Meghan sent another friend to talk to People Magazine

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Felt Their ‘Hand Was Forced’ to Leave Royal Family Amid ‘Bad Blood’

I hate knee pad magazine! 


Anon said: Queen Elizabeth will meet Charles, William and Harry personally on Monday

Queen Elizabeth Orders Prince Harry, Prince Charles & Prince William to ‘Talk Things Through’

Knee Pad Magazine? Really, 

Queen Elizabeth has ordered a family summit at her home to thrash out what to do about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wish to step down from senior royal roles.

Everyone noticed that they listed Markle’s name first, that’s her PR 

The Queen will be joined by Harry, his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles at the meeting at her country home of Sandringham, Norfolk, on Monday, Jan. 13, palace sources told PEOPLE on Saturday.

Meghan Markle PR is the source 

It is likely the Duchess of Sussex will participate via phone if it happens within the right timeframe, bearing in mind that she is currently in Vancouver Island, Canada.

written by Simon Perry, LOL , Markle dog 

How Princess Margaret was BANNED From Returning to the US

How Princess Margaret was BANNED from returning to the US by British officials after her debauched Hollywood visits saw her party until 3am with Frank Sinatra, insult Elizabeth Taylor, flirt with John Travolta and decline cocaine from Jack Nicholson

  • In November 1965, Princess Margaret made her first diplomatic journey to the United States at the invitation of American socialite, Sharman Douglas
  • She spent eight raucous days partying in Hollywood with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood, Rock Hudson, Warren Beatty and Judy Garland
  • The trip caused so much controversy in the UK that she was banned from travelling back to Los Angeles in 1973
  • The trip came to a climax when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton stormed out after being seated near the kitchen at the Beverly Hills restaurant
  • Margaret offended Judy Garland  when she demanded her to perform on the spot and Grace Kelly, when she told her: ‘Well you don’t look like a movie star’ 
  • In 1979, Princess Margaret went back to Hollywood where she attended an exclusive party thrown by super-agent Sue Mengers
  • Jack Nicholson said: ‘At the party Gore Vidal nudged me into offering Princess Margaret a sample of illegal substance’ 
  • Michael Black, the celebrity talent agent said: ‘Princess Margaret got a little sauced and was definitely coming on to John Travolta’

This is such bullshit! Why bring this up now?  Is Meghan supposed to have 75 person entourage and massive amounts of luggage?   Those days are over!  Her PR sucks! 


Anon Said: Meghan – Disney

Meghan Markle signs a voiceover deal with Disney in return for a donation to an elephant charity in latest hint at her future career plans

This is a PR article, she made that deal months ago and Enty the Entertainment lawyer said as much. 

Anon said: The Sussexes and their “friends”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s VERY starry new social circle: From George and Amal Clooney to Oprah Winfrey, ALISON BOSHOFF on the not-so regal A-list celebrity set who’ll welcome them with open arms

You can smell the PR from here, LOL 


Meghan Markle is still planning to use Sunshine Sachs for her foundation

Sunshine Sachs will be involved in the Sussex Foundation –> *But the couple are expected to work closely with the controversial US PR company Sunshine Sachs to launch the Sussex Royal Foundation in the coming months. The friend added: “They took a genuine break over Christmas. But they are back working and planning the launch of the Sussex Royal Foundation and Sunshine Sachs are involved in that.”*

What can you say, SS came on board to work on their crisis management. They never left ladies and gentlemen. 

Sunshine Sachs worked on the Clinton Foundation, who took in billions and gave nothing to the people of Haiti. Do you think it’s going to anything different for the WOKE couple?  More pay to play, the only difference is Harry doesn’t have any pull. 

Let us not forget they sent the LARPs to the blogs to keep you talking about Meghan.  They upped her numbers that way and that is why I stopped talking about her.  It was never about doxing.

Thank you anon, 🥰

Pit Stain calls the paps so she can merch clothes

Was nice of Meghan to inform the paparazzi about this so that they could take photos of this trip:

The show must go on! Meghan Markle leaves London’s National Theatre where she’s patron – hours after it was claimed she and Prince Harry are ‘considering’ moving to Canada

EWW, Gawd, she is weird! Ok, let me explain what backgrid is, it’s supposed to be people like you and me taking pictures and getting paid. I’m quite sure Meghan had someone take those pictures because the Daily Mail knows what she is wearing. It’s PR folks. 

“Toxic Sludge is Good for You”, by Stauber & Rampton

I was a communications major at American University in DC in 2002. The above-referenced book was assigned in our PR class. I remember thinking nobody should vote until they have read this book. Easy read. Eye-opening! The poster asked about it. It was during this time that the US media became corporatized. My cohorts who majored in Journalism changed careers because of this. So what they with the money would have you believe. We learned to write PR stories in AP style. So the news is now propaganda like 1960 Russia or 43 Germany. Look for info from “the horse’s mouth”. (As a side note: While at an alumni seminar at AU just before the last election an AU professor sneeringly said, “If Trump gets elected, the plan is to impeach. “ He gave Trump a vote that day for letting me know democrats trying to sabotage democracy.

Embed from Getty Images

Wow, that’s right. It’s entertainment news 24/7 or propaganda. Everything is who can get the better headline, who can be salacious. That’s has been their plan before day one!

Once he said I’m draining the Washington swamp, they went on the defensive.  They like the sheeple not asking questions and going on grazing, doing what they are told.  

Trump is making everything transparent by tweeting to let people know what’s really happening. Some can’t take it; others have mounted a campaign to take him down at all costs. 

Globalists are going down! Trump is stopping the global economy based on OPEC trading and going back to TRADE. That ought to piss a lot of people off.   Bringing back the gold standard, telling the central bank to 🤬 off. 

Thank you so much anon! 

Anon submits: People – Cambridges – Sussexes

“There hasn’t been this complete 180,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Nothing has changed. They don’t speak, no one is checking in, no one is texting.”

“When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reunited with Prince William and Kate Middleton for back-to-back Remembrance Day events earlier this month, there was no mistaking that the space between them went far beyond protocol.

“Everyone was doing their duties, doing what they needed to do on behalf of the family—and that was that,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “But there is a divide between the four of them. It’s hard for people to digest, because everyone wants them to be such a unit.”

With all that’s going on with Andrew, MM PR is out of touch with reality. Meghan Markle may not have a monarchy to go home too.  Prince Andrew has stepped down that doesn’t mean Meghan and Harry are off the hook by any means.

With almost nothing to hide with exception of the one nasty blind by enty the entertainment lawyer saying that the second inline also used Jeffrey Epstein services.  Others have claimed that Andrew was the sacrificial lamb of the family.

My advice to Meghan is to save your ill-gotten funds and get out of dodge while you still can? Or maybe she did just that!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