Cele|bitchy | Prince Harry laughed at the idea of having five kids, thinks that’s ‘too many’

Cele|bitchy | Prince Harry laughed at the idea of having five kids, thinks that’s ‘too many’


The Truth About Meghan Markle’s Relationship With Her Father

The Truth About Meghan Markle’s Relationship With Her Father

The great thing about an IPAD and living close to RCMP detachment….I can go have coffee and they can read what’s going on ….in the moment!  I love it!

I have to check into my local FBI for help regarding this matter,  this is a PR company, and their publicist make a lot of money, I will personally sue you. You might as well donate to my go fund me, You can me hag, old, trailer trash, repeat my initials over and over again, I have a record of this intimidation and I will make sure your husband never works in the internet security again. You can move your IP to make it look like it’s from Singapore or Brazil, but it all comes back to NY.  I will be calling your boss Monday morning. Stay off our sites. 

PR bullcookie receipts


So Meg visited Rwanda Feb 2016 to see where a waterpipeline built by World Vision in 2015 was helping a community. They now had water & latrines for the town and school.

She collected water and kids painted pictures which were sold at a dinner in Canada



“On World Water Day, March 22, hope-filled paintings created by students in Rwanda raised enough money to help World Vision build a well. The paintings were the focus of the Watercolour Project event, hosted by lifestyle expert and actor, Meghan Markle at LUMAS gallery in Toronto. 

World Vision was also proud to announce Meghan Markle is a newly appointed Global Ambassador for the organization.
Markle travelled to Rwanda last month with World Vision to see first-hand the importance of clean water.  While visiting a school in the Gasabo region of the country she taught students to paint with watercolours, using water from a newly installed pipeline in their community. The students created pictures based on their hopes and futures, which are now brighter because of the recent access to clean water. The painting session was captured by photographer Gabor Jurina. 
Markle brought the paintings back to Canada to share the student artists’ stories and raise enough money to support additional water projects with World Vision. 

The Watercolour Project was helmed by advertising agency KBS.

 The event was attended by more than 60 high-profile guests. In total $15,000 was raised enough to help World Vision build a new source of water for an entire community
About the project manager, KBS:

KBS is a global communications agency

that has the creative courage and critical capabilities to solve today’s toughest marketing challenges. We help our clients beat tough odds and deliver transformative results time and again through our specialism including: advertising, social, content, CRM, creative technology, media planning and buying. Our global network includes offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, London and Shanghai. We’ve risen to the challenge for a diverse roster of clients including BMW, American Express, Unilever, BMO, Harman, King (maker of Candy Crush), TE Connectivity and Vanguard. For more information, visit



Good Works and Good Looks: Meghan Markle Gives Us Humanitarian Glam In Rwanda

“Meghan does philanthropy…in style. She managed to look effortlessly cute and stylish the entire trip, while not bringing too much LA glitz and glam to the impoverished area of Rwanda. She stuck to “earth colors” – vibing in neutral tones with an hombre trend to meet the local children”

Basically 60 people came to a dinner and bought the kids paintings and raised 15,000$ nice BUT how much did the trip cost to send Meg and the photographer and film crew over there plus production of the video plus cost of event???? PURE PR BULLCOOKIES

Well good, let people read this!  She uses everyone!  Some humanitarian worker…. truly disgusting!  Thank you for this!🐼❤️😊

Obvious PR

https://instagram.com/p/BW–KyaF37Y/ JD this is now laughable now their actual PR agent for Cowdray Park Polo Club is posting the same staged pics and tagging Henry. Wow what an obvious attempt though, bad style.

Actually, that happens all the time, PR is used for corporations to get the word out to mold an image of a company. Can’t think of a classier looking guy than Henry Cavill. They are staged all the time, makes you look at things differently now. Lot’s of freebies to be had, you scratch my back and I’ll do the same for you. Pippa used Victoria Beckhams PR for the wedding. Having the right branding is key.