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Something is coming out? DTS~ Drain the swamp! —- Now they are saying there are some very troubling documents related to the 2016 US election which the Ukrainian gov. is ready to hand over. What the hell is coming out?

oops! yep, and it’s going to fall neatly in the Democrats lap, be careful what you wish for.  Hey, this just in from freedom post!

The sump pump is on to drain the swamp!  Thank you anon! 🌸😎JD

Politico~ Dispute over political crimes

The U.S.-U.K. treaty contains provisions aimed at preventing a bait-and-switch, where a suspect is extradited on one set of charges, only to have them swapped for another. But executive branch officials in the U.K. could waive that, leaving the door open to additional or new charges against Assange.

Bellinger, now a partner at the law firm Arnold & Porter, said British courts tend to have a broader view of what constitutes political offenses than do American courts. However, he said he would not be surprised if the U.S. and Britain agree or have already agreed to limit the scope of any future charges in order to increase the chances of British courts approving the extradition.

Of course they did

A British magistrate is expected to consider the extradition request at a hearing set for May 2. Whatever ruling comes out of that hearing could be appealed through the British courts and perhaps even to the European Court of Human Rights. (Despite Britain’s Brexit vote, the U.K. government has agreed to remain under that court’s jurisdiction, at least for now.)

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