Which MM Fan is going to tell me she hasn’t had a nose job

markle of yesteryear

Eyelift too! 🙄🙀


I’m gonna say just a nose job. I thought it was interesting to see her interviews that she was bullied for being half black, but in her pictures before she became an actress she doesn’t even look mix she looks Latino especially in her high school photo. The couple of weeks or how ever long they are together more things will come out about her and a lot won’t be in good lighting.

I don’t see  her being bullied either, I went to a pretty much all white school and had about 20 african americans, not one person ever pick on them, we were all friends, she is a good looking girl. The only way is if you steal somebodies boyfriend, doesn’t matter who you are than. I didn’t invited cause I wasn’t jewish and rich like all my community, it effected me than but it doesn’t define as a person