The Daily Mail ~ I forgive you~ Editorial

Many have been with me from the start as commenters on the Daily Mail to give opinions, and we loved the platform, How could I ever stay mad at them?  I’m not one to hold grudges forever, yeah sure, I could stay mad at Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace for Doxing me, what I was very hurt about, I gave information, and they chose to exclude it. 

What is happening now, the same information on this blog is now appearing all over the place. How about a little credit for running down leads, simple thank you would be good.

The British Royal Family belongs to ever one, occasionally there will be scrutiny through snark, sarcasm, and parody, that’s a fact, and they are aware of this.  Like any family, you may be upset with the things one of them do, doesn’t mean you fall out of like with them.


This recent rounds of ass kicking by the press is a wake-up call because the expenditures just came out.  The Press will do it every time one comes out, but Meghan is on the front because she doesn’t appreciate being a Royal and following the rules. Some may think Go Meghan! That’s certainly not how it works.

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Royalty = Loyalty, and if you can’t do that, you’re toast! Avocados not included🥑

Thanks for reading, 🌸😎JD




How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

Let me show who wrote this.  I’m going to be doing an info dump this week, and Peter Sheridan pay attention


Cruel Meghan Markle trolls blast Royal Family as ‘stupid’ and ‘arrogant’ after they threaten to report abusive comments to cops

Internet users – many from America – claimed the Royal Family had no right to threaten them for voicing their “disgust” at royals such as Meghan Markle

You can take this a few ways, get angry about it or look at as something the press isn’t allowed to say.  I do play devil’s advocate and will continue to do so.  People do need to think and feel with their heart before posting.
This is an incredible situation built to evoke emotion and its worked beautifully with the help of the most potent PR money can buy.  They have gaslighted the hell out us again to evoke an emotional response.
By the way, @Peter Sheridan, Googie, and Barb are from Aus, and there are many from all over the world. There are other authors besides me posting which you got later after you submitted damning information and intentionally removing the source, that one I’m still mad about. If you wanted to work with me instead of against me, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would need to negotiate some guidelines.
I need a new cell. I can’t hear a bloody thing, I can’t afford now, renovation is a bitch.

Peter Sheridan Calling Out Fake News 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣as if!

Thank you twitter @AnotherRunner200 for alerting me to Peter fine handi journalistic adventures. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the Daily Mail a tabloid? Aren’t they banned as a news source on Wiki?

Please, don’t get me wrong, I like the Daily Mail Femail writers, except for Charlotte Wace of course.  Thanks for running down the leads I sent you and calling your readers that pay your salary Trolls!


Do as I say,  not as I do!

Boing Boing is a website, first established as a zine in 1988, later becoming a group blog. Common topics and themes include technologyfuturismscience fictiongadgetsintellectual propertyDisney, and left-wing politics. It twice won the Bloggies for Weblog of the Year, in 2004 and 2005. The editors are Mark FrauenfelderCory DoctorowDavid PescovitzXeni Jardin and Rob Beschizza,[2] and the publisher is Jason Weisberger.

Boing Boing has been described as an “outspoken critic of censorship elsewhere”,[35] and operates a high speed, high quality Tor exit node,[36] yet it has been accused of practicing forms of censorship itself.[improper synthesis?] For example, the act of “disemvoweling” was popularized by the site—literally stripping out the vowels of any comment a moderator had taken exception to.[37][38

I’m still waiting for you to apologize to me!  People with opinions are using their right to freedom of speech, they are allowed these liberties you know.


Anonymous said: I’ve just read what you wrote…

I’ve just read what you wrote… how ironic is it that Meghan’s fans call people who don’t like Meghan ‘racist’ but then attack white people. Racism goes both ways.
Thank you anon, it does work both ways and shouldn’t be done at all. The reporters deal with this daily. They made a target board of them! I was singled out for chatting with you.
Make sure to tell Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace that.  Let’s tag them.

Don’t even click it on it’s Crisis Management PR

I am irritated that DM isn’t allowing comments on the Meg’s Letter article. Dammit, I had my popcorn ready and everything.
Not worth it, it’s full of holes that’s why it’s not accepting comments.  A reminder that Carolyn Graham also co-authored with Peter Sheridan on a number of articles on the Markle’s!  She also did Tom Markle’s interview in Mexico! My God man how do they sleep at night?
These are the same people that came after me, tsk tsk!  I do hope that money keeps them warm at night.
Thank you anon 🌸😎

Do you know what really irks me? ~ Peter for you

We all decided we didn’t want to post anything about Markle anymore! I don’t want to be tagged on Twitter, but I respect those that do.  I may not agree with tactics, but I believe they are expressive themselves as their God-given right.

I told Peter my cell is going off day and night, I have turned it off or the battery goes dead.  They lied, I’m not up 24/7 and this a worldwide thing, not just Americans.

Free speech, can be and will be offensive, not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. You have free will to either look at it or scroll away from it.

I complained to twitter about the threats against me on Camilla Tominey posts, and you know what they said, block them.

Why give me the spotlight?  Don’t they know that ignited a raging forest fire?  When you take a 💩💩💩on free speech, there is going to be the backlash, more like whiplash.

Peter, I know you’re reading the blog, you betrayed my trust as a source. I gave you information and your intentions were malicious.  You could have talked to me like a human and instead ran with what you were going to do anyway.   You could have told me not to worry, and you told Vintage you’re not in trouble.  It kills me, why did you do this and who told you to do this to us?

I took a chance and blew it.  You will have to pay for my research from now on, no money, no honey.

WOW Disgusting What DM is doing

I am so sorry you are dealing with this! It is absolutely DISGUSTING that the DM did this to you both. It seems like the walls of truth are closing in on her and they’re desperate. How many MSM sources ran the fake bump story the last few weeks? It all goes back to Soho House & a few other assumptions I have as reality is usually crazier than fiction. Cheering for your return!


Thank you anon, we will continue for the right of freedom of speech. We see it we report on it. 🌸😎JD

Daily Mail remove that article , Peter Sheridan shame

I have links and the blind items on this blog, that is what I told to Sheridan, they left those out and he purposefully put my family in harm’s way.

You can email them and demand they remove the article