Anon said: Weird RF

Anon said: Weird RF

I think it’s really weird that the royal family does nothing about Harry and Meghan’s behavior. Now that they’re even snubbing HM so that MeAgain can go to NYC is ridiculous. She’s absolutely no family person. She doesn’t care about her family, and she doesn’t care about Harry’s family. It has to be all about her, and that’s also why she isolated Harry from his family. She really has relationship…

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IF you think the dress was expensive

IF you think the dress was expensive

We’d faint if we could see what her pr bill is. My guess for the entire time she has run this scam millions have been spent selling this z list rapidly aging cable TV actress to the public. You’d think some of that money would be better spent on a decent wig. At least buy her a hairbrush.

What about all the cosmetic work? Fillers, Botox, liquid nose job?  Meghan is an…

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