Anonymous said: So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail.

So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail. They are still trying to get rid of critical comments about MeMeMeghan. Apparently, everybody has to think she is perfect and has to LOVE, ADORE and WORSHIP her. She’s a true narc.
Meghan Markle is treading on free speech! She calls her self a Democrat, yeah right, socialist!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎🍌

MegSux  submitted:Comments on the DM

Comments on the DM

I’ve stopped reading the comments on the DM but a friend of my still reads there and says people have problems on the Morocco articles again. Comments disappear and people get immediately red arrowed etc. She sent me some comments:

yellowbeeez, washington, United States, less than a minute ago

Palace PR Staff are out in force today downvoting comments. They are in damage control mode after the obscene NY trip. You can’t silence us all forever, we aren’t a bunch of “Samanthas,” wake up and get these two out of the spotlight now if you want to save any last respect for the Monarchy, but I think the damage is irreparable.

tts, jaxin, United States, 2 hours ago

Comments being deleted. No opposing opinions allowes. Whats next, no free speech in the home?

null, 1 hour ago

My comment was deleted yesterday !

Citizen, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 59 minutes ago

I noticed the same that anything too negative even if true is not being published or is deleted so Meghan;’s PR team very busy… There was something about Meghan ’s friends are considering taking DM to court as such negative press about NYC baby shower,


Thank you for the comments MegSux,! 🌸😎JD

Anonymous said: JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys

JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys appearing, do you think they think MM is really pregnant? Or has GC got some Political involvement and are “ Backers “ He does have SOHO connections, was a Hillary supporter, knows all the big names in UK /US. Were they anti Brexit? , I think something stinks big time. Maybe Amal will represent MM. I think with all these big US names involved a baby may appear via surrogate, she’s not pregnant look at pics in NY out with MA.
It’s all pure PR, and I found they are represented by creative artists agency, the Clooney’s, Gayle King, Reese Whitherspoon, OWN, Beyonce.
About a year and a half ago I received a tip that MM went to CAA, we thought they wouldn’t rep her, I think maybe they are now.
Reese was part of a blind item that said she got invited to the royal wedding but thought; I don’t even know these people, declined the invite. CDAN
SNL made fun of the wedding about being invited by text message.
No, I don’t think she is pregnant, surrogate like Hollywood is doing, to save their precious bodies from the after-effects of pregnancy.  There is nothing wrong with surrogacy; it should be celebrated that another woman is willing to help a couple achieve motherhood. We know there is a problem with swimmers and eggs, but why do this? Come out with it already.  All this for a title?  Some humanitarian.
There is a rumor, and it warrants investigation of using the third world country women for surrogacy. A certain couple has made a business of it keep most of the profits and paying these women very little.  Using WoC of color like this is sickening.
There is a reason for checks and balances with background checks of potential parents. The abuse I fear, I have heard the most disgusting stories about pedophiles since doing this.
We looked at the connections, and with Sunshine Sachs, there are political connections, but we need an investigative journalist to follow the trail for us. We can’t do this behind a keyboard.
MM is anti Brexit; she posted on her IG about this subject.
The Smoke and mirrors are falling apart.
Thank you anon 🌸😎

Media Meg vs Media Blackout

It looks like pr got everyone talking about her again. Now reportedly a six-month media blackout on baby birth. Is this to cover surrogate? Or drum up interest to get media to pursue her to look like hounded, i.e., Diana 2.0?
A concrete truck woke me up, I saw your ask, and I just have to answer with gifs and go back to bed if I can.
Thank you anon, I’m laughing so hard, Media Meg without the Media, that leaves Meg, there will be hell to pay the perpetual victim, said!
Taunt the British people!
and finally
wait I lied

Submitted by Anon for Meghan, her PR and the media

Dear Meghan, her “PR” and the media: Where shall I begin? You try to delete your past off the internet and that hasn’t been fully deleted.. thanks to these wonderful Tumblr blogs, newspapers such as The Daily Mail and your family and friends you befriended… the past will never fully go away.

You pretended that you did not know who Prince Harry was and yet you studied the Royal Family; you studied Princess Diana.. you studied Evita and Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis, just to name a few… just so you can be the next ‘Princess Diana’ or the next Mother Teresa of the Royal Family – which, given your past, will not happen. You are an actress. You acted a blowjob scene on 90210 for heaven sakes!

