Stop Saying Meghan Markle is dumb and idiot

Meghan Markle isn’t some dumb blonde, and she managed to captivate you for close to three years now.

She is methodical, manipulative, and always five steps ahead. Meghan has plotted this out to play the long game.  So far, she has been very successful at it.

Narcissistic psychopaths know how to play with the prey and his family too. I do blame them as I’ve told them what would happen and it did.  We all thought it would be over soon, but it didn’t.

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We are in final end game times, she just has to get that foundation up and running, and the gravy train begins.  MM’s friends are in on it and cashing in at a price.  Meghan demands unconditional loyalty. If you are no longer needed, you are tossed aside.

Harry & Meg made all these promises that don’t mean squat, she laughing at them, toying with the palace — claiming interview! I guess she wants more money from the Palace to placate her insatiable need for PR.

ME again loves to read about herself, and the more you comment negatively, the more she wants to prove you wrong. That’s part of the NARC; she must be right, adored, loved, and, if not, you’re a racist!  You’re jealous! You want Harry! Dry your salty, bitter tears! His mine, well for now.

I keep saying stop commenting on the Mail, but do you listen, Nope!  The cycle keeps repeating its self. That’s why I stopped blogging about her for months — just posting an article here and there.

I needed to learn why she is here?  To take down the monarchy, of course, and report back to Hillary Clinton.  But most of all for Fame becoming A-lister! Good Luck Hillary, there is no talking to her now.


Meghan Markle Holds Harry Hostage- Think Stockholm Boy

Stockholm Boy

[Blind Gossip] Many people have been wondering why this family has not been more brutal and decisive in cutting out its rogue members.

Fortunately, we have some insight from an insider!

The family is thinking about the long-term implications. While they are furious – not just upset, but furious – about what is happening, they do believe there will come a time in which he will return to them.

What time is that?

They believe there will be a divorce within five years.

So, what is their strategy?

They must allow him to go but keep in contact and leave the door open for him to return. If they close the door on him, he might feel obligated to stay in the marriage longer because there would be no where else for him to go.

What about his wife?

The most frequent word I hear used to describe her internally is “duplicitous.” They know that from the beginning she has said or done whatever she needed to do to capture him, all while planning to do the exact opposite after marriage. They call it a “long con.”

If they knew this, why didn’t they warn him?

They did so repeatedly! Any warnings from the family were summarily dismissed by him.

This is a powerful family. Can’t they take her down?

Despite the conspiracy theories, his family will not “take her out” or publicly “take her down.”

They have dual objectives: To get him to return to the family, and to protect the family. To do both requires great restraint on their part.

For example, they know that they can not criticize her openly.  Criticizing her would only result in his defense of her and in her positioning herself as the victim or martyr. Unfortunately, she has conditioned him to see her as his only ally and his family as the enemy.

So, does this mean that his family will work with her?

Only insomuch as to facilitate his return. That is a primary objective.

That wording almost makes him sound like a hostage.

In many respects, he is an emotional hostage who is siding with his captor. He is not locked up in a room, but he is emotionally tied to her. She is in charge and he will not work against her.

That sounds like Stockholm Syndrome. Can’t his family pay her a “ransom” to get him back?

Right now, she is confident that she can make much more money with him than by giving him up. That is what makes this situation so unusual.

It certainly will be interesting to see how this all plays out!

Anon Submits: Looking at the past, to see the here and now

Watch this video!! This says it all!! Now that Brexit is successful, she wants a payout. Did the BRF accept this crazy chick into the family because of a huge secret (even bigger than Andrew’s sins) that her wedding, rude & crass behavior could block the news cycles??? What is the BRF hiding?? Everyone of them appear checkmated!! Meghan Markle, HRC and BO ALL had a fly on their face while speaking an important message!! 👀 Look at the # 66 red football jersey in the above video while showing MM topless picture. These are Satanic messages!!

Anon said: No mental health issues

Harry has no mental health issues, its a smokescreen to cover up his BLACKMAILING of his own Family. His friend Tom Blackby admitted that now. If he doesn’t get to keep Frogmore and the Titles, all Family secrets will be revealed in the planned TV interviews scheduled next week. Don’t be fooled by him, its called EXTORTION!

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I have no doubt its blackmail, Meghan Markle is getting Harry to do her dirty work.  It’s end-stage NARC and he is about to commit the ultimate sin but he’s had a few days without Markle. One thing Harry is scared of is the Queen. Make no mistake she isn’t some cotton top sweet old lady. She has powerful courtiers behind her.  He could have a hunting accident, get my drift? 

Thank You anon, 🥰

Anon said: Prince Harry didn’t listen to his grandmother

Kate’s birthday is overshadowed by royal crisis as it emerges Prince Harry ‘DEFIED’ Queen’s orders not to announce he and Meghan Markle will quit and left Prince Charles and Prince William ‘incandescent with rage’ by giving them just 10 minutes’ notice


Kate’s birthday is overshadowed by royal crisis as it emerges Prince Harry ‘DEFIED’ Queen’s orders not to announce he and Meghan Markle will quit and left Prince Charles and Prince William ‘incandescent with rage’ by giving them just 10 minutes’ notice

  • Royal family gathered at Kensington Palace to celebrate the Duchess of Cambridge’s 38th birthday today
  • But celebrations were marred by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell announcement overnight
  • Prince Charles and Prince William were among the senior royals set to meet today to discuss the fallout
  • Both heirs were said to be ‘incandescent with rage’ at learning of plans 10 minutes before announcement
  • Royal sources today claimed Prince Harry had ignored crystal-clear orders from the Queen on the subject
  • She made explicit request to her grandson that he first discuss his plans in detail with the Prince of Wales
  • But he defied order, going ahead with the announcement and ‘pressing the nuclear button’ on royal career

‘Their statement was not cleared with anyone. It breaks all protocol. This is a declaration of war on the family.

