has been so far up Meghan Markle’s rear end that ….well you know. I said this before – amazing a miracle Lainey found this post right before it was deleted. ANd wow how coincidental a member of the Soho House elite was the tweeter. Meghan is well into a smear campaign now. Trying to distract from her failed marriage, her butt licking in a sex tape and the imaginary baby bump by bringing down Kate and Will. Maybe she is hoping for a payoff so she makes herself as dangerous as possible to force them to pay her off? Radar Online had an article in the autumn saying she would try to force them to pay her off by embarrassing them. Well she sure has embarrassed them. But made herself into a joke at the same time. ANd Lainey has thoroughly discredited herself too by playing Megsy’s game with her.

Maybe she likes tossed salad too. I mean… i’m just saying. LMAO