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The messages left are pretty damning! Chris Spargo of the Daily Mail did an excellent job, but I still think Epstein is alive and well, I’m not buying the video.

I was chatting with Kitty, and you guys have to read Kitty Links!  There we talk about all the research she has found. I’m telling you will be shocked how connected everything is, the networking is profound with these players and what’s happening in current news.

Pedos, Politics, Royals, Business, this is the swamp, my friends. The only thing is this the scum on top of the swamp, not the bigger fishes that need to be caught. The Deep state is HUGE!



Time for Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓 Learning through links


Interesting viewpoints on this website regarding this subject .!

Me Mas de Poiriers is owned by Eric Varvel and his wife Shauna .

Eric is CEO of Credit Suisse investment bank and was a supporter of and possible donator ? fundraiser for Mitt Romneys Presidential campaign .


As always it’s about networks and connections even when you’re renting a holiday home . 😎😁

Thank you for the informative links, Kitty! 🌸😎🐱‍👓


Sussex’s Networking team

Hi JD, I agree that there are no backers per se, but Meghan and Harry have pr teams that do immense networking for them. The merching is extreme, and I think that is the item that will get her in trouble with the public. IMO a TON of people has been paid off to cover for her past drugs, sex, whatever. I think Harry/RF has been paying those off. No one else would want to. Now, w each payoff, the RF has more dirt on her. When the divorce comes, she won’t have much wiggle room for negotiations.
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 This anon👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼I agree with, we helped find the dirt for them. We didn’t have the yachting in time, so they are going to have to pay off more???.  They better hurry, Enty claims his sources say MM is sending pages to a friend for a tell-all book.
How can they be so foolish even to want to venture into this? Yes, the merching is going to bust all of them, and the taxpayers will say, maybe they need to start paying for their own protection.
How much privilege do people need?  I’m playing devil’s advocate; next, they will want the duchy.
This ordeal is a dangerous road to be traveling.  MM isn’t just leaking she gosh darn flood!  Sweet Baby Jesus someone has to wake up over there.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD