Netflix” The Family ” America . Secret Theocracy or Democracy ?

These are just two articles of many on the internet about the” Family “a documentary currently running on Netflix . The article charts and explains the rise to power of the charismatic leader of the Family, Doug Coe.
Coe is described as the most powerful and influential man in the world you never knew.
Coe and his often described (Christian Patriarchal Fundamentalist ) cult have influenced and continue to influence (Doug Coe died in 2017 ) the most powerful (mostly ) men and women in the world.
The Coe NWO is based on the Kingdom of Heaven here on this Earth, when correctly translated means the Government of God, which after reading about Coe and his cult means Government of God according to Doug Coe.

A transcript of a lecture on the nature and influence of cults.

This article contains the video A Consiracy of Silence .
The article also contains indirect connections to Epstein . Note Coe’s reaction to the question of child rape .

Prayer, Politics and Power: ‘The Family’ Reveals Our Insidious American Theocracy


As an independent, leaning right, I don’t like this one bit!

Pope Francis Met With the Head of the Family – the Secretive, Powerful Politicians Based in a Wash. DC Townhouse

Interesting article with many of Doug Coe’s connections listed.

Excellent article.
One of the ideologies in the Family is that leaders are the “chosen ones ” doing Gods work.
Including Military leaders! Holy War? Is this where Obama, Blair, and Bono acquired their alleged Messiah Complex?

Sanctimonious prick that works as a buffer between the people & the international banks/politicians & suffers from ‘the messianic complex’.
Bono has huge amounts of wealth & could save a 3rd world village a day, but he doesn’t really care, he wants you to pay!
by hypocritehate August 05, 2008

How could I not post this!


Bono . Messiah .


Graydon Carter was fired after the Meghan Markle article slammed into the universe when she was supposed to get her poop together and move on. This is very funny, what a Narcissist.

Obama as Messiah . Use of Religious Rhetoric and NLP.
Was this from the influence of the Family , (Fellowship)?

Oprah Promoting her “Messiah “


Tony Blair: the Messiah and the Monster

Tony Blair.

Oh wow, and look how that turned out for him? Now, people do want to crucify him and not in a good way.


Part One

Part Two
Excellent Article. Absolutely a must Read.

Lots to read JD. Some of it is uncomfortable. However, we must not be afraid to look into the abyss.
Kitty ❤❤
Great holiday, thank you! ❤


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Thank you, Kitty! Another great post! Remember folks no one group should over influence any elected official! We, the people, elect people on their original ideas.

We are the melting pot, and all religions are welcomed and respected until they cross the gray line, like the twits above.

Any group that is out to blur the lines to our full potential in the pursuit of happiness must be ignored and criticized.  I don’t care what country you live in, don’t fall for it.

There is no human form of the messiah, just megalomaniacs!

Sorry, this is late, life got in the way.


The Stans think Harry and Meghan made a major mistake

Many on Social Media have complained about the picture of Little Archie on Instagram and shown here.  Bloggers have called the image fake and photoshopped, and when I ran it through Forensics, it only showed the Instagram filter, which you find large blocks in the picture.  That’s how Instagram works.

We all know the Sussex insatiable appetite for attention; I agree with Kitty anon; it was done to provoke mystery. It’s one of the rules for PR, and you give a taste and retreat.  Keeps the numbers up so MM and H can build their brand. 🙄

Embed from Getty Images

LONDON COLNEY, ENGLAND – JUNE 17: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex makes a speech as he attends the Chatham House Africa Programme event on “Mine, Clearance, Conservation and Economic Development in Angola” at Chatham House on June 17, 2019 in London Colney, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Like the article I posted, many grammatical errors have been found, we all suspect Meghan is controlling the IG account which she is going to stick with the American form of English.

I received a nasty anon last night accusing me of switching sides and being paid off and get this, what do they have on you? Oh please, get a life Anon!  I occasionally give advice to MM that does not make me a Benedict Arnold.

I started as a Harry blogger because I love the Vets! They surround me, and I appreciate the service they did for our country. I support Walking with Wounded on an ongoing basis here in my community.

You do many things for the sake of a baby, will she take my advice and dump the dummies that think they know better than the palace? Probably not.

If you do read the content of my post, you would know that I take the birth of a baby seriously no matter how idiotic the parents can be. These two have bypassed the press once again leaving them vulnerable to negative articles.

As I’ve said numerous times, Meghan is a difficult client to control when she has dingbats for friend leaking information to the press.  Meghan has shot herself in the foot so many times for not being totally honest; it’s amazing that she has anything left to shoot.

On the one hand, Harry wants the normal life for Archie, but he is married to a fame ho. That’s oil and water, my friends. You can emulsify it, but in the end, it still separates.

