Anon said: Suddenly talking about Dad again

I think it’s strange that MeAgain and her people suddenly talking about her dad again. I wonder if it’s because they hope Thomas and/or Samantha will react to it so that Meghan can play victim again. The only time she gets “nice” comments is when her family members open their mouths.
New PR strategy, this is one of the issues that make her look like the Ice Queen, they tried unsuccessfully to melt her.
Thank you anon 🌸😎

Meghan Markle’s PR is doing this to us

AHPF is saying something very reasonable, she’s always got her head on her shoulders. Anyways, she’s saying this is MM, not BRF. She is saying this is MM PR, not BRF PR. And, she is saying it is Serena Williams PR MM has hired to hit out. So, it appears, MM is on her own. She fucked with you guys, but she has also fucked with the Royal Family, the courtiers and the way they handle things. Since she didn’t get their support, she’s gone rogue.
I like your ask, I doubt my handlers would throw me under the bus now.  Plus, I’ll be needed when this goes south.  Thank You, JD🌸😎
Houseplant is wise

Meghan’s PR

Meghan’s fans and PR can say to me what they want – it’s obvious that Meghan has mental problems. It’s not normal to be so media and attention hungry. She obviously also can’t handle that there are people out there who dislike her. Kate also received many insulting comments (waity kaity,…) and nobody from the BRF helped her with that but they do everything for Meghan. I really believe she thinks she’s as important as the Queen.
The chick has all kinds of issues, and they still let her in. These were evident before the marriage, and they still accepted her. Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, a mixed bag.  So if they did not know then they know now, and getting rid of her isn’t happening any time soon. unfortunately.

Ko~ Part two ~ Wink ~ No milk for free

Hi JD, How are you? Thanks for your patient and frank responses that are clearing some mists. There is one thing that has always puzzled me. Wink and her posts. Why did she keep insisting there will be no wedding, when several of us anons, and even other bloggers, could see the writing on the wall by May beginning. In retrospect, how could anyone claim and believe that a royal wedding still had chances of being canceled at the crack of the wedding dawn? Ko
prince harry
Wink trusted me and me her, and there is a reason for everything, that’s the message.  Why did she insist there wouldn’t be a wedding?  I kept asking her I’m going to have to call it and she insisted up to the wedding.  She did come back a few weeks later. People in the know are still visiting these blogs.  I can only share some things.
As it was leaked, MM is the difficult one to deal with, and staff felt like they were walking on eggshell with Markle around.  It came down to Harry making the decision he had a Narcissist in his ears barking orders. Harry felt conflicted but MM won out, and now he is stuck and looks like crap.
Meghan Markle is lesser of two evils, that does have something to do with Soho.  There was a blind item that he wanted to call it off but felt he would look foolish.
This post is not easy for me. We have so much faith in Harry, like the rest of the staff and me and now he is a stick in the mud. Even Duncan writes about what a delight it is to work for Harry, but theMeg🦈 has taken away the KP Mojo.
When NYC came back she asked who is Wink and I tried to fill her in, I asked her to find out. That never happened, but I think it has something to do with WE Agency??
We have talked about PR and what the do, they direct the herd on Social Media.  I believe it was their job to keep the support for the BRF and they succeeded beautifully.  Remember Harry is the BRF jewel, the lad you want to have a beer with.
There is a lot of information, and I can’t bring myself to post it all and talking to Vin she said to hold back on that.
I’ll give you these scenarios she sent to me, and then as we go, I can go through the information and decide what would be okay to post.  Somethings can’t be posted.  I have been thinking about this all day, Wink is a good person.

Winks Scenarios

We know the engagement wasn’t planned, it was coerced/faked and scripted by her. So there’s a question. Can a fake wedding end up in a real royal wedding? Harry’s current status should be taken also into consideration. Well, we have a few options:

1) fake engagement- real wedding – the RF has arranged it somehow by abrogating the law in an unprecedented manner bcs of coercion despite the requirements based on Harry’s status. Both parties know, (the government knows as well) there’s an agreement with an end date in place. She ’ll go away as it was agreed. (Which in my opinion still a high risk trusting a sick, obsessed narc like her, who’ve broken her words a few times/despite deal during the engagement phase)

2) fake engagement – fake wedding – the RF knows but Markle believes it’s real bcs she has no clue how it should be done as royal. We could say she was set up by the RF and she doesn’t know. So the RF maintains the illusion of a ‘real duchess’ status yet in the reality it’s not legit. They let her continue her activities, but she is not supported & trained by them, lives on her own and in her delusions she’s outplayed them. If she’d realise it’s a bluff she could demand changes.

3) fake engagement – fake wedding – both know, but it was made an agreement, it also has an end date, till she established herself as ‘fashion icon’ or whatever. The illusion will be maintained as long as it is necessary in case of the RF.

