Hills and Knowles will be PR for Invictus Games!

Hills and Knowles will be PR for Invictus Games!

Sydney, 22 November, 2017 – Aon has announced it is an Official Supporter of Invictus Games 2018 and Official Supporter of the Invictus Games Australian Team for the 2018 Games, to be held in Sydney from 20-27 October, 2018.

Presented by Jaguar Land Rover, Invictus Games Sydney 2018 is an international sporting event for wounded, injured and ill servicemen and women. The Games welcome both…

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Giant PR stunt~ I’m deeply disappointed

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Giant PR stunt~ I’m deeply disappointed

PR stunt

As you can see, MM PR is hard at work going to all her outlets from August campaign. Tonight performance was for her PR Sunshine Sachs who represents for Hamilton star. We have article mocking Prince Harry over his relative King George III, throw in Priyanka she owes her big time, she lost a show while campaigning for Markle.  We have Hollywood life confirming Markle was in Toronto and…

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JD, Julie here. MM is in charge of the PR re her family and nothing her father does is without the tick from her. Roll in the money. Stack it and rack it so when this all ends, and it will depend on MMS timeline when it does, the parents will be financially secure without further help. The goose that laid the golden egg. I love the BRF BUT I can’t forgive their lack of control in this matter. They are being made fools of around the world. Media has made them out to be inept and that hurts me

I do understand Julie, there is nothing we can do. The palace has to be working on something for when they do pull the plug?  

Right now it looks like they are letting her hang herself.  It’s not their responsibility to make sure the Markle’s play nice. 

In the Richard Kay article, they quote Palace aides, they did suggest inviting her family, they did recommend reaching out to her dad by leaving to go see him. MM needs to make a move, it appears she has ghosted her family.    

This is MM PR doing this along with her family. This is a fake drama for money. I don’t blame them for ignoring this, it’s undignified. This is the time to be quiet, it will only draw you into their fight otherwise. 

Thank you, Julie, 🌹🌹🌹🌹 

Don’t click-warning will cause diabetes from liebetes🤮


This is pure pr and bullshit all propaganda and all for an American audience.  But it gives total insight into her game.  A lot of it is repeated cause frankly there isn’t much to say, so it just gets recycled in a different format over and over again.  But it illustrates a few things 1) her need for constant exposure in the media in part because there is so little real public interest in her.  2) her need to present herself as the modernizer, the rebel, the feminist, the humanitarian.  

It is all fake.

I agree with you, and I could barely get through this article without feeling sick to my stomach. Our approach is to find pieces that are written by the media and not MM expensive PR.  Let’s face it, there are a bunch of sticky sweet traps out there to read. 

Thank you, love, 💖💖 

Meghan Markle kisses Prince Harry at polo like Princess Diana

Meghan Markle kisses Prince Harry at polo like Princess Diana