Sunshine Sachs wants you to remember Meghan and Harry’s heavily photoshopped and filtered ‘iconic’ rain photo


MeAgain and her PR team never sleep

Always the same lame PR stuff from Sunshine Sachs – claiming Meghan is sooo down to earth and shit like that. Seriously, Meghan, give it up. Everybody knows you’re a deranged narcissist who only cares about herself.



Just Harry is trying very hard to get some positive PR

  • The Duke of Sussex recorded a special message to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Thomas the Tank Engine 
  • Called ‘Thomas and Friends: The Royal Engine’, storyline includes animated Prince Charles and the Queen
  • The story sees Thomas taking controller Sir Topham Hatt to Buckingham Palace to receive an honour
  • Harry said he has, ‘fond memories of growing up with Thomas and being transported to new places through his adventures’

Meghan attacks the BRF and Kate again

  • Meghan Markle told friends if Kate Middleton was constantly being criticized by the press, the royal family would have stepped in and changed its media policies
  • ‘She said no one would have put up with it… Those outlets responsible would have been shunned,’ an insider told
  • Last week the Sussexes announced they would have ‘no corroboration and zero engagement’ with four UK tabloids, citing Meghan’s poor treatment 
  • Although palace aides said everyone was stunned by the move, the friend said: ‘Meghan said no one in the royal family should be surprised’
  • ‘She said everyone knew exactly how Harry felt about the British tabloids and the changes he wanted made in order to protect his family.’
  • Harry went to Prince Charles and the Queen ‘constantly’ about the press, but they ‘wouldn’t do anything’, despite seeing ‘how it was tearing him apart’
  • They added: ‘Meghan said Harry needed to take a stand for her, their son and his mother, Princess  Diana
  • Meghan and Harry announced they were quitting their royal duties in January, relocating to Canada before moving to Los Angeles last month 

Hello Magazine earthquakes and video, but …

Where is Harry in the video footage they have? Meghan looks to be in the same clothes as the second food delivering pap walk but no sign of Harry with her. And they are getting earthquakes in the area. Hopefully the video plays.

The video won’t work here, sorry. CALIFORNIA has earthquakes all the time and a three isn’t bad.  Notice they listed MM name first that indicates who placed this AD. More BS from the Markle camp.  Where is Harry, who knows, at home being a good dog?


Meghan throws her father under the bus in new People Magazine PR article

Her mother Doria wasn’t really around when Meghan was a kid/teenager. Her father raised her and gave her everything she wanted, she was his ‘princess’.  This is just another ridiculous PR article because of the Thomas/letter/Dailymail lawsuit.