Plans for scenarios

I think there are plans for different scenarios, bcs we know from experience, she cannot be trusted and this case is based on its craziness unpredictable. She’s here to establish herself as a new fashion icon, yet with a completely wrong PR strategy, bcs she still didn’t understand that by using aggressive PR/letting her family causing constantly drama just builds the obstacles higher in her plans as ‘icon for high end’ fashion contracts. (also in the US) un-cleverly she focusses on the wrong audience, she doesn’t depend on the public for achieving her ‘dreams’, but on the industry, that is well connected and ‘words travel’… Perhaps you have noticed that she is not supported by the RF (although they could afford her based on her status), she is looking on her own for future contracts, but without personality & achievements, she will never sell.. As I said after the engagement, people in certain industries are well connected, as well as politicians, those who matter do know something is up.

I hope that this is good enough for right now, as you see this was right after the wedding and what we have seen is horrid.  Pray for Harry.

Thank you, Ko 🌸😎Jd

Two questions ❤️ Very long answers Part one ~ Ko


Two questions if I may:
1. What s the point of championing support for Mental Health when there are 2 lunatics (Harry&MM) running around causing havoc for the RF? 😉
2. And a serious question about NYC. I liked reading her blog. But something always irked me, like how someone working for PC could be hosting a blog talking about her client and people connected to their client, namely Harry and MM? It always struck me as unethical.

Sometimes I wondered if she was a troll. She made out that she was in New York, but unless she was stationed in a nearby European country, she travelled to London in 4 hours for the wedding. Sometimes she slipped up and revealed that English wasn’t her first language.

Of course, I wanted her to be real and wanted all the stories she related to be real. I wanted her to be real as much as I want that “Riddler” that visits another blog that shan’t be named to be genuine (they intimate that they are a palace insider but constantly use American spellings in their posts 🙄). I want these people to be real because apart from providing information they give us hope that there’s a force for good pushing against the evil Markle and that the BRF have this all under control. Sadly I think we’ve all been had to some extent. Time will tell. Thanks, JD & Vin!



Sorry, this took so long, Vin and I were cracking up! 😂😹 The poster couple of mental health!  Okay, it’s okay to ask for help.

Of course, it did, you would be surprised how Social Media is influenced by Public relations. Some agency specializes in it, turning the herd in the right direction for the client.

There is something called black PR, that means to destroy someone’s reputation. It happens all the time in politics.  This case isn’t too far off base. The PR’s created dueling narratives and they worked brilliantly, so much so they can’t turn it off.  I’m telling you they are still there, but it’s hitting at Brexit with the use of Meghan Markle!  I’m sure my followers can confirm this when they do battle in the DM comment section and especially on Twitter!


Public relations professionals both serve the public’s interest and private interests of businesses, associations, non-profit organizations, and governments. This dual obligation gave rise to heated debates among scholars of the discipline and practitioners over its fundamental values. This conflict represents the main ethical predicament of public relations.[42] In 2000, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) responded to the controversy by acknowledging in its new code of ethics “advocacy” – for the first time – as a core value of the discipline.[42]

The field of public relations is generally highly un-regulated, but many professionals voluntarily adhere to the code of conduct of one or more professional bodies to avoid exposure for ethical violations.[43] The Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the Public Relations Society of America, and The Institute of Public Relations are a few organizations that publish an ethical code. Still, Edelman‘s 2003 semi-annual trust survey found that only 20 percent of survey respondents from the public believed paid communicators within a company were credible.[44] Public relations people are growing increasingly concerned with their company’s marketing practices, questioning whether they agree with the company’s social responsibility. They seek more influence over marketing and more of a counseling and policy-making role. On the other hand, marketing people are increasingly interested in incorporating publicity as a tool within the realm of marketing.[45]

According to Scott Cutlip, the social justification for public relations is the right for an organization to have a fair hearing of their point of view in the public forum, but to obtain such a hearing for their ideas requires a skilled advocate.[46]


Negative public relations, also called dark public relations (DPR) and in some earlier writing “Black PR”, is a process of destroying the target’s reputation and/or corporate identity. The objective in DPR is to discredit someone else, who may pose a threat to the client’s business or be a political rival. DPR may rely on IT securityindustrial espionagesocial engineering, and competitive intelligence. Common techniques include using dirty secrets from the target, producing misleading facts to fool a competitor.[53][54][55][56] In politics, a decision to use negative PR is also known as negative campaigning. Public relations are frequently just recycled information used by a plethora of sources, thus giving way to minimal perspectives regarding events.[57]

I think this explains it 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

Was English her first language? YES!  She would tell people who came from non-speaking English countries, that they were doing better then she was.  Trust me I’ve seen how she really types and talks to people. Ask Plant.  NYC went to Georgetown with the source.

I did speak to her when she came back briefly but Skippy was fighting me tooth and nail, and I was trying to get everyone to play together nicely.  The second to the last time they had a huge blowout and NYC said, Dee, that girl is not your friend!  NYC said that skippy was trolling her hard in PM over Prince Philip having affairs and said it was in books and NYC claimed that was a lie.  There were other words exchanged, and I still don’t know why or what.

