“poor Meg” article

Anonymous said: The only reason this journalist has published the “poor Meg” article is because she needs good PR and wants sympathy. Doesn’t change the fact, that she’s a phony, fake, liar and not royal material. Harry ad her fans will be the stupid ones one day because Meghan will make Harry’s life a living hell after the divorce. Thank you anon, use your freedom ofย speech ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž Advertisements

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People have the right to criticize their representative in democratic world

Anonymous said: If KP, I guess through that press secretary guy, and Meghan are forcing people to respect and like Meghan, it’s not going to work!!! If anything, it will cause more anger from people who are forced to endure her behaviour and spending, which, in the long run, could cause a referendum. Guess what Meghan, and guess what press secretary, you can NOT force people to like other people. Respect is EARNED. Get Meghan to stop spending, and get HER to treat people with respect. That’s how it works!! …

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