Have a great day! 🌸😎💖

Anon submits: GolfGalSue~ Jeffrey Epstein Scandal of secrecy

Epstein, whose enormous and unexplained wealth attracted a circle of friends that included Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, actor Kevin Spacey and Britain’s Prince Andrew, travels from mansion to mansion while poor men accused of lesser crimes rot in prison.

It’s worth the read! and this author is interested in this case

tumblr Anonymous said: Meg looks like 💩 today. I can’t believe H&M were in the carriage with Cam and Kate

Meg looks like 💩 today. I can’t believe H&M were in the carriage with Cam and Kate. I think that was a last minute change as Cam looked pissed and Kate was distant from Meg. Harry didn’t look too thrilled either. I cannot decide if he is done and she is pushing this stuff (this is what I assume) or he is still pushing her on his family.
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Good shot of the filler mark, but as you see they are smiling, maybe not thrilled but it’s either a message of solidarity or maybe they didn’t have enough carriages available these things are antiques.

What was nice to see is the HM the Queen that was in an enclosed carriage, that was cool! It’s something I’ve haven’t seen before.  we should celebrate that.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Why does MM take precedent when this honorable lady should always take front and center?  It’s Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday celebration. I bet she is getting a biscuit cake! I would love one right about now!  That’s a grand idea!

Thank you anon for the ask! 🌸😎



tumblr Anonymous said: Looking at the picture of her face, she spent the last weeks in recovery

Looking at the picture of her face, she spent the last weeks in recovery of some beauty surgery. Lips, under the nose on her rights side is a cut line, cloth to the ear and next to her eyes.
Embed from Getty Images

Meghan does have some redness around her throat, which could be threading but it could be anything. I suggest enlarging and running through forensics, that might show if any works been down. Please note that Enty did say she was promised 500k in plastic surgery.

Thank you anon for your ask, 🌸😎

tumblr Anonymous said: Regarding Meghan’s Mirror

Regarding Meghan’s Mirror – it’s also funny how they sometimes know BEFORE the event what Meghan will wear. They have photos of her outfit etc. sometimes before she even arrives at the event.
Embed from Getty Images

That’s so obvious by yesterday paid for article the Daily Mail ran yesterday.  Meghan continues her reign of PR terror on the good people of the world.

Please, who wants to look at that same type outfit but slightly different, that’s why I prefer this young lady!

Embed from Getty Images

Tada! Duchess of Cambridge with the new family Rock star! Prince Louis!

Thank you anon for your opinion! 🌸😎

tumblr Anonymous said: I get really fed up with Meghan’s awful colour sense

I get really fed up with Meghan’s awful colour sense. She may think that those dark, drab colours are smart and sophisticated but actually, they look dull and drab and inappropriate for a Birthday Parade in late Spring weather. They don’t suit her, make her skin look muddy, and age her.
Embed from Getty Images

tumblr anon said: I’m not clicking on any more MM articles

I’m not clicking on any more MM articles. Her fans are bullies, constantly attack people who don’t worship her and criticize her (rightfully so). It still annoys me that PH brought her into the BRF. She will stay for a long time before she moves on – Harry won’t be her last goal. She will do sth political or something else in the US one day after the divorce. The BRF has become a huge Hollywood joke, thanks to MM and PH. I used to love to follow the RF but not anymore. These two ruined it for me.
Embed from Getty Images

Thank you for your opinion,  That’s right, and I’ve been saying and not posting about Meghan for those reasons.  We made her happen! People didn’t want to believe me and chose to believe the LARP! Stop viewing the fairytales, and things have changed, Meghan makes the royals look good, why would they get rid of her and besides it’s entirely up to Meghan! 🌸😎

Mueller~ Newsweek

1,000 federal prosecutors who served under both republican and democratic administrations have analyzed the Mueller report and said it is clear Trump engaged in obstruction of Justice.

there is no need to be triumphant about Trump he is as bad as any of them. Corruption runs deep. None of these clowns have the well being of the working and middle class in their minds.


Thanks for your opinion, but he didn’t obstruct and allowed everyone to testify.  Yes, corruption runs deep with Hillary R Clinton and Obama figuring a way to spy on American citizens via the UK. The Steele Dossier aka the insurance policy is fiction.  If that’s fake then everything else is, many legal experts have weighed in on this and there isn’t enough evidence legally to charge Trump but there is evidence to charge others in the democrat party.

Like AG Barr said the Mueller report “isn’t jiving” Let’s wait to run the president over after the investigation is over with misconduct into the witch hunt of the century!

I don’t trust any Main Stream Media, it’s said that many reporters were being paid off.  Washington Post claimed Fox News are the ones that got it right! NYT is telling it’s reporters not to go on to CNN and MSNBC.

Personally, the first time we got back money from a tax return, fuel is affordable and I can go to the grocery store (Publix) instead of Save a lot which their meat comes from Mexico, our friends are owner-operators truckers.

Wait until I post about the President Trumps prescription drug plan, it’s impressive.

Thank you anon! 🌸😎