Anon Submits: Two Hypocrites

Meghan Markle ‘flew to Ibiza on a private jet’ with Prince Harry and their son Archie for a five-day break to celebrate her birthday in early August

What, the two environmental saviors of the planet flew private? Say it ain’t so! 😝😝😝



David Lammy told the Brexit Party leader to ‘lay off’ the Duchess, as he was joined by other critics including royal commentator Robert Jobson, who described Mr Farage’s insults as ‘the epitome of ignorance’. 

Meanwhile, another Labour MP, Stephen Doughty, accused the politician of ‘racism’, and said he had ‘shown his true colours’. 

Who’s the ignorant  MP now?  Stephen Dougherty is showing he is on board with the George Soros Narrative. Using Racism as a counter-argument in defense of criticism is null and void!


Thank you anon! God bless the UK, 🌸😎💋


I support Farage, and he was terrific at calling the EU out as the clowns they are. A fantastic speaker and I believe a real ass-kicker for Brexit!  I posted a bunch of video of Farage in action.


Anon submits Daily Mail :Nigel criticizes the BRF

Nigel Farage attacks ‘Prince of Wokeness’ Harry and Meghan Markle and ‘Charlie Boy’ for their ‘irrelevant’ environmental campaigns and brands late Queen Mother an ‘overweight, chain-smoking gin drinker’

Holy Moly! I’ve posted videos of Nigel Farage, and he is a fighter!

People are sick and tired of the bullshit elitism! The woke left rhetoric of nincompoopism, that would eat crap on a cracker if it were trending on Instagram!


I fear our youth is being poisoned by George Soros and company to fit his ideal world. The only thing is to keep the peasant docile, and the Elite goes on with hypocrisy of living super luxury lifestyles, while we eat grass in a meadow where the cows once grazed.  No farting allowed in this brave new world, you’ll have to pay a carbon tax to Elites.


I agree with Nigel. The Royal brats are irrelevant with their woke speak; he said realistic things.  We do have a right to criticize our representative!  The Queen has done a fantastic job, but when it comes to keeping her family in line, she falls short.


The Sussex brand is disgusting!!



They are making money from Instagram as influencers.  Meghan makes money from appearances, source enty. She charges designers to wear their clothes(source Enty. The foundation is shady it’s not a non-profit, it’s set up like the Clinton foundation.



Prince Charles does nothing, and oh wait, he defends them.


Wasn’t it Jobson that was spit shining Meghan bum awhile back that Prince Charles thinks she is fantastic?  Criticizing the Cambridge’s, don’t you find that odd? A couple in line for the throne gets thrown under the double-decker for these two idiots.



I once adored the Royals and Prince Harry, but not so much anymore.  Meghan has brought a dark cloud, and Harry is more than happy to help tear the meaning of mystique in exchange to become Hollywood Harry! Meghan is training her circus monkey well.


God sped Nigel, and I think you’re fantastic!


Thank you anon, 🌸😎😝💋