The Mail has been told the couple ‘secretly plotted’ their decision during their stay in Canada, even conspiring to create a new website independent of the Royal Family and ready to launch it when they returned. This was without the knowledge of their own loyal UK-based press team.

‘The level of deceit has been staggering and everyone from the top of the royal household to the bottom feels like they have been stabbed in the back,’ one source said.


The Sussex blackmail notice

It also emerged last night that:

  • Harry and Meghan want to be ‘financially independent’ and plan to earn their own income, which they say they are currently prevented from doing;
  • They will give up their right to money from the sovereign grant, but could still take money from Prince Charles;
  • They will also keep their police protection – funded by the taxpayer – and have offered to carry out a vastly reduced number of royal duties in Britain and elsewhere in the Commonwealth.
  • They will retain their home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor as a UK base;

In their extraordinary statement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they wanted to ‘carve out a progressive new role’ and ‘step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family’.

Notice the word progressive, yeah that’s the open societies talking

‘They have got to start working with people. It’s hugely unfair to paint out that this is a fusty old institution that doesn’t want to help them. People have been bending over backwards looking at different ways of doing things.


‘But they have made clear they still want to be paid by the public purse for their work and they have to accept that things need to be thought through carefully.’

The couple sullenly agreed to set up their new ‘Sussex Royal’ household under the Buckingham Palace umbrella, but have long been branded by insiders as ‘awkward and childish’ for refusing to work harmoniously alongside other members of the Royal Family.

‘The writing was on the wall a long time ago,’ said one source with knowledge of the situation last night.

We told you so, do you believe me now?  and I’m the troll 


Meghan’s Dad Thomas is disappointed as he tells US Weekly

‘I’ll just simply say I’m disappointed’: Meghan’s estranged father Thomas Markle reacts to bombshell revelations his daughter and Prince Harry are quitting the royal family

  • Meghan and Harry revealed on Wednesday they were stepping back as senior members of Britain’s royal family
  • Her estranged dad Thomas Markle said he was ‘disappointed’ by the news 
  • Markle, a 74-year-old retiring lighting director, did not elaborate on the cause of his disappointment 
  • He has not had contact with his daughter since before her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry and hasn’t met his eight-month-old grandson Archie
  • Markle has also never met Prince Harry in person 

Meghan’s estranged father spoke out just hours later, telling Us Weekly: ‘I’ll just simply say I’m disappointed.’


I want to remind everyone that Meghan Markle is a narcissistic fool. They alienate their victims from everyone.  This is the final stage of the takedown. 

The Royal Family must say NO to everything they want and call her bluff.  The Markle’s think they are going to get away with stealing a king’s ransom. You must wake up! 

Submission: Duke and Duchess of Double Standards


For months we have been bombarded with the message that Meghan is sharp as a whip. I’m still waiting for proof of that. Clearly, someone with a working brain would have been able to predict that this wasn’t going to go down well?

What Meghan and H are failing to realize is that we know what they are up to. They don’t want what everyone else has – they want what no one has – the right to do and say one thing and then criticize people for doing the same.

Think about it.

– She judged her own father for gossiping to the media and then sent people out to gossip about him. To the media.

– Harry judged everyone for polluting the planet and then took his family on serial leisurely private Carbon-emission jet-rides.

– Now they throw hissyfits because the media talks about them, and what do they do? They talk about the media to the media. Yes, my brain hurts too.

Clearly, it didn’t occur to them that: if you go on camera and attack the press – you just gave the press permission to do the same to you. If you’re private, it means no tear filled accusations or mentioning your private lives on camera. Ever. You can’t play with the media like that. It’s like going to the zoo and slapping the bars to the lion cage with a piece of red meat and then bust into tears when the lion tries to get at you through the bars.

I tried something for a few days earlier this month. I went on a no-Sussex media diet. Meaning I didn’t go to my favourite tumblrs, and I didn’t google things like “meghan”, “prince harry” or “crazy unhinged Sussex duo.”

I had two whole days without a single word about the couple even though I spent time on the Internet. Not one sugary article, scathing criticism or ironic blogpost. Most of the world don’t talk about them. So if I can go on a no-Sussex diet this easily, why can’t Meghan?

It is possible not to be offended if you are Meghan Markle. All you need to do is take care of your baby, feed H his doggy-biscuits when you let him out of the cage – and stop googling your own name.

It should be easy to understand if you are as sharp as a whip. Unless of course you are so much of a narcissist that you’re not living but only existing when you can’t google your own name?


I love this! This anon is right, take a step back for a day or two, and you realize nobody gives a shit, crickets.  There are more important things in life and better dramas to cover. 

Anon said: I think it’s time for Harry to get a job, Just Saying

Anon said: I think it’s time for Harry to get a job, Just Saying

I think it’s time for Harry to get a job and a life if he is suing for something that almost happened 20 years ago. The main problem is that he is manipulated by Meghan and listens to the wrong people. The other article that he doesn’t seem to palace aides anymore seems to be true. Also, he doesn’t seem to talk to Charles and William anymore. He’s creating a war against the press and that will…

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