Felix and I had asked Skippy to leave the royal stuff alone, for now, she blocked both of us.  Skippy can become obsessive to the point of a pit bull locking its jaws on to a victim.  Skip got us both back when Felix blog went down.  She is very vindictive and wanted to be the Queen of tumblr 🙄 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 because I said NYC was the queen and she kissed ass and skip said no I was.

People love to stab you in the back.  Skip hid her site, there is a switch in edit appearance and all she had to do was block me and create a huge distraction to make people suspect me of turning her in and flood me with anons asking me what happened to skippy? This all happened as god is my witness.  Skippy wanted me off tumblr and led me to WordPress, one thing I am is loyal and to a fault. so I followed her to WordPress and started a business account for the three of us.   I really thought she was my friend, NYC was right, she wasn’t.  Are they here with me, NOPE!  All this over anons and maybe some insider stuff?   Skippy didn’t get shut down!  She uploaded and she still had the iamstillskippy until I found out and she saw it here on WordPress.










Skippy messed with NYC and she is the queen of vindictiveness. That London scoop and riddler is more of people messing with her.  Skippy does send her own anons and I picked up right before she ghosted me after the wedding.  Success is the greatest revenge.


NYC was acting oddly the last time like I said before you would be surprised that some SM accounts are shared by more than one person. Mr. Nyc did sit in several times with short answers and amazingly people thought they were the best!  People need to wake up how they are being influenced by companies and politicians.

One thing that stuck out NYC dropped, you will hear on or before Eugenie wedding the announcement that MM is pregnant. I received a private message in August that said,  “what do I think about a fake pregnancy,” I said, “it would be the big sympathy card.  Don’t do that it can backfire badly.  I even came right out and said it publicly, she is going to pull a fake pregnancy. Boom here it is!

Prince Charles is known for throwing the boys under the bus, Paddy Haverson, anyone? Yes, NYC would protect the principle and use any means possible to complete her goal.  From what I hear she is crisis management.

Yes, I know you can use a scrambler to hide your IP. What is interesting I received hits where all Hills and Knowles has an office, hmm Skippy lives in the same town as one in the middle of Canada.  They have them Aus, Singapore, Brazil, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, London, NYC, Atlanta, DC, Regina  I can keep going.

We might have to work with these people again.  I plan to stick around until the end and beyond.  I appreciate your ask but I wanted to be as honest as possible so you know what’s going on.  There is just as much drama with bloggers as the shit show.  Thank you, JD 🌸😎


Meghan’s Business Lunch

by Rory Tingle

Meghan Markle has been spotted on a business lunch with a new key appointee after Kensington Palace hired the former Brexit speechwriter for David Davis as its deputy press secretary

Christian Jones was seen yesterday leaving Chucs Italian restaurant in Notting Hill with Meghan as she strolled back to her car.

He became deputy director of communications for both Meghan and Harry and William and Catherine in December, after racking up nearly seven years of experience working with two Government departments.

The Duchess of Sussex was yesterday seen leaving a restaurant in Notting Hill, west London, with Christian Jones, one of her new communications directors

The Cardiff University graduate served as Mr Davis’ speechwriter at the Department for Exiting the European Union from October 2016 to September 2017, before taking up a new role as the department’s press secretary.

Prior to that he was chief press officer at the Treasury from November 2014 to October 2016, serving under George Osborne and, for a brief period, the current Chancellor Philip Hammond.

His major new role, which was advertised publicly, includes liaising with British and international media and supporting the young royals’ charitable work and engagements.

Mr Jones will lead the day-to-day press office operations of the two households and advise Meghan, Harry, William and Catherine on how to interact with the media.

Mr Jones (seen with Meghan yesterday) became deputy director of communications for both Meghan and Harry and William and Katherine in December, after racking up nearly seven years of experience working with two Government departments

During his time at the Department for Exiting the European Union, he was pictured sitting around a table several seats along from Mr Davis as he spoke to the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Mr Jones attended Cardiff University from 2008 to 2011 and graduated with First Class Honours.

Kensington Palace did not comment on the appointment.

Alongside her press team and other palace staff, Meghan also has her own assistant, Amy Pickerill.

She accompanies the Duchess on events, and was spotted on Wednesday as she visited the Mayhew animal welfare charity in Kensal Rise, north-west London.



Alongside her press team and other palace staff, Meghan also has her own assistant, Amy Pickerill. She accompanies the Duchess on events, and was spotted on Wednesday as she visited the Mayhew animal welfare charity in Kensal Rise, north-west London

Alongside her press team and other palace staff, Meghan also has her own assistant, Amy Pickerill. She accompanies the Duchess on events, and


was spotted on Wednesday as she visited the Mayhew animal welfare charity in Kensal Rise, north-west London


Explanation of Public Relations from dyedwool ~ tumblr this is a good one

An in-depth look into PR happening with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I always said a PR is likened to a lawyer they will represent their client zealously and with no laws that say they can’t.

I’m not even shocked to read this, but it does feel good to see it in writing. I’ll be back another post of her, speculating, nudge nudge, wink, wink.