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I stumbled upon Anne Boleyn post believes critics are middle-aged u.s. White women who believe in Disney princesses, feel connected w Diana’s fairytale, so they bash, troll mm. For a feminist, she is the epitome of the Cinderella complex.
MM fear of independence, desire to be taken care of by others, pale males as evident in the past. MM financial dependency of pale males uses them emotionally seems to be mo. One twisted, ignorant person claims white women trolls while lies, deceit are MM tools.
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I agree with this analogy of MM; I still can’t believe she gets away with this.  It’s not always the press taking liberties; it’s MM controlling the narrative.  She is a desperate bore in need of constant attention.
Let me remind everyone that a tipster claimed that Markle would announce her pregnancy at or around Eugenie wedding and this has happened. I was advised in August that she would be pulling a fake pregnancy and what did I think about this?
MM and Harry went to Soho House Amsterdam to party for three days, confirmed and documented. Meghan later said directly to the Hubb ladies that she wanted to tell them she was pregnant the last time she saw them on September 20th was it? The next day she flew out to Amsterdam.
MM doesn’t know when she is due, has not seen Royal Doctors, what else are we to think with rising and disappearing bumps on the Australian tour and now??
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PC’s Party ~ DM Richard Kay Reporting

Richard Kay is reporting in the DM Harry, and Megsy left PC’s birthday party early before the dancing began. Shades of the garden party! Now, why would they leave early? It is his father’s one and only 70th birthday and a gala celebration. And don’t claim it is because she was “tired” she had no problems doing a 16-day tour with multiple engagements every day and never once looked tired. I have my own ideas as to why she left early, but I will let others decide for themselves.


We should talk privately and laugh; it wasn’t their kind of party. MM wasn’t the center of attention.


I rather liked this article for a change, and if you caught that Prince Philip left early followed by PH &M, PP has an excuse, what’s there’s ?


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Rebecca English ~ HM and the King of Norway

Express- Prince Harry Escorted his Wife to Amsterdam for the owners Birthday Party

Amsterdam has recently come under fire for being taken over by stag does and hen-dos.

The city has cracked down on a number of tourist behaviours in a bid to restore it’s reputation.

Some of the strict measures include closing down streets to clear up tourists vomit.

New laws could also result in large fines for tourists caught drinking in public or being loud in public.

Chief executive of Amsterdam Marketing, Frans van der Avert, told Dutch News: “Everybody is free to choose, but if you choose to be a public nuisance, you have to pay for it.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle: The pair had an awkward run in at Amsterdam

Prince Harry Meghan Markle: The pair had an awkward run in at Amsterdam (Image: Getty)


The Sun~ HM throws a Birthday celebration for Prince Charles

Prince Charles does deserve a nice Birthday party, happy birthday sir! ✨

The birthday will be paid for using the Queen’s private funds and the Prince of Wales’ personal aide, Michael Fawcett, is said to be overseeing proceedings.

Prince Charles, 69, was born at Buckingham Palace on November 14, 1948.

He was the first-born child of Princess Elizabeth who became Queen just over three years later in February 1952.

He is the longest serving Prince of Wales after beating the record of Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII, who was Prince of Wales for 58 years before he took the throne.