The Queen has been left “horrified” by Meghan and Harry’s latest political interventions in Los Angeles, according to a royal insider


Racial Diversity in Hollywood and Your Unconscious Bias Bullcrap!

In front of the camera, behind the camera, not enough racial diversity they cry. We have stars crying racist shows should be pulled (Idris) What might those be? Anything you don’t agree with?


The unconscious bullcrap that was made up by a Yale Professor, its an opinion not a fact that whites are privileged. Maybe you are but the majority of us are not. Many low income and middle-class people are thinking what in hell are they talking about? You should question this narrative its all about power in Washington. I’m not bending the knee to anyone but GOD.


Little Miss Cabbage Fart Clinton is still pissed she lost, maybe because she thought she had the fix in like now. Never let a good crisis go to waste with COVID and overinflate positive results.  BLAME Orange Man bad! I blame the democrat party for the lockdowns and starving their own people just to spite a guy who is doing his job for free.


Stupid over-privileged university students think that black people are ignorant that don’t even know how to get an ID is one example of their racism.  Nots mine or yours but theirs!


Affirmative action always sucked, you hire the best and brightest human being. Nothing ever should be about skin color, that’s a piss poor excuse. Gee, I’m sorry even though you’re doing a splendid job you’re fired because you’re white. Think about that.

The Swamp Rats have been busy

Let’s see they thrown kids in cages, impeachment BS, Coronavirus, and now BLM riots at us, and all measures have failed. It keeps getting worse for DemonRats.


Dumb and Dumber have jumped on the woke train from hell to lecture us again that you should be uncomfortable. They only thing I’m uncomfortable with is the gruesome twosome talking out their asses.


The Commonwealth was made to level the playing field, and more countries want to join, but the Dumbasses have taken on their puppet masters narrative. Too bad, most are leaving that narrative in droves. Even Gloria Steinman is saying, wait for a second now, I’m not allowed to have the freedom to express myself without death threats and being thrown on cancel culture bonfire?  No, no, and 🤬 no.


Again, the gruesome twosome is left holding the shit stick. They are too stupid and fame-hungry to realize that all of this is fake! Meghan will never become a politician because she is too thin-skinned to handle the pressure of criticism.  Look at her now! Boohoo, the British press was critical of me and called me out! Don’t they know who I am?  I’m Queen of the world!  Drink my delusional tea!


That’s not how it works Megatron, just because someone gave you a title doesn’t mean you get to treat people like shit! Heads up, you were born an asshole!


Meg, really, the opposition will tell about how you yachted for money, how you chased after men, ghosted friends, treated your father like rotting garbage. These things do matter, Megula!  And now, we hear rumors that Sunshine Sachs, the leading PR for politicians, has dumped your ass for being a pain in the ass, plus you don’t pay on time.  No amount of PR can fix this broken ship from sailing.


Now, for you, Harry darling, STFU, BLM isn’t going to be your strong suit since everything has been handed to you on a silver platter. You are telling people to get involved. Dear Dumbass, they are shooting and beating people to death. Is this what you mean by getting involved?  You disgust me!  You’re a swamp rat!

Anon said: Black racism exists and must be addressed- Warning Graphic! Sensitive

I have noticed a trend on some sites to refer to BLM as credible automatically and so posted this comment to a tumblr site, but it was never posted or commented on. You have guts, so I’m posting it here. This needs to be discussed. It has been open season on whites by blacks for over a decade, and this needs to end.

Consider the video of a Hispanic Sabastian Esquibel.


Going on and on about how “we have to kill white people. Otherwise, there will be no change. We need to start interbreeding with their women, having as many children as possible and get our race going.”


Youtube ignored complaints, but when it appeared on Fox News, youtube deleted it. He isn’t the first leftist Hispanics have been calling for killing white people tor decades and getting away with it.

Then there was the tweet from Karen Attiah, Global Opinions editor for the Washington Post and winner of prestigious journalism awards, who said:

“The lies and tears white women hath wrought: the 1921 Tulsa massacre, murder of Emmett Till, exclusion of black women from feminist movements, 53% of white women voting for Trump. White women are lucky that we are just calling them Karen’s. And not calling for revenge.”


Yet there does seem to be a bit of revenge-taking going on.

Have you seen the video of a black guy walking along the sidewalk in New York City who passes an elderly white woman and punches her sharply in the head, knocking her into a fire hydrant?


How about the young white girl sitting on the subway, surrounded by black girls, one of whom smacks her across the face then


proceeds to punch her repeatedly in the head?


Then there’s the video of a black man in a Macy’s department store beating the snot out of a white employee

The white man cowers on the floor, unable to defend himself from the criminal assault.

There’s the white guy who’s dragged out of his car and shot with fireworks at close range by a group of black men

A white boy sits on a bus minding his own business when a gang of black girls pounce on him and beat him senseless.

A thirteen-year-old white boy dies after being sucker-punched by black classmates in school.

There’s a video of Black Lives Matter terrorists beating with clubs, brass knuckles, choking 3 white Catholics

as they pray the rosary in front of the statue of Saint Louis IX, King of France.

A black nursing home orderly films himself pummeling an elderly patient.

A white guy walks along the sidewalk in a city somewhere. He approaches a group of young blacks who jump him and beat
him as he lies prone.

A dreadlocked black man stomps on a white man who’s curled up in a ball on the ground.

An elderly white man hobbles down the aisle of a grocery store. A muscled-out black guy comes up behind him and delivers windmill haymakers to the old man’s face.

A young white girl holding a baby on her lap sits at a picnic table at a ball field. Black girls taunt her and, all of a sudden, one of the black girls grabs the white girl by the hair. She drags the white woman and her baby onto the grass, where she proceeds to beat her down.

