Good Morning Patriots! Trump Rally was amazing!

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With 50,000 in attendance inside and over 50,000 outside to hear the message from our duly elected President Trump! He certainly knows how to throw a party!

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God bless our president for fighting for We, the people, putting America first.

No matter what your background, color, or gender, he is fighting for you every day — Record unemployment lows, energy independence, helping the black community with real prison reform.

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Patriots are in control, and the pain will be inflicted on those who betrayed our country for their own benefit. I fight for victims of pedophiles, and our president is exposing those disgusting human rights violators.

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Join the cause and wake up!  Dark to light!  Take your country back! 🐸🐸


Good Morning My friends! It’s going to be a Q kind of day

It’s absolutely lovely here in Florida today! The palms trees are gently swaying in the wind. The sky is the bluest I’ve seen in a while with billowy white marshmallow clouds.


As I sit on my lanai with my cuppa and my furry kids, it touches my heart with joy that God has provided for us. Our vision for living a simple life is coming to fruition.  With a roof over our heads and food on the table, dreams of flowers dance through my head.  How and where am I going to plant such joyful colors for all to enjoy?


Although the remodel isn’t completed, I realize that life can be chaotic and stressful, but let it go and stick to God’s plan. Let the stress run off your shoulders, tell your husband or wife how much you love them. There is nothing wrong with forgiveness, as Jesus Christ asked God to forgive all of us.


It’s important not to lose your faith in these volatile news cycles that I see happening all over the world. The Patriots are fighting hard without forgetting to thank God, who gives them strength against the evil forces trying to break your will and God-given freedoms.


God bless Qanon, Joe M, channel 8 and all the patriots, I pray every day for these folks that we will be victorious! Are you awake? A great awakening is happening all over the world.  God bless America and President Trump!

Delusional Hillary says she can beat Trump again? HUH

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Batshit Crazy, but I told you she was going for another run at the Presidency.  Her president is dangerous to future elections.

When viewing Hillary’s tweets over the past six months, I can tell she was directing the shit show! It became evident that this hate monger was going to run.


IMO, Hillary is the one promoting the wacky female empowerment, emasculating men, unconscious bias, communist left-wing bull crap. Her narcism knows no bounds. The former SCOTUS is an inferior loser who can’t cope with defeat after she spent fortunes on an election rigged for her to win.

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We must stop the deep state and weed out all the traitors that swore to protect the country, both foreign and domestic.  I’m not talking about the ones that put their lives on the line as my cousin does in FBI, but the top scum that is tossing Hillary’s salad for what? Money?  You are a traitor!


I’m not sorry as a registered democrat and constitutionalist, my countries laws come first, and I won’t let you rip it up so your delusional dreams can come true! No Way! There are millions of Patriots standing in your way that blog and tweet for free or get a donation or two. We are priceless!  Your Sunshine Sachs PR will not win!  That’s right Patriots, and SS is the same PR for Meghan Markle. Connections.


JD 🌸😎🥰

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The military is now on alert

Joe Biden is expecting to drop out

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Biden Family was paid off

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Impeachment inquiry is fake

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Letters and subpoenas are different; this is not impeachment inquiry. No one has to answer the letter.

Some Democrats are being pressured, blacked mailed to support impeachment by Tom Styer

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Hey Bobby!  getting sued for the same stuff you bark about


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