Ghislaine Maxwell in talks with US Media to give a tell all

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell ‘plans to defend her friend Prince Andrew in a tell-all interview on US TV’

Are you kidding me! After the disastrous car crash interview, she is going to give an interview. Okay, I say go for it, the FBI has what they need, and I’m sure the lawyers of Virginia Roberts are looking for a defamation lawsuit.

If so I expect NBC universal that will hold the interview, call it a hunch.


Good Morning Everyone! Big day today!

We have the impeachment hearing and IG Report being released today.  I also have Patrick Howley report he did on CPS and Pelosi’s involvement that really shocking.

It’s all connected! Our President is draining the swamp, dig, dig, dig for information on these cowards in charge. It’s a power trip mixed with pedophiles, royals, Hollyweird,  politicians, tech, businessmen down to local law enforcement.

You are not above the law! We are coming for you!

US Constitution on a Flag

Prince Andrew made deal to fly on a tax haven tycoon’s jet

Revealed: Prince Andrew made a secret deal to use tax haven tycoon’s £40m luxury jet to fly the world because he was fed up with aging RAF planes, sparking calls for an official probe into duke’s opaque finances

Really, just Andrew?  How about the entire lot of them?  Wake up!  Just my opinion, but when the Queen goes that’s it!

Express – Prince Charles gives President Trump the middle finger

 Do you think this is funny, well I got to tell you that the patriots have the dirt on Charles? He was discreet with Jeffrey Epstein, but he used his service just like baby brother Andrew.  Prince Charles called Epstein for call girls for his young sons back in the day.  Is Prince Andrew your sacrificial lamb, Prince Charles?