Daily Mail- Prince Andrew caught at Epstein Mansion

HMTQ- showed her support for her son Prince Andrew by driving to church in Balmoral.  Personally, I feel bad for her, and I know she wants to protect her alleged pedophile son. But letting him get away with this for all these years is wrong.


The evidence coming out against Andrew, a marriage to Fergie is a huge PR mistake.


These are crimes against humanity, and we can’t allow this to go on.  The victims are human beings, with mothers, fathers, and siblings.


The Sun- Eco warriors fly private to France – Ingrid Steward chimes in

Everyone is right to criticize the latest from the faux royals Harry Markle and his wife, Meghan.  They are preaching the WOKE left agenda that is all the rage here in America. Calling anyone a racist to stun the people with their unconscious bias is cruel and hurtful.  This study is flawed as being exclusionary to one group of people causes resentment.


Meghan if that what you wanted, you have indeed caused resentment from day one.  I warned every chance I got and still, they let you in and rolled out the royal red carpet. Like the narc you are, it wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted the A-listers that you could never be on your own power and talent.


Prince Andrew bowed out of Royal life because of his nasty obsession with children. Since he has been thrown under the double-decker, I wonder when they will out your yachting life and expose that you also smashed Prince Andrew before you met Harry.  My research told me that all roads led to York; I should’ve stopped there.


Meghan doubled down with some information, a recording, I do wonder if those backers are still around, we told they weren’t, but the left WOKE speak got me wondering if George didn’t reach out for more to bring the Royal Family down.  Meg’s been cashing in at every turn and opportunity that royals don’t do or not allowed to do.


We know the pedo network is deep, and they all share the disgusting obsessions with child sex slavery.  In the beginning, I couldn’t believe any of it, but it’s out in the open with the full force of the FBI investigating everyone involved. I hope you had good vacations; it could be your last.

Daily Mail captures Prince Andrew and Fergie in Spain, along with Enty Blinds Busted!

Poor You Andrew! Pity party ensues or does it?



Today’s Blind Items – Mystery

I know usually, the items that appear in this space are longer, but this one is juicy enough to make it to the spot. A long-time spy who lives here in LA is on vacation outside the country. Well, technically she is yachting on an actual yacht. Imagine her surprise when last night she was at a party at a restaurant located at a marina and a door to a private room opened. She knew two people who walked out of the room and it is a couple who are royal. She caught a glimpse of some others in the room. Being the great spy she is, she asked a waiter about the party going on in the private room. The waiter said it wasn’t a party, but rather some kind of business meeting. The waiter had also recognized the royal couple and one other person. He told the name to the spy who had no idea who it was but Googled the name and l and behold that name is mentioned extensively in the case of the billionaire pedophile. It sounds like it was a meeting of the guilty and working out next moves.


Blind Items Revealed #2

August 8, 2019

A woman with that famous last name that has been around for hundreds of years was interviewed by the FBI because there are photos of her with underage female teens found in the files of the pedophile.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild/Jeffrey Epstein 

Blind Item #12

This foreign born permanent A+ list model has been in talks to get immunity from her own misdeeds with females if she will name names of men she saw imbibing with underage girls provided by the pedophile.
Your friend Naomi Campbell

Today’s Blind Items – Funding

The foreign born former sex slave turned business person is laundering money of criminals through her company. She also transports huge sums of cash from the US and other countries to Europe to be placed in banks outside US jurisdiction. According to my source, who would know every last bit about this operation, she also still transfers underage girls around the globe. How does my source know this? Her husband used the same method multiple times. My source’s family has always been entwined with the pedophile. They shared the same goal. Grooming underage sex slaves who are loyal to you forever much like this former sex slave turned business person. Oh, and if you think everyone has gone into hiding since the arrest last month, apparently business has never been better.
Lucky for you Andrew with all that free time on your hands you continue raping boys and girls!  The rumor was you were always into swapping seamen but they thought girls sounded better. Rape is rape, it’s disgusting! They are humans you jackass!

Blind Items Revealed #2

August 5, 2019

It looks like this permanent A++ list celebrity is now also the messenger between the mogul and another member of his mafia. That A list singer has never been included in this group at all, so I’m wondering if she will spill info. She probably doesn’t know the consequences if she does and she is a talker if you get the right party favors in front of her.