Your wedding was celebrity, a ticket that I could have paid for and attended but given my past with Prince Harry, I decided not to go. Oh yes, I do have a past with Prince Harry.. so do many other girls he has shagged before you and while you both were’ dating’. Which, of course, you knew. You didn’t care, you got to date a Prince.

You studied his past girlfriends and knew that you could take on the Royal Family – and speak politically, which is a big ‘no-no’. You will never be fully accepted into the Royal Family… or his friends. They will pretend to like you, except his ‘fake’ ‘superficial’ mates, which I shall not name. Those are the ones you will cling onto for support as they suck up for their time of a picture to get into Getty Images.

Do you really care about his charities? The ones he had started from nothing and turned into something amazing. Nope, you didn’t. You did have photo opportunities while you were ‘dating’, and worse nearly the same outfit and pose as the late Princess Diana. I am surprised Harry didn’t see that but then again, he doesn’t read the papers. His mates and former Private Secretary protected him from the crap that was put into the press.. which, I am sure you knew.

You studied Kate, when she was dating and later engaged to William, how the media bugged her. Smart move? Not really. All you have to do is call the paps to stage them for harassing you… a lot of celebrities do that – especially when a movie or tv show is about to come out… again, something you learned in Acting School…

When you first started ‘dating’ him .. or should I say ‘met’ him, he didn’t tell any of his mates. He was still flirting with other women. I remember one of the days well, when he and I flirted with each other, but stopped because I was upset with a situation that happened. Also because we have the same first names… The only difference between you and I is.. I could care less about the media or who Harry is.

I think he is an amazing guy who loves his charity work but needs to have someone guide him in the right path and do what he loves, which is the charity work and military. Seems this year he hasn’t paid much attention to his ‘children’ he worked hard to create (some of his charities). I have no doubt that Harry does love you; he is a good guy.. but does he know the real you? The real bit about you that the world knows? Those people you befriended, who I am surprised haven’t exposed the truth about you in the press yet? I am sure at some point it will come out…

Meghan, you married into the royal family. This isn’t Madonna playing Evita that you are trying to copy..where she dominates everything, speaks up politically… and her husband is in the background. This is real life. This isn’t the actress mode anymore. You married into the royal family; you cannot speak politically… especially when the media is around. For someone who has studied the royal family, you would know that you cannot speak up on certain things. I knew better, as a former friend of Prince Harry, as part of the ‘set’ back in the day to never bring up politics; just enjoy life and have fun.. and work hard.

Stop being an actress and do what you are supposed to do as being a member of the Royal Family – if you can’t do it, then there is the exit through the drawbridge. Stop using the PR/Media to boost who you are. This isn’t Hollywood. You are not the first American to marry into the Royal Family.. and you won’t be the last.

Thank you anon for your submission! Interesting! 🌸😎

Notice to public relations representatives

We will no longer promote any of Meghan Markle’s people without payment to us.  We can do this discreetly, but we aren’t doing any of this for free anymore.

If Nikkola or Nichola needs promoting pay us!

You all need to pay up for the last two years making your client’s name rise, you’re getting paid, we should get paid, so reach in and pull out your credit card and rush over to the coffee cup and put some money in the cup!  Paypal a safe way to tip your blogger, all payments are discreet, and we thank you in advance.

Look for this, I recommend the other blogs do this as well

Aida  submitted: Comment Section Is Open Again

Comment Section Is Open Again

All the Best Rated comments are pro Meghan. Example:

Shydiatl, Atlanta, United States, 9 hours ago

I was not a team Meghan fan at first but am now. Samantha and her father are two peas in a pod. I don’t blame Meghan for feeling the way she does. Not sure if her father is a drinker but something is off with him and it has nothing to do with Meghan. Papa needs to shut up! What a role model he is. I like the mom at least she has class, papa does not.

I’m disgusted by Harry and Meghan and their PR team.

Thank you, Aida, so am I 🌸😎

Anonymous said: What do you think will the public now think about Meghan?

What do you think will the public now think about Meghan? Now that her PR team (we’re not dumb) have published this letter?
It still doesn’t change the fact that people don’t like her and this certainly won’t help her. BACKFIRE!
Thank you anon 🌸😎

PR At Work….

I’ve never seen something like the latest dm article. So many people complaining about getting their posts deleted and obviously the top comments are also manipulated. They were posted when the comment board was closed.
Yup. They are trying but failing to make everyone like her. it’s just not going to work. lol