Did you know Meghan Markle has her own section on the Daily Mail?

Meghan Markle’s smile and the reason she always carries a clutch bag  

Meghan Markle’s former career as an actress has almost certainly helped her adapt to life in front of the cameras in the royal family.

Rachell suggested the Duchess of Sussex ‘always has a genuine smile and a twinkle in her eye.’

Oh good, Lord! 

However she also revealed that Meghan had certain tricks in order to appear more photogenic, including avoiding a ghoulish grin.

Her Smug look? 

It goes on about Kate and Queen but it’s rubbish!


President Trump gives speech and Dan Bongino talks about Baltimore

I support California, and we pray for mercy. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Dan Bongino is spot on, the people of Baltimore are lovely! I’ve been there many times. The residents don’t deserve this after Cummings received millions of dollars. Where was the money sent?  Apply pressure on the congressman this is a humanitarian issue.

It was predictable! Don’t put the horse before the cart

It was predictable! Don’t put the horse before the cart

Sending them off to Africa is one of the best options HM has. MM is too damaging to keep her around the family. What kind of lifestyle she and Harry will lead in Africa?

I suppose it will be pretty modest. MM wanted to live a celebrity lifestyle, but she gets a remove country and a totally different environment instead. She will leave Harry sooner than later for good. Harry screwed up his life,…

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The Sun article


Quite n article from Emily Andrews who we all know to be the world’s biggest MM sugar so of course, we suspect this article is written in cahoots with MM. Especially since we get embedded in the article this gem about MM having a higher IQ than the entire royal family.

But I think not – in…

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