Oprah/David Geffen/Barry Diller/Katy Perry

Oprah again, how does she get away with this? Look, Diller, I just did a post about him being like family with Geffen.  Interesting, part of the club right Andrew?

Blind Items Revealed #1

August 5, 2019

That industry rag had to search far and wide to find an aging A-list screenwriter/director willing to defend a key enabler of the billionaire pedophile.  Of course, the publication has done this for many Hollywood pedophiles before, so this is just their normal behavior.

“The Hollywood Reporter”/Paul Schrader/Peggy Siegal/Jeffrey Epstein


These blinds crack me up, Meghan Markle wanted these people in her life, Fool!


Today’s Blind Items – Two More Actors

Unlike George Clooney who had his name show up as being serviced by the madam/procurer/child rapist, these two actors names were not brought up in a deposition. They too were not only serviced by the madam, but also joined in with her and other females. One of them is an alliterate actor who was A list at his peak and still works all the time. He participated unbeknownst to his long time wife. The other actor (A list at his peak too) who also took his turn is an actor who shares a very common first name among his peers which can lead to confusion. One of his threesomes led to a divorce when his wife found out about it. The threesome happened before his marriage, but he was subpoenaed to testify even though he didn’t have to. That led to a bunch of questions from the wife about his sex life. There were lots of things she didn’t know about his sex life and kinks and fetishes, and this threesome was one of the many things she discovered which caused her to kiss the marriage goodbye.

Blind Item #4

The alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity is setting up paid appearances during an upcoming tour. That would be a first for someone in her position.
That’s our meg!  It doesn’t matter you had sex with Andrew before you hooked up with Naive Harry.  The story ends with you going down with the ship, oh that one is for Meg, we know you are going down Andrew.

Blind Item #5

Lets see, you have the richest guy in the world hanging out with the mogul who pulls the puppet strings for lots of people caught up in raping underage teens both hanging out outside the country at the same time as the “suicide.” Convenient.

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 9, 2019

In their haste to kiss the butt of the royal who pays for them to kiss her butt, Kneepads left off the portion of their article which would cast a little wrench in their theory. You see, the popularity of the name they say is due to the all might wisdom and knowledge of their paymaster was actually already number one because of that almost network television show that has been airing a few seasons.

Meghan Markle/People/Archie/Riverdale


Blind Items Revealed #2

August 1, 2019

A royal not named Meghan said that the feds sent photos over to her parental unit to be looked at and to help identify teens in photos with the parental unit and also teens in photos engaged in sex acts with at least four celebrities from her home country.

Princess Beatrice/Prince Andrew

Oh, That’s not good! We already read what you did to Bea! Shame on you!

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 1, 2019

The mogul is having an emergency meeting on his yacht this weekend to discuss strategy. He has some pet projects and needs his pets to do his bidding. Lets see who flocks to him.

David Geffen/Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, David Zaslav, the CEO of Discovery Communications; Lloyd Blankfein, the former CEO/Chairman of Goldman Sachs; and Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner

Not looking good for everybody

Blind Item #8

A woman with that famous last name that has been around for hundreds of years was interviewed by the FBI because there are photos of her with underage female teens found in the files of the pedophile.
Uh oh, the FBI is coming for you!

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 26, 2019

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor all of you know who has that common first name of actors that all look the same and does voiceovers for a national company has been in contact with the procurer/madam. Apparently they have had multiple flings over the years.

Josh Lucas/Ghislaine Maxwell

CNN- Who’s Who of Jeffrey Epstein’s powerful friends

CNN fake news, CYA for Clinton, He did not have sex with that girl! CNN places Clinton on a plane four times, and we can put him there 26 times!

Sarah Ferguson covered for Andrew one year and allegedly lied to investigators that he was with the family at all times.  Prince Andrew did slip away to go to the island, and many have told me that Sarah is the beard, which I found shocking. Don’t be surprised if they announce they are marrying again to cover yet again for Randy Dandy

Fox News: Jeffrey Epstein’s paper trail

Meanwhile, included in the hundreds of pages of documents were pages of flight logs from Epstein’s private jet. Prominent individuals who had traveled on the jet, according to those records, included Bill Gates, who flew once, former President Bill Clinton and aide Doug Band, who flew four times, President Trump, who flew once in 1997 from Palm Beach to New York, Colombian President Andres Pastