Remember Meghan Markle’s trip to Toronto August 2018

Remember Meghan Markle’s trip to Toronto August 2018

That was reported on August 19th, and I confirmed as accurate because Meghan came to my site and asked a few questions. I was surprised that her IP showed up.  My watchers asked me where Markle is? Toronto I said!

The next month was the book launch with…

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Anon doesn’t know what to believe

Anon doesn’t know what to believe

Anonymous said:

JD – I’m a new follower and so incredibly confused. Who do we believe? Does Skippy believe sources who are messing with her? Is MM really pregnant? And is this going to ever eventually end? I don’t know what to believe anymore.,  Welcome to our site🤗. This far in the game, and it is…

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Is the Jig Up on Meghan’s Fake Pregnancy?

Is the Jig Up on Meghan’s Fake Pregnancy?

It’s a tabloid youtube channel but I think it’s got it’s info from the bloggers like you all. It seems like the Meghan and Harry’s fake pregnancy scheme story is gaining traction.

THANK GOD! Maybe the press is finally doing their job. How to look at this too, she may not have a choice but to have one, get a baby somehow, or face…

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New photoshopped bump in MM Victoria Beckham PR story

New photoshopped bump in MM Victoria Beckham PR story

This DM article is clearly MM PR – and they’ve even photoshopped the bump to remove the obvious line. Not sure what the point of this is….. maybe her PR panicked when they saw the Sandringham photos showing a clear MoonBump line – and had to create a new story with new photos to bury it?…

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Express~ Responding to Kate Pregnancy Allegations

Express~ Responding to Kate Pregnancy Allegations

Okay, I highly doubt that Kate is pregnant because of reports that say she really doesn’t want to take the spotlight off Meg and her moment.  KP responded this way:

“While, Kensington Palace officials refused to comment to on the claims they added if Kate were pregnant, an official…

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Pregnancy misdirection

The pregnancy misdirection SoAnn talked about reminded me of an article about the Haz and Meg move to Frogmore. In the article, it stated that because they would be living at Frogmore this would mean that the baby would not be born in the Lindo Wing because it would be too far away. I kind of just accepted that when I read it – but, Windsor is actually not very far from London. I used to live…

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Sorry Harry, you allowed this, take the blame, Who the misogynist now?

Sorry Harry, you allowed this, take the blame, Who the misogynist now?

Anonymous said:
JG, I know you like Harry but let’s be honest with ourselves. Can you tell us if MM is really pregnant or not? Even if she is not, her PR has made her a pregnant woman who will have a child with Harry. I agree with that anon. who said “what decent woman would want Harry and all that trouble in her life?” Would you want it? MM is making sure she will get her hard “played” money…

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Nutmeg is a Wonder Anon

Nutmeg is a Wonder Anon

Anonymous said:

nutmeg is a wonder indeed. alleged geriatric pregnancy w reports unable to conceive w ph unable to father due to childhood injury?miracle of ivf 1st time? able to fly extensive hours without clots, enter zika lands without risks that mere mortals r subject to. can drink, botox, chemical treat hair too. what is next walk on water? 5 staff apartments will be axed so she can…

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Royal Variety Performance 2017 vs. 2018

Royal Variety Performance 2017 vs. 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the 2017 Royal Variety Performance. At the time, the Duchess of Cambridge was around 4 months pregnant (she gave birth at the end of April 2018) and she looked like a sparkling Princess!

Today, November 19, 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Royal Variety Performance. According to the latest Royal Reporter, Robert Jobson, Meghan is due…

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