From the voice-ofthepeople on tumblr- Two dead Bodies Found In Hotel Room


Two Dead Bodies Found In Hotel Room With Secret “Black Book” Belonging To Top Democrat

Another Hillary hit?

What is extremely suspicious is that Cornell and his wife were both involved in charity work, where their main organization was to provide support for abused and sexually exploited children from around the world. Throughout his charity work over nearly a decade, Cornell became intimately involved in Hillary’s Haiti charity, Aids Still Required, where he would work to relocate sexually abused orphans out of Haiti. It was during this time that Cornell discovered that these orphans weren’t being placed into better environments after all, but were then being sold into sexual slavery and human trafficking rings.



Sara Carter tweets- Ilhan Omar married to two guys? Is that legal?

DM ~ 70% of Anti-Meghan Trolls came from 20 accounts

Why make a big deal out of them, who does this really bother?  The Daily Mail doesn’t consider what they do trolling?  Unpleasant is hardly hating; not everyone is going to like you.

What about Camilla? Where was the palace then when people hated on her?   That’s okay for people to do that but do that to St Meg!  Holy crap!  Setup the flogging devices in Trafalgar square!

It’s horseshit and if the woman wears too much bronzer that’s racism?  For christ sakes man,  pick your friggin battles!  Do research into why people are saying what they are saying.

Aida  submitted:Ridiculous PR Article

Ridiculous PR Article

‘The Queen is amazed by Meghan’s energy and stamina’: Vanity Fair claims the Duchess has impressed the monarch by taking on a busy royal tour late in her pregnancy

  • The Duchess of Sussex, 37, is thought to be due in April but is still working 
  • The Queen, 92, is said to be ‘amazed’ by Meghan’s ‘energy and stamina’
  • Monarch might even take the rare step of writing a thank you card to Meghan

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Anonymous said:The fact that she thinks about suing the DM is just ridiculous

The fact that she thinks about suing the DM is just ridiculous. Meghan and her people knew that they would publish the letter, hence the extreme comment board manipulation that day, if you remember (closing the comment board for hours and then open it again with pro-Meghan top comments, etc.).
Clickbait BS, MM isn’t going to sue them; she needs them! 🌸😎JD 😹😹🍌

Anonymous said: It’s quite obvious that Meghan is doing her own thing

It’s quite obvious that Meghan is doing her own thing and doesn’t listen to the Royal PR teams. She’s pulling HW stunts. I’m glad that Wills is doing the right thing and separating himself and his wife from Harry and Meghan.
Again, it was all planned to go this way from the get-go.  I did say the article is full of speculation and my bet the palace will deny all of that as things are honky dory.  Which all know, feel and smell the horse shit piling up over there. 💩💩💩
I’m ready for MM to blow a gasket anytime now.  Meghan has her trolls being instructed right now from PR sources.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Wait for the backlash when the African American community finds out they were being used to fight for her.  They will never forgive her.
thank you anon 🌸😎

Anon says You Can’t force People to Love you

You can’t force people to love her. Making it look like MeAgain is popular by removing comments won’t work. In fact, people who already hate her will hate her even more now. MeAgain must really live in her own bubble that she can’t see that.
Well, I blame that on her parents they should have taught her that, and if they did, she forgot after she scammed her way onto Suites and met Markus Anderson and the cesspool at Soho.
Thank you anon,  🌸😎JD

Omid Scobie reports on Embargoed engagement ~ Good Eye Tumblrs

Tell me again how she is being kicked out?  Meghan Markle is staying for a while

You have to accept this fact, and you don’t have to like it

We will continue to keep an eye on the happenings

Fair warning, the longer you make fun of her and call her names the more Harry cleaves to her, FACT!!
If you cut it out and report on the royals as they should be, Meghan Markle has nothing to complain. Stop calling her IT!
I love you guys but please see the psychology in what I just said, please

Anon: Ariana Grande and HM

IS that true Ariana Grande had turned down a damehood by the Queen? I Just don’t believe this story btw that it’s even the truth. To me, it Sounds like she’s screaming for attention. Not being rude just wondering.
You are right to ask, and you don’t jump to Dame that easily. I say this story is thirsty 🍸🍷 . it’s from the Sun🤣 Thank you anon 🌸😎JD