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Oh joy. Yeah right, they care about us…..

WTF! That would illegal to put under Workers comp. This is crazy town, No F**king way, it’s impossible! Lock me up and someone getting a punch in the throat. Let these assholes go first and see how they like it!  No other states don’t have these things! NAZI! Don’t download it!!! 

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Hollywood Reporter fanned the flames by using the words “deplorable types” plus the third wave

Please note the website for the movie didn’t use those words only Hollywood Reporter did.  It was a terrible way to promote the film which most likely will bomb at the box office. This was done for Free PR, shame on you NBC Universal


Think about it, do you relate to any character depicted in the trailer? I sure don’t. This situation is where Hollywood goes wrong thinking Trump Supporters are ignorant dumb hicks.  Most of those characterizations are wrong, and if they were real rednecks they would kick your ass, and you’d be running in the woods for your life.


Hollywood Reporter lumped Trump supporters in one neat stereotypical package.  They are hypocrites! I could say those democrat supporters are insane kool-aid drinkers which  I have, so I guess I’m one too.  The Antifa movement is likened to the SS of the Nazi regime.


The third wave

I’m a huge documentary watcher, and I remembered watching about the experiment done in the 1960s for the Meghan Markle trolls and the political aspects with Trump hatred is all connected. How did they do it? Simple The third wave experiment, what an incredible classroom social media is to recruit the outcasts and anti-socialists. What’s even better to do at colleges, it was so simple that it’s dangerous, and how do you turn it off? Even with the truth, they won’t quit


How did Antifa become that way?  I might have some insight into this.  Decades ago, a high school teacher from California did a social experiment to see how easy it was to turn a group towards hatred like the Nazi did the people of Germany.


For some reasons, this article won’t open an excerpt for me.


But as a simulation of the normalization of fascism — the pleasure of membership, the creeping thrill of exclusion, and the comfort of discipline and rules — the experiment was unquestionably a success. It vividly illustrated the chilling conclusion theorist Hannah Arendt came to at the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann: that most members of the SS were “neither perverted nor sadistic,” but rather, “terribly and terrifyingly normal.”

This doc was made in 2011, is this experiment what they used on the Antifa terrorist because nothing else makes sense to me?

This doc was in 2016 where he compared Trump to a fascists

This doc is 2014


Somebody should talk to Ron Jones now! Find out where he has been and what has he been teaching and to who?

Harry , Unconscious Bias, and Learned Behaviours .

Yet another one I couldn’t resist JD. These two are a gift and becoming masters at

Bullshit Baffles Brains!

This is a training video on Unconcious Bias from the Royal Society

Learned Behaviour

Social Learning Theory (Bandura)

This very controversial short film of a young Elizabeth and her mother , sister , and Uncle .

The family including the future Edward VIII seem to be making a Nazi salute .
Edward was later to meet Adolph Hitler and was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer

Prince Phillip and his “gaffes”.

Prince Charles .
Are these examples of Unconscious Bias or Learned Behaviours . Or both ?
I wouldn’t know .
Maybe we should ask Harry .
Yet again the arrogant and foolish Harry has stepped into a minefield, he obviously feels it his mission to educate the masses ( the little people ) with his vast knowledge and expertise on well , everything and save them from themselves .

A contempory View on The Emperor’s New Clothes .

A Cautionary Tale Harry .
Unlike the Emperor in the story we do see you , you are naked and should be ashamed .

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Another great time investigating links with the kitty!  I love your thought process, the title was the best.


You are a product of your environment, you are what you are taught. If we use the evidence you provided we can easily say he learned it from his family.


In the beginning, Harry’s friends would pop by to tumblr and tell me how awful Meghan was, pretentious, overbearing, attention seeker. Look at my plastic beaded bracelet Harry got me. MM is one of those people that always talk about how great they are, how educated she is while making the aristo want to vomit. One thing that stuck in my mind is she often called him a racist.

Makes perfect sense now with the drivel coming out both their mouths. It takes two to tango and there is plenty of blame to go around.  Choices were made and now they have to deal with it, however blind they both are.

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