Anon said: Why the numbers (code)

Anon said: Why the numbers (code)

The reason they’re writing in code (encrypted messages) is the same reason Jesus spoke in parables if you think about it. To confuse the enemy. Trump is sending messages that is exposing the deep state. The deep state if you didn’t know it is also the cabal, elitist, globalist, Illuminati, C_A, and blackhats. But the messages have to be decoded to understand what he’s really saying. Why won’t he…

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Anonymous said:There is an interesting question doing the rounds

Anonymous said:There is an interesting question doing the rounds

Anonymous said:
There is an interesting question doing the rounds. That as she does not yet have citizenship, she is not yet legally a Duchess and should be addressed as MM until she is.
That is not true; HM did give them her seal, the privy council approved, Parliament didn’t stop it.  Unless she is blackmailing all those people, it’s legit for now. What HM giveth, she can taketh away.
BRF is…

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Can’t cover the Sun with One Finger ~ Anon

Can’t cover the Sun with One Finger ~ Anon

Can’t cover the sun with one finger

by anon

I rarely comment if ever but I got tired of hearing “suits was the number one show in America,” so I decided to research and told the person making those comments that it was not true.  They replied with insults and how dare I say that and how ignorant I was, how I should research before saying anything.

Oh, the irony!. Well, I decided to bring…

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AnonTime ! Prince Harry and MM PR stunt gone wrong

AnonTime ! Prince Harry and MM PR stunt gone wrong

Anonymous said:
It’s a pr stunt. She’ll drag a fake belly around for a few months have a fake miscarriage then divorce and blame the divorce on the miss. It is wild thought that the tarot readers picked this up and also say there won’t be a baby. They even got the timing right. Harry really screwed up. I am telling you it takes a miracle for a 37 yr old to get pregnant with a partner who has a…

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Meghan Markle is not trending according to Google

Checked the sparkly one’s interest levels as measured by searches.  She is at the exact same level.  All this pr and she is going nowhere.  The country where the most searches are done for her is Trinidad.  UK is the 5th US is 9th.  She is not selling.  The volume of her pr fools you – her pr pumps it out there, but she still cannot generate public interest.  Waste of money.  Her trend lines are not moving.  HM beats her easily, and Will and Kate easily beat her.  And keep in mind Kate is not doing engagements.  Amazing – all that money yet she cannot generate public interest.  She is a losing cause.  

MM should save her money she going to need it for her after Harry life. 

Thank you for letting us know. Not that I don’t take your word for it but I decided to bring back screenshots and MM is flatlining. More people are interested in Kate wedding. Ouch! 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