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Open message to “Skippy”



By the way sweetheart, I know the drill. I ran a campaign in the past. Yup, you suppress the views you do not want to hear and pal around with the people who echo you. In this case I actually want your success. However, TRUTH should be at the forefront. Why was I such a threat that you muted me? I am actually a good person. I am a Navy veteran, I worked and retired from the Federal Aviation Administration. I am a mother, I danced and taught ballet. I loved Diana, and I care about her sons. You KNOW there are things that influence what is happening. I challenge you that you could have spoken to me. But no… you are so “big” here. This is your land and heaven forbid anyone else has an idea about Harry. I am not going to go away. And I am unhappy with being marginalized. And I have a voice. 

Reblog. Because I can. Because I am a human and I have my own thoughts and beliefs. Because everyone can search, research, and come to their own conclusion. Am I spent of this yet? Nope. But it is fun letting go. Whooohooo and I feel good.

Everyone can use their voice, and you have the right to yours. I support you for being brave enough to stand up to Skippy.  No one has to belive her rubbish; clearly, Harry and Meghan are together, being dicks together. To keep saying soon, wait and see that never happens. This relationship will end someday, but it will be after Meg has achieved her goal of standing alone.

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Anon said: it was obvious MM was never interested in the Royal Life

Anon said: it was obvious MM was never interested in the Royal Life

JD, its your blog and you can discuss and post on it whatever you want to. However the commie-globalist agenda …? I think its waaaaay too much.

It was obvious from the beginning that MM was never interested in the royal life. She didn’t even bother to pretend she would’ve followed the protocol at some point. Harry was an easy target and got played by those who possible promised he and MM fame and…

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Anon said: it absolutely astounds me

Anon said: it absolutely astounds me

Anonymous said:
It absolutely astounds me that some tumblrs keep spewing crap about Meg which I even find offensive, but they are not being touched for some reason, and you who have expressed your personal opinion in a non-threatening way is. I read some of the stuff on a well known blog and I just shake my head at the vitriol. Yes, I do not like Meg. I find her fake as do many thousands. But,…

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CNN reports Meghan -Kate Royal rivalry prompts campaign over online abuse

CNN reports Meghan -Kate Royal rivalry prompts campaign over online abuse

It all depends on how you look at it, and most people have eyes and they yelling they see the man behind the curtain!  It’s more then the heels are too high for an alleged pregnant woman.

MM is big, and she should be waddling to spread the weight…

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It’s quite the challenge to understand this

It’s quite the challenge to understand this

Anonymous said:
This is probably a stupid question, but the RF have to know all of these stories and leaks are all Meghan right? I don’t ever recall this volume of stories about members of the RF before. Not only is she bombarding with stories about herself, ridiculously sycophantic ones at that, but nasty ones about all the others. I can’t understand why they continue to allow this. Surely there…

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