NSW anon ~ Pale Male Stale narrative deeply offensive

Hi Jersey and Vintage ( and Felix if ur keeping up.) I find this Pale Male Stale narrative deeply offensive, as is the constant rhetoric vilifying one half of the population for just being born men. It is an insult to everyone who has worked hard at school and university to dedicate their lives to give people that glorious gift – education. MM is really biting the hand that feeds her, insanely sponging off the taxpayers including white men, both in the UK and the so-called colonies. Besides, if you …

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nsw anon, thanks

Wow, Jersey and Vin, Thanks for downloading these awesome songs so quickly. Even though we are from all parts pf the world we come together through music. I am home with the flu today so what a great way to spend the afternoon, sharing happy music memories with my friends across the ocean. I still have some of these albums and view them as really old friends. I hope others enjoy as well. I’m not so techno so will have to learn to download things for the blog.   We …

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