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Hi Jersey and Vintage,

After the spending frenzy of NYC with the fakest celeb friends ever, we now have had the most pointless tour ever. What was the reason again? It seems the highlight was meeting a 16 yr old boy – very impressive.

The weirdest pregnancy ever continued with the bump taking on all sorts of weird shapes and hanging down like 2 saggy lumps from the Dior dress. One thing I have noticed is that the belly button ends up in all sorts of strange places all over her abdomen, down low, on the side etc. Sure proof of a prosthetic bump and cannot be explained away in any way.

Harry and MM now have a new PDA affectation displayed throughout the trip – holding hands with the clutch purse in the middle. They have displayed all sorts of siily behaviour in their desperate attempt to be always clutching each other on public royal duty, but this is the silliest yet.

People are questioning about Harry with his hand outstretched to the man in the red jacket, I wouldnt make too much of a big deal. Harry is always pointing his hand or poking his finger in people faces, invading the space of others everywhere he goes. The worst thing I saw was when he rudely and violently waved his hands right up to the elderly womans face in Dubbo, while his
pig ignorant wife roared with laughter. As an Australian I was enraged and disgusted at the rudeness and mad aggression. Remember him yelling at Trudeau at Toronto IG. He is a buffoon with a limited sense of appropriate behaviour and low levels of personal control.

Given Harrys very lengthy history of bad behaviour, I wouldnt count on him feeling the strain of his wifes behaviour. I bet they go home and laugh at everyone they encounter, they are so full of themselves. They probably also laugh at how much money they get to spend, how many lies they tell the public, and how much they embarrass the BRH every time they step out. How else would MM get away with the bump antics and baby shower gate if Harry wasnt in full agreement.

Sorry I sound a bit bitter. However this couple and their new found celeb friends are having a laugh at the poor taxpayers and they are getting away with it always.

NSW! Hello dear!

I completely understand your frustration. What’s weird is ijust saw a post about will and kate, and there were things i never knew about them, especially william. he is definitely not a saint but he is the most educated, and he’s just acting like an heir. i read thru that and wondered what the hell happened to Harry? He had just as much education and everything at his disposal and he just made a very wrong turn lately. It annoyed me so much, i look at will and kate, and i can support them but i can’t get behind harry and that girl. it’s just wrong.
He brought this to the family, so he should take care of it, and fix himself in the process.



NSW anon ~ Pale Male Stale narrative deeply offensive

Hi Jersey and Vintage ( and Felix if ur keeping up.)

I find this Pale Male Stale narrative deeply offensive, as is the constant rhetoric vilifying one half of the population for just being born men. It is an insult to everyone who has worked hard at school and university to dedicate their lives to give people that glorious gift – education.

MM is really biting the hand that feeds her, insanely sponging off the taxpayers including white men, both in the UK and the so-called colonies. Besides, if you searched the world for the image of pale male stale, Harry would be it, especially since hooking up with Ms. Word Salad.

MM can help women, she can do so without running down men. She could also look to Camilla for a wonderful example, with her quiet work supporting DV and rape victims, It is very easy to focus on an issue without vilifying the entire male white population.

Besides, while ever people categorise others based on race or gender, there will never be freedom from discrimination.

I wonder what Pale Male Stale David Starkey has to say about elegant Meghan now.

What I find intriguing is that Toronto Paper seems to have been aware ahead of the latest development. Who is he/she?

Further, the KP communication developments are interesting. Was this planned a while ago and that is why Christian Jones blatantly aligned himself with MM? If I were the BRF, I would clarify expectations about Christians role so the interests of the BRF prevail and he does not undermine the Cambridge’s.

Also if I were BRF, I would give Harry an ultimatum. Either MM drops her private PR and follows advice or they are both out of the Family business. After all, that is what happens to uncontrollable employees in other Businesses.

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I can tell you TP was allegedly my troll that is running scared over lawsuits, so I did hit the nerve. She is taking what skippy and I have said and re-writing it.  They all went running towards twitter to do their dirty work and stir their stans into a tizzy and outright lie to them.

Yes, I’m offended as well with Pale Male Stale, I can’t believe they let her go off like that! What a backstabber! What Meghan Markle said was racist and sexist!  We do need to stick to these kinds of aggression and screw her belly size.  Arguing about this kind of information will get the right attention.

There has been infiltration of the Tweeters, and they popped out of nowhere. There is still a duel narrative going to make people fight over her.

MM, JM made one fatal mistake we are Strong, our resolve is untouchable, we all believe there should still be a monarchy.  We can see along with others they are trying to crack the foundation of the 1,200-year-old institution.  Let’s start breaking theirs!

We are going to need some inside help to help gentle guide us in the right direction. We had it before, and we need it more than ever.

Thank You, NSW, 🌸😎

nsw anon, thanks

Wow, Jersey and Vin,

Thanks for downloading these awesome songs so quickly. Even though we are from all parts pf the world we come together through music. I am home with the flu today so what a great way to spend the afternoon, sharing happy music memories with my friends across the ocean. I still have some of these albums and view them as really old friends. I hope others enjoy as well.

I’m not so techno so will have to learn to download things for the blog.


We had such a nice time posting those. When things get crazy we should stop and listen.

Thank you, NSW