughing, but he does have a valid point! Suicide with the Clinton’s is no coincidence, and Terrence drives the point home!  Many have taken to call Hillary Killary!


The President liked it so much he retweeted it!


Is this Clinton’s go-to action to shut people up?  Twitter is #clintonbodycount  it’s becoming evident that anyone that gets close to Clinton’s commit suicide are they that boring and depressing?  Nah, they are paranoid people, it wouldn’t surprise me if they wiretap their friends. If they can do it to a sitting, duly elected President, when are you next on their list?


Be afraid, be very afraid!

But it’s not okay to say, Make America Great Again?

You are not above the law Killary!

I did not go to the island 26 times!


Happy in the UK?

Making her happy in the UK can that happen? Did she ever really want to be a royal or did she plan to use the RF to promote her own agenda?

Does she remotely love Harry or even have that capability? Narcs do not bond or have empathy others are tools to them that they discard then they are no longer useful. She has never supported the institution of the Monarchy her behavior totally undermines it.

Can that change? It seems she expects them to change to meet her demands. She is rumored to have “habits” will she get help to stop that? Most of all can she accept a hierarchical institution where she is not the star? That clearly seems to be a problem for her. I am not so sure Meghan can be made happy in the BRF.

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It’s for now, but I guess the BRF will come up with something discreet like they did with the birth.  They outfoxed her and good for them.  Now, they have to continue to break the shit show down, That’s going to take time.

MH is on maternity leave for three months getting surgery if we believe the blinds.

Did they beat a Narc? This battle they did, now we have wait and watch for the next move.  If they have got rid of the threat, then that leaves meathead exposed. Narcs are survivalists.  They live to fight another day.

Those nasty habits might be her undoing.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋

Wrong Garcia, phew

But still doesn’t give her the right to say that people who use MAGA are neo-Nazi


What on earth has happened to Prince Harry? A couple of years ago he was a bright and cheerful young man. He now looks old, worn, scruffy and frankly dirty. Only wears one of two crumpled suits and those infernal suede shoes.
Victim of a narcissist. But if i read right he wanted her and would not give her up and so this is the result. He is paying for the choice he made. Big time.
And I still cant feel sorry for him, Vintage🎶