We Interrupt Our Regular Scheduled Programming Of Doing Nothing…

We Interrupt Our Regular Scheduled Programming Of Doing Nothing…

To bring you this.


I bet you they will wipe this right off the net. But before they do screenshot and share it… lmao





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Re: It’s Ridiculously Obvious

Re: It’s Ridiculously Obvious


YES! That is the bigger question – why is she covering it up in the first place? It’s like the old political adage that the coverup is worse than the crime. Really, so what if they use a surrogate? Yes, I understand that Harry’s heirs must be ‘of the body,’ but other than the inherited titles issue, there is no shame in having to use a surrogate. If they had thought this through, they…

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No One Jogs After Surgery!!!

Also, there is no way in hell she was jogging over the summer at Soho house. There were sugary articles about her jogging around the Cotswolds. Not on post-bunion surgery feet she wasn’t. See how her lies unfold? Nothing she says is honest.
I haven’t heard of that one, lmao Quite a few famous people live out there so i am 100% positive SOMEONE would have saw her. So yes, you are right. Smoke and Mirrors…
No one should be running on any kind of surgery.