There’s a “person of color” who straps on brass knuckles, walks up and coldcocks a white boy, then pummels him on the ground.

Having listed all of these, and I could list many more, I must also say that none of these videos shows the whole story. All of them are utterly without context, which is one of the serious problems with all online video accusations. We only know what we see when someone pushes the record button. Yet isn’t it odd that these assailants feel safe recording their crimes and posting them on social media? It’s as if they knew they wouldn’t be punished.

Anyway, imagine if even one event like this showed whites doing the same to blacks. There would be a national upheaval—or, even worse, yet another “national conversation” about race. Yet, these instances go largely unremarked. How are these events not hate crimes? It appears that these people were targeted because of their race. But we’re told that the victims (that is, blacks) cannot be victimizers. It’s impossible because they have no power in a systemically racist society. Tell that to the little old lady who ended up in the hospital.

And then there’s the whole “Karen” phenomenon. For those who somehow haven’t heard the term, a “Karen” is a racist and misogynistic slur aimed at white women who are alleged to call the police on black men without just cause. Women branded as “Karens” by social media mobs routinely lose their jobs

That’s why, when noted race-baiter Karlos Dillard followed a white woman home and called her a Karen after she flipped him off and brake-checked him, she began sobbing hysterically and begged him not to post the video

on social media. “You’re not going to be on Instagram,” he assured her. “I’m not going to ruin your life.” He then immediately posted the video to Instagram in an attempt to ruin her life… and maybe sell some t-shirts.

Despite billing themselves “anti-fascists,” no group in 21st-century America more closely imitates the methods of 20th-century Europe’s jackboot thugs than the Antifa terrorist group. Likewise, soi-disant “anti-racists” are now feeding into dangerous anti-white narratives that are costing people their livelihoods—and, often enough, their lives.

So, is it open season on white people? I don’t see how it could not be. We are the devil: that is what kids are taught nowadays. We are the font of evil upon the world.

Two things seem to be happening at the same time: an epidemic of hate hoaxes and an epidemic of black-on-white attacks.
The epidemic of fake white-on-black hate crimes, now going back decades, started with the Tawana Brawley case

Back in the 1980s, Ms. Brawley—then just a teenager—claimed to have been raped by several white police officers. Her story was splashed across the front page of every newspaper in America. Al Sharpton took up her cause. It turns out she made it all up in order to get out of trouble for getting home late one night.

There’s the Duke lacrosse hoax of 2017,

when a black stripper falsely claimed she was raped by a gang of white boys.

Of course, there’s Jussie Smollet staging a fake hate crime. The singer claimed

to have been assaulted by racist homophobes in MAGA hats on the streets of a gay neighborhood at three in the morning. Come to find out, he paid two black men to attack him so he could pretend to be the victim of racist violence.

There are the reports that regularly come to us about nooses being hung in black neighborhoods—and, lately, a black NASCAR driver’s garage. Most of them turn out to have been placed there by other blacks,

or else simply aren’t nooses at all.

I’m convinced these hate hoaxes are happening at epidemic levels precisely because authentic hate crimes are not happening at appreciable levels. What seems to be utterly real, however, is an epidemic of blacks attacking whites, often brutally and without provocation. Have they been given permission? Could it be that the race hustlers like Karen Attiah and the leaders of Black Lives Matter actually want racism to increase? Is it part of their plan to divide further the races, thereby gaining an advantage in various power grabs? Shutting down the police is one thing, but co-opting the police to their cause would be a coup of massive and dangerous proportions.

Thanks for sending this information in, I’ve witnessed this racism, and yes, I’m calling it racism not reverse racism but racism. 

The Democrat party is setting us back 40 years when we were all afraid of one another. We rolled our windows up, driving through cities. We made sure our doors were locked. I had my windshield spit on coming out of court in Camden at a red light for being of northern European descent and American Indian.

They think they are getting away it, but I read that BLM leaders are being arrested everywhere!  They had their fun now; it comes time to pay the piper for the destruction and assault on peoples everywhere.  The ring leaders are going to jail one by one. 

It made me sick retweeting episode after episode of violence against innocent people trying to get on with their lives. These people are animals thinking they can take the law into their hands and get away with it. No, No, your ass is going to jail!  I imagine the FBI took great care into finding these assholes because when you post something, it leaves a digital trail. How stupid can you be? 

If you noticed I took a step back, I can’t believe what’s happening to our country. All this because of Trump? You get to vote not to destroy.  To see congress approve of this bullshit made me even sicker. Bending the knee and wearing slave-trading garments from Africa? Dumbasses! 

I think this is the conversation to be had and don’t fall like sheep, but call it out for what it is! These are crimes against humanity! If you can’t have a peaceful protest, then your ass is going to jail!  PERIOD! 




Meghan Markle hasn’t ruled out a career in politics

  • Meghan Markle believes she was ‘destined’ to help fight systemic racism in the United States, a close friend exclusively told
  • The Duchess feels that her ‘gnawing urgency to uproot from England’ was fate so that she could be at the ‘forefront’ of the movement, the insider explained
  • The friend said: ‘She’s been speaking with Oprah and other community leaders on how she can be part of the solution’
  • ‘Meghan feels like her mission goes far beyond acting. She said she wants to use her voice for change and hasn’t ruled out a career in politics,’ they added
  • The 38-year-old former actress and her husband Prince Harry quit their royal duties earlier this year and moved to Los Angeles 
  • She recently had to distance herself from best friend Jessica Mulroney after she threatened to sue a black influencer after a dispute over racism   
  • It came as the US has been rocked by protests across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death  
  • Meghan spoke out about Floyd’s death, declaring ‘black lives matter’ and admitted she hadn’t made a statement earlier because she had been ‘nervous’