They just had a glowing article in the daily mail (Charlotte Wace) on how things have turned around for the! FFS, they are so dim. Also, please read the article I’ve just mentioned, Wace talks about Meg using her public role to promote her friends private businesses. But she just throws it in the article as a by-the-way and I’m going, huh???? As far as I know the press haven’t actually called Meg out on this so why is Wace writing like it’s something already discussed and dismissed? 🤯


This one?

This was my favorite part:


Charlotte Wace is friendly to MeGain. I forget the connection and my Doxer. Wace has intruded on many of Brit’s privacy in articles before doing the Royal beat. 

Not much thought to ride the new wave of popularity, What Harry’s pathetic tears? Grow up your brother is okay, get over it!


Happy Monday, my friends 😀💋

Let’s do the Royal run down! We will see what’s out there for Meghan Markle antics and from what I see everywhere is anger. Please, don’t fall into that trap, because it doesn’t really matter in your personal life.

Vin and I texted one another last night for hours and we don’t like posting Meghan Markle but we realize you want us to talk about her.  Don’t expect hatred we won’t do it.

Prince Harry made his decision and its time to act Royal.

We have learned that MM friends may be behind the onslaught of PR crimes against the public. The girl is her own worst enemy, her friend Izzy May, and Markus Anderson is the ones that need ghosting and mind their own business. Hollywood and Royals aren’t even closely related.

We listened, and we will be posting all royals from now on with politics and music. We do want to hear from you, so please do send us links and give your opinion, this site promotes freedom of speech and expression.

Handsome devil! Happy Birthday, Sir! 🎂💖💖💋

More to come!!


MM still looks the same without the hideous cape

actually, if you look at her on the balcony when she shed the bulky shapeless coat she was merching she looks pretty much the same. The severe hairstyle perhaps contributes to the impression her face is bloated. But her arms are still thin. And in the sheath dress on the balcony, she looks the same. I think she has left over clothes to merch from the pregnancy period which she did not get to show because her events were canceled. That coat she wore today was baggy and shapeless for a pregnant woman. Once she took it off she has on a very inexpensive dress ($50 supposedly on the MM site).

But compare this to her efforts last summer at both TTC and the garden party. She isn’t getting the clothes anymore.

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Meghan needs serious help with Hats, the tight bun is not her style.  I know of no cancellations, they said that will be all she is on maternity leave.  Doesn’t matter anyway she did plenty during her downtime. She needs to stay away from these dark colors and give in once in a while.  She will be here for a while as I’ve stated before.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


Thank you Meghan’s Mirror

cause you just verified what we knew all along. You are connected to MM and she is making $$$ by selling loaned clothes when she gets her pic taken as a member of the BRF. Like all b list celebs Megsy gotta merch. Seems she ain’t getting the $$ from the BRF?

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As you see by my post that Meghan’s Mirror was the precursor for today debut and I’ve been spot on! Per Enty, the Entertainment lawyer has always said she been scamming, double dipping, which is a corruption for a civil servant Royal or not.

Thank you for your ask! 🌸😎

Anonymous said: There’s something up with their insta page

There’s something up with their insta page I mean other celebs are growing longer to get to the next million and they’re taking it like it’s nothing each day! I think they’re shady in the insta Followers scale here. Also, I heard they wanna get to the billions and don’t know why.
MM wants to be first at all things, it doesn’t surprise me.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎


They don’t have a Nanny because they don’t have a baby? They don’t have a housekeeper because they are not at Frogmore? I don’t know. I think a real-life baby has to show up eventually. When it does there will be a Nanny.

Meghan is no experienced Momma and doesn’t exude maternal vibes. How do you do engagements and leave the baby home alone? Of course, there will be a Nanny. And if they do live at Frogmore which is a large house with quite a few rooms we are to believe that right before Harry goes off to play polo he vacuums the whole mansion? And Meghsy is cleaning the toilets before she puts on her Dior to do an event? While she also has her organic veggie garden to tend to? Maybe the dog watches baby Archie when they do engagements? Do you see how absurd this Nichols article is?

The thing that is so annoying is that Nichols thinks everyone is so stupid we would actually believe this crap. Sadly some will. There is nothing wrong with having household help. Especially when you have other responsibilities as a Royal or a parent with careers or community obligations. But we have to make Kate look bad cause she with 3 kids and two large homes has a Nanny and household help.

Count on this kiddies IF Meghan has a child and a large home she and Harry have household and childcare help. Nichols as always LIES.


Thanks a bundle, we have zero proof of anything and I don’t like posting Katie Nichols because she is sugary but like I said my eyes deceived me and I had to share the laugh with you.

No way they are hoovering around the house and scrubbing toilets, hell no! That would take time away from trolling the internet to see what people are saying about them.  This isn’t only MM doing this and we need to expand that to her husband, he is to blame as well.  Harry could stop this but he doesn’t, how about a little smack down his way.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