National Enquirer Says $500,000 put aside for plastic surgery

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What Meghan wants, Harry gets for her! NE claims the information came from palace insiders.   We are all in agreement that there is no way she was ever pregnant, to begin with.  Meghan and Harry used a surrogate, and I believe the palace must be freaking out how to handle this mess. Will they let them keep this baby or will they put their feet firmly on the ground and say NO!

Great job @hunnymae  on tumblr for the photoset! 💖💖💖💖💋💋



Ron Burkle in talks to purchase National Enquirer

Ron Burkle a known Bill Clinton crony, X friend of Uncle Harvey, the majority owner of Soho House.  A man who likes them really young and is and has allegedly visited pedo island on occasion with host Jeffrey Epstein. Friends with Meghan Markle who he took to the White House to meet Obama.   We will keep an eye on you.

National Enquirer Being shopped by parent corp America Media

The board for American Media began reviewing operations for the National Enquirer last August for the US (National Enquirer) and UK edition (National Enquirer Globe).

American Media LLC, the parent corporation of the National Enquirer, is “exploring strategic options” for the tabloid brand, according to its announcement. The moves likely mean a sale is in the works.

“We have been keenly focused on leveraging the popularity of our celebrity glossy, teen and active lifestyle brands while developing new and robust platforms including broadcast and audio programming, and a live events business, that now deliver significant revenue streams,” said a statement from American Media president and CEO David J. Pecker. “Because of this focus, we feel the future opportunities with the tabloids can be best exploited by a different ownership.”

American Media has been expanding in the last two years, buying Us Weekly, Men’s Journal, Bauer’s US celebrity and teen line, and TEN: Publishing’s Adventure Sports Network (ASN). The ASN addition of adventure and sports brands made American Media the worlds sixth-largest sports media brand in the world.

Beyond the National Enquirer, American Media owns Star, OK!, In Touch, Life & Style, Closer, Men’s Journal, Muscle & Fitness, PowderSnowboarderSurferUs Weekly and Bike. American Media also manages nineteen different digital sites. American Media’s magazines have a combined total circulation of 5.7+ million and reach approximately 49.4 million men and women each month. American Media’s digital properties reach approximately 65 million unique visitors monthly.


Anon and today’s guilty pleasure

I have noticed that whenever MM’s face and headlines appear on the front of certain magazines that the following notorious people are inserted nearby: Casey Anthony (several times), Scott Peterson and People listed Ted Bundy recently. There has to be a reason for this.
Are you serious?  My husband bought me a National Enquirer, I was in shocked but let’s take a look at the cover.
Sirhan Sirhan was framed, I escaped Ted Bundy twice!  Sharon Osbourne had Tourette’s, WHAT, No, No
and Al Pacino has stomach cancer, oh no.
The big headline is  Harry Confesses to William: IT’S HELL AT  HOME!  I bet it is, and it goes on to say “This was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life,” Jesus they have a two-page spread on this!
Meghan’s complaining about hygiene at the hospital which we all know that’s bullshit!  They stated MM said Heads will roll whoever booked her there.
Meghan Markle is lopsided with Harry in tow
This is juicy, and they claim Harry rushed into William for advice after realizing he rushed into a toxic marriage with a yoga-crazed former actress. 🙀
Insiders revealed QEII  plans to smooth things over between the woefully mismatched couple.
MM long strings of public humiliations and private demands have forced Harry to confess his life has become a nightmare, Wow!  Harry was caught drinking with pals at a London pub on Jan 30th, (we already heard)and he looked stressed out!  Neghan was nowhere to be seen. He apparently told William he’s tired of the PR gaffes, her demands to be surrounded by celebrities and her ignorance for protocol the source spilled.
Harry blubbered that being with Meghan has already become a chore, complaining the diva duchess had the audacity to ty to micromanage the lifestyle of a prince!
Harry even whined that he was exhausted by endless crisis management he’s been forced to deal with!
Insiders say he is embarrassed by Meghan feuding with William and Kate. Harry wants back into the fold!
William will speak to the Queen on Harry’s behalf and put an end to the sideshow, but the Queen will give Meghan her finale warning.
So do we believe it? Or is this full of 💩💩I think there some truth to this.
Thank you anon, that was fun, today guilty pleasure brought you by the National Enquirer. 🌸😎

Guilty Pleasures~ National Enquirer ~ Meghan Flees country retreat

Ok, first, 😹😹😹😹😹it was said money issues, but yes, it was security, but she did it to herself asking Splash and Coleman Ryanor to take pictures to prove to a blogger on tumblr she lives with Harry! BWAAAHAHAHAH

These were the same photographers that set Tom Markle up, ask yourself, MM didn’t want her dad to go to the wedding!  What a way to cut him out of your life and the cash!


The insider continued, “It is very secluded and will cost too much money to police. They are now looking for somewhere even more private which isn’t a magnet for terrorists, robbers, and perverts.”

Sun-seeker Meghan also feared being photographed by cranks using drones as she sunbathed on the home’s lawns in the summer months. And sex-mad thrill-seekers are their biggest concern. 

The road that leads to the country house is a hot spot for men trawling for gay sex. And busy trunk road that passes the top of the lane to home is a favorite destination for swingers’ romps.

The road has attracted several mentions on sites dedicated to outdoor sex in the UK with one revealing: “Lots of lay-bys on the road to Banbury. Popular with couples, gay men and voyeurs. Watch for police.”