Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Blind Item #9

There is a celebrity drug dealer in NYC who caters only to the elite. He has also killed off a few over the years. Apparently, he was told to be prepared to bring his best coke tonight for a very VIP guest. She has a lot of partying to make up on.


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Meghan Markle’s outdoor Catwalk, blatant merchandising for money and freebies

Every time we see Ms. Markle she is a walking billboard of fashion goods with links to buy, who can really afford this? Certainly not her followers, struggling citizen of the UK. What I find amazing is the royal family allow this happening, the press is unwilling to call her out, and the government doesn’t launch an investigation on receiving freebies, private funding to which my understanding is against policy for royals to do. 

They blasted Prince Andrew over a golf outing and frequent flyers miles, this is nothing compared to the expenses racked up by Meghan Markle.  This practice may be acceptable to Hollywood but doesn’t fly with royalty that is government funded. Yes, you can say the duchy pays for the privileged lifestyle, but it’s the people who allow this and some responsibility and trust is being broken every time Duchess walks out of the door. There is no excuse and being new doesn’t fly, she is older and should know better. Markle has advisors, minders all around her, that being said she is defiant to the rules and doesn’t deserve the public’s attention. 

Why does the new duchess need her own private PR agency when one is provided for her at Kensington Palace? If she really quit Hollywood, then there is no more need for American PR agency Sunshine Sachs. All of this for Meghan Markle afterlife from the firm? The articles sent in for publication to raise Markle’s profile is outlandish as we learned about the wording Meghan name is first in articles can be traced back to her Publicist in NYC. Why is this being allowed? I dare the press to delve into these questions, and I wonder why they haven’t already, they have a responsibility to the readers to do a good job. 

The Ireland tour is an embarrassment, Markle was talking to a person about repealing article 8 on abortion and her activisms in the feminist movement coming from a woman who gave up her job to chase a prince and spend over 4 million on PR to get there. It’s against the rules to get involved with another country politics. Also, her behavior to a little person kneeling to her like she was a child for a photo opportunity is sickening. Markle’s inability to walk in sky-high heels with shoes that are too big her making her have a weird gait. All this to sell shoes, clothes, and accessories. Why would you bring a huge handbag, you can tell it’s empty.  It’s always been about the money and using the royal family. 

The entire Markle family is in on it. They’re all making money off the royal family including Doria.  The Coleman-Raynor connection with the family photos and Reitman pictures, they are getting paid every time one is published. These people will continue to be a thorn in the BRF side. I beg Piers Morgan, to keep his pressure on Markle because she did the same exact thing her father has done to make money and sell out. 

I know I’m not a great writer I’m so damn mad this is being allowed on an international engagement representing the UK. You have a right to question your representatives.