Anonymous said: Mm wants to be an Angel with titles😹

Mm wants to be an Angel with titles but the world knows she ain’t one and are mad at her for lying Harry for sticking by her isn’t her honest but a liar. This relationship is a fraud. and they will be using their baby to grow in popularity. AS usual.
Well, yes, that is the perception which makes both looks stupid and phony. Thank you anon, 🌸😎
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“poor Meg” article

The only reason this journalist has published the “poor Meg” article is because she needs good PR and wants sympathy. Doesn’t change the fact, that she’s a phony, fake, liar and not royal material. Harry ad her fans will be the stupid ones one day because Meghan will make Harry’s life a living hell after the divorce.
Thank you anon, use your freedom of speech 🌸😎

People have the right to criticize their representative in democratic world

If KP, I guess through that press secretary guy, and Meghan are forcing people to respect and like Meghan, it’s not going to work!!! If anything, it will cause more anger from people who are forced to endure her behaviour and spending, which, in the long run, could cause a referendum. Guess what Meghan, and guess what press secretary, you can NOT force people to like other people. Respect is EARNED. Get Meghan to stop spending, and get HER to treat people with respect. That’s how it works!!
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Who likes to eat dirt sandwiches?  I don’t, and I hate having one forced down my throat!  The worst part is her pseudo mumbo jumbo feminist yachter bullshit, and half the world knows she is wearing prosthetics.  I agree with you and you do as I say,  not as I do!
Everyone is welcome here, I may not like what you say, but I will go to war for your right to say it!
I won’t be a grammar nazi, half of the people are on cell phones.  We can figure it out together.   I literally in tears.
We are deeply disappointed with this decision to defraud the people of the UK.  MM is getting paid to wear these clothes.  I want to know is she still sending Clarence House the bill?  Double dipping.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD