This is a Whopper! Getty Mansion, Fast and Furious, Obama, Holder and Guns!


Exposing Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is one way to salvage Harry, but I doubt such exposure looks like jail. Clean and quick. They may just let her divorce him walk away. I don’t think there is going to be a kid, but I have been wrong before.


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Expect the unexpected is the quote this weekend.  We’ve have been told before they won’t expose MM but who knows for sure as we get into the home stretch.

It all depends on how merciful they want to be to the charlatan grifter who thinks she has superpowers the real powers will step aside and let her fall hard, and that’s the backers!  You have to think outside the box, Soho House is chump change compared to these power brokers.

The race baiting isn’t going to work, the narrative that these powerhouses have created will fail.  We need to stand together and say, oh hell no!  It’s all a giant lie to get people fighting when we were doing just fine together.

I support Brexit, and I pray that the United Kingdom is released from the evils of the EU.  The refugees were supposed to be Syrian not the continent of Africa!  Wake up! People must be vetted before entering a country; don’t let them change the values and traditions that make the UK unique.

Markle’s attempt to humiliate the BRF  has only made the people love them more a big Fail!  God save the Queen!

This could go either way, but don’t feel a baby in any way.  I hate to say this but miscarriage to save face.

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Daily Mail announces The Excesses opening their own IG

They don’t belong to KP, and they are doing this on their own before entering BP, are they at war with the monarchy?   Meghan will do anything to keep her name out there, no doubt that a twitter account will be popping up.

At the same time the Kensington Palace Instagram account, which was previously used by both the Cambridges and the Sussexes, was updated to remove Harry and Meghan's name from the description. They also changed the profile picture to one of the Cambridges

Anonymous said:There is an interesting question doing the rounds

There is an interesting question doing the rounds. That as she does not yet have citizenship, she is not yet legally a Duchess and should be addressed as MM until she is.
That is not true; HM did give them her seal, the privy council approved, Parliament didn’t stop it.  Unless she is blackmailing all those people, it’s legit for now. What HM giveth, she can taketh away.
BRF is allowing this behavior to appease Harry.  He is still smitten, and the PR games continue, if they wanted this stopped they could do it in 3 seconds, snap of a finger.
What you need to ask yourself and research is why?  Then we get into conspiracy stuff, and then all roads lead to York.  Something other bloggers won’t do because they are to busy kissing ass for what? A medal?
It takes two to Tango dear anon. We all know this isn’t forever, but MM has nowhere to go and why would she?   MM has it made, private jets, unlimited funds, multiple houses, people spit shining her ass.
One thing she doesn’t have is power. Meg has to kiss their ass to keep this shit show going. It was a bad idea, from the start.  When polls fall so shall she. Go to the polls, hit them where it hurts. What’s happened by accident is other royals numbers have gone up because of her.
A House built with cardboard will inevitably fall.
Enjoy the show!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎

The Media

People in power like the BRF need to be held accountable and it is the job of the press to do that. But in this case we have the press making money off of this scam. The press knows she is merching yet they hide it cause they make money too. They know there is deception going on yet they hide it. No wonder we do not trust the media anymore. Do your jobs! Hold those in power accountable!


Yeah well you know how this works, if you have money you can get away with everything. lol This my jam tho.