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HA Goodman – Michael Bloomberg Officially Enters 2020 Presidential contest

Anon said: Comments MM

Are you still reading the comments on MM articles? I had to stop reading them; it’s just too much. I liked the comments on the Daily Mail, but MM is every day in the news, and her fans, fake friends, and family are so annoying…


It’s not worth bringing back comments anymore, I started this when Meghan was commenting, and we had a legit war of words. Now, it’s turned into a frenzy that I’ve said over and over again, Stop giving Meghan Markle air, #NoAir.  People don’t realize you are making her happen, stop making Smeg happen. No press is an excellent press for the woke one. Let her die out, which is what the BRF would want.

I get that people want information, and to keep hashing up old pictures and articles is falling right into her hands!  The more you hate on Smeg, the more she can preach this Diana 2.0 crap to Harry. He falls for it and wants to be the knight in shining armor as she sucks all the mojo out of him.

Smeg’s PR brought back her family right on cue for Sunshine Sachs, a PR strategy to get people talking about her. Remember, Smeg needs money! The more you click, the better she makes out. Don’t buy whoah is me narrative; she is a shark that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The backers are Hillary and George, and they want the open society narrative (communism). They are hateful people.



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Anon said: Harry and Meghan are taking a break from “work”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘plan to take six weeks off from their royal duties for much-needed family time’

😹😹😹😹Please stay gone!  Thank you, Anon, 🌸😎🥰

They are coming to the US, that’s going to be fun!

Anon said: MM’s silly new interview

Her constant need for attention and adoration is nauseating. She hasn’t even proven herself worthy of the tax-funded lifestyle she has exploited, but yet she whines about no one paying attention to her (guess your new fake friends Amal, Oprah,… don’t care about your feelings, huh Meghan)?


She acts like a reality star (not even a Hollywood actress who would have more class). She’s the worst representation of an American or being woke because she truly is not about the values that make liberals proud of our contributions to this world; her intentions are so blatantly self-serving and she wears the mask of a movement that I don’t even think she understands. And I’m seriously questioning her PR firm because they are definitely not doing her any favors. It’s like they’re sabotaging her on purpose; I can’t imagine how anyone could think this is a successful PR campaign.

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That’s funny you said that! Maybe that’s the problem, MM is a difficult client to handle and just can’t stick to the program.


MM made it about herself instead of the wokeness she was supposed to keep preaching.  She came out loud at the beginning by calling everyone a jealous racist, and I was even called misogynistic?  What in the hell is she going on about?

Smegs loves Hillary Clinton 🙄, as a registered dem, I’d go with Tulsi, but I love the economy right now and cleaning out the deep state. No offense to you, but the movement sucks, I don’t have any desire to be a socialist.

Smeg is a follower; she covets, no original thought. That’s why she didn’t get the cooking show, that’s why she copied off the Goop. PR told me she didn’t make it in Hollywood because she changed her brand too much, and they never appreciated those essays.  Sleeping with Harvey and Brett didn’t do her any favors, I think it was for services rendered, snort.


I do wonder, how are they going to handle her now? You know they can’t keep doing this. I would love a heads up.


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