Anonymous said:bodyguard that said Meghan is rude and difficult to work with

Yesterday/today was for a VERY SHORT TIME an article about Meghan on the DM – it was about a bodyguard that said Meghan is rude and difficult to work with. The KP must have immediately called the DM and demanded that they take it down because Meghan already has so much bad press. I wonder if the article re-appears again on the DM or on the other website.
OMG, 😹😹😹they threw us under the bus but came here for a post that vintage found regarding this.
Hypocrite!  Put some money in the cup reporters!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎



Tumblr marked all post they think are porn like that:

If you don’t ask tumblr to check your posts they will be removed.

To let check your post click on the red banner and choose the first option.

I had a problem with LA sending her posts in today. The subject is controversial regarding the trail. We are being censored all the way around. 

Interesting Posts, Joseph aka planometromadrid

The posts by Joseph aka planometromadrid are very interesting and certainly put another take on this diabolical mess of MM, PH, and the BRF. I agree with Joseph that too many things have occurred with MM and the BRF to all be coincidences. While I do not see MM as being PW’s secret lover (although MM has given PW very sexy flirty eyes quite a few times, and never has to PH), I do think MM’s connections to the BRF are far deeper, and much longer, than we are being led to believe. Recall how after PW and DK married, a year or so later stories came out that they did in fact meet long before college. I think what many seem to forget, or just never knew, is that the elites, and especially the Royals, always check blood lines before allowing anyone into the family. Commoner or Aristocrat, your blood line will be checked and only if it passes their test will you be allowed to marry in. DK obviously has a blood line that is better than we have been told, and now we need to figure out the real MM and her blood line. Soon after the wedding, and for a couple of months, there were comments in Daily Mail that Tom Markle was not MM’s real dad. True or not, just another piece to the puzzle to figure out. We do not know the birth names of MM’s mom or dad nor do we know their true history. Too much mystery surrounded MM and her family, and that is not normal. Thanks for your theory on this, Joseph. An interesting read and theory to consider.


Thank you anon, one Question what article said Tom Markle wasn’t mm dad? 🌸🌸😎