Anonymous said: Regarding the birth certificate: No signature from Harry

Regarding the birth certificate: No signature from Harry and a signature at the bottom confirming only that this is a copy of an original being held on their records. William signed all three of his children’s birth certs. Didn’t they release a statement only last week that they would not be releasing the birth cert to the public and a week later we have this? Is someone overriding their decisions I wonder?
I understand, more mystery to add to the shit show, hurry up and wait.  It’s nonsensical to keep this going.  Are they trying to make people like her? On the contrary, MM is going to be the most hated if they keep going this route.
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More lies

so Mio Scobie Meghan and Harry’s mouthpiece is on GMA saying that tomorrow Will and Kate will visit the baby. Except Kate has engagements all day and so does Will. Harry even has an engagement. So uh how is this baby visit going to occur? More lies?

And so much for Harry’s paternity leave, he is working at least for him a lot. Guess dimwit knows he is not exactly a hero right now so he has to do all these engagements especially the kid’s hospital visit to try and charm his slimy self back into the public’s good graces. He is going to Rome soon to do a polo event also.


Facetime, Skype, LOL.  I think Kate and William want to stay far away from the funny farm! Can’t today, cramps are bad.

That’s the new PR plan work him to death, as Wink said with the right PR, blah, blah, sorry wink I know you meant well but this is so far from what was being said and the reality of insanity on behalf of both parties, it’s a match made in PR hell.

Polo season! HA HA, okay this should get exciting🤐 , Harry’s numbers have taken a nose dive and will continue to fall. There needs to be an adult in the room to stop these out of control people from damaging our beloved Monarchy.

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well well well

Look at this AHPF has it – seems Harry the idiot filed an IPSO complaint against the DM over the coverage of Thomas Markle which is why (back before the wedding) is why the DM responded by outing Papa Markle’s arranged pap pics and fake heart attack. So Harry brought that fiasco on himself. Now having as usual not learned a lesson Harry is now running around suing people again. LOL, He will get the same result the press will out his and Meghan’s pr games.

We knew Meghan was running her own independent pr operation so in The Sun and the DM they admit that Meghan has her own pr. Hey, sugars it has been confirmed your idol is running a massive pr operation that is not connected to the royal pr. Wonder why she’d do that? LOL.

And now the privacy-loving Harkles (lol) use their baby to drive traffic to the IG account. LOL, and the pic is a tacky copy of the same pic Kylie Jenner used to drive traffic to her iG site with her baby Stormi. The difference is though the Harkle only got one mil + clicks, Kylie got 18 mil clicks.

Harry and Meghan are deep into joke territory now. And the comments on the DM are way past anger in into disgust with him and his escort wife. The stupidity on display here is mind-boggling. Worse, Harry has such lousy self-esteem that he thought this woman and this way was the only way he could get a kid. It really is sad and pathetic.

“She has often appeared to run her own publicity machine, in fact, disregarding courtiers in the process. “Indeed, insiders are laying last week’s PR fiasco around Archie’s birth at her door.”

Are you talking the spa article we posted that three times already, that one is perfect? The press is mad and I don’t blame them one bit! They ran this dangerous PR campaign on Race and attacked reporters with bodily harm. The harassment was out of control and it would take 5 minutes to send out a message to the uber fans and the LARPERS to stop attacking, but they chose a spa that nobody can afford.

The Sussex’s have nerve to try to sue the press, they really do know the score. You don’t bite the hands that fed you without a good swift kick in Givenchy pants. It’s tight rope walk relationship, the Sussex’s need the press to feed us information so we can give them free PR. The press makes money, and some bloggers make money, MM makes money selling clothes and products we can’t afford.  You sued over a parking lot when you called splash to do a flyover of the country bolthole!  An RPO career was ended due to that.

The dummies birth PR plan using a baby!  I know there is a baby, I will post some ridiculous stuff as sarcasm showing the hypocrisy of running a semi-secret privacy scam.  Dangling the babies feet as Michael Jackson did in Germany? What their idiotic plan does is cause people to fight, speculate, conspiracy theories there isn’t anything cute except for the baby. It’s wrong and Hollywoodish!

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Following the royals was a fun thing and often quite informative.

Now – I have learned that the media lies and can’t be trusted that the media is bought and paid for by pr firms and celebrities.

Then there is the filth of what I have learned about these wealthy sexual predators. Then there is the possibility of this all being a distraction from this Brexit disgrace.

The nice world of Royal following has become pretty ugly. And now we have this escort (I am being polite) smearing Will and Kate destroying Harry and threatening the very existence of the monarchy.

This isn’t fun anymore; it sure isn’t an escape from everyday problems. What the heck is going on? When does this end? I do fear a tragedy.


We are going to keep on top of it, rest assured and it is very possible it’s got something to do with a Global Agenda and Jeffrey Epstein.

It was fun before, and it’s all coming out now.

I do fear it myself; there can’t be a happy ending for this.

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Anonymous said:I have to say kudos to Harry’s OLD pr team

I have to say kudos to Harry’s OLD pr team that has always managed to make him look like the nice guy next door. Since Meghan has taken over, everybody sees the real Harry – an extremely spoiled man child.
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It appears she is running the show; chatter tells me that as long as Harry is compliant with MM won’t cause him pain.  When he goes away without her, she leaks, and we get hit with all kinds of blinds and nasty articles about the York girls and Kate.
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Anonymous said: So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail.

So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail. They are still trying to get rid of critical comments about MeMeMeghan. Apparently, everybody has to think she is perfect and has to LOVE, ADORE and WORSHIP her. She’s a true narc.
Meghan Markle is treading on free speech! She calls her self a Democrat, yeah right, socialist!
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MegSux  submitted:Comments on the DM

Comments on the DM

I’ve stopped reading the comments on the DM but a friend of my still reads there and says people have problems on the Morocco articles again. Comments disappear and people get immediately red arrowed etc. She sent me some comments:

yellowbeeez, washington, United States, less than a minute ago

Palace PR Staff are out in force today downvoting comments. They are in damage control mode after the obscene NY trip. You can’t silence us all forever, we aren’t a bunch of “Samanthas,” wake up and get these two out of the spotlight now if you want to save any last respect for the Monarchy, but I think the damage is irreparable.

tts, jaxin, United States, 2 hours ago

Comments being deleted. No opposing opinions allowes. Whats next, no free speech in the home?

null, 1 hour ago

My comment was deleted yesterday !

Citizen, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 59 minutes ago

I noticed the same that anything too negative even if true is not being published or is deleted so Meghan;’s PR team very busy… There was something about Meghan ’s friends are considering taking DM to court as such negative press about NYC baby shower,


Thank you for the comments MegSux,! 🌸😎JD

Anonymous said: JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys

JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys appearing, do you think they think MM is really pregnant? Or has GC got some Political involvement and are “ Backers “ He does have SOHO connections, was a Hillary supporter, knows all the big names in UK /US. Were they anti Brexit? , I think something stinks big time. Maybe Amal will represent MM. I think with all these big US names involved a baby may appear via surrogate, she’s not pregnant look at pics in NY out with MA.
It’s all pure PR, and I found they are represented by creative artists agency, the Clooney’s, Gayle King, Reese Whitherspoon, OWN, Beyonce.
About a year and a half ago I received a tip that MM went to CAA, we thought they wouldn’t rep her, I think maybe they are now.
Reese was part of a blind item that said she got invited to the royal wedding but thought; I don’t even know these people, declined the invite. CDAN
SNL made fun of the wedding about being invited by text message.
No, I don’t think she is pregnant, surrogate like Hollywood is doing, to save their precious bodies from the after-effects of pregnancy.  There is nothing wrong with surrogacy; it should be celebrated that another woman is willing to help a couple achieve motherhood. We know there is a problem with swimmers and eggs, but why do this? Come out with it already.  All this for a title?  Some humanitarian.
There is a rumor, and it warrants investigation of using the third world country women for surrogacy. A certain couple has made a business of it keep most of the profits and paying these women very little.  Using WoC of color like this is sickening.
There is a reason for checks and balances with background checks of potential parents. The abuse I fear, I have heard the most disgusting stories about pedophiles since doing this.
We looked at the connections, and with Sunshine Sachs, there are political connections, but we need an investigative journalist to follow the trail for us. We can’t do this behind a keyboard.
MM is anti Brexit; she posted on her IG about this subject.
The Smoke and mirrors are falling apart.
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Media Meg vs Media Blackout

It looks like pr got everyone talking about her again. Now reportedly a six-month media blackout on baby birth. Is this to cover surrogate? Or drum up interest to get media to pursue her to look like hounded, i.e., Diana 2.0?
A concrete truck woke me up, I saw your ask, and I just have to answer with gifs and go back to bed if I can.
Thank you anon, I’m laughing so hard, Media Meg without the Media, that leaves Meg, there will be hell to pay the perpetual victim, said!
Taunt the British people!
and finally
wait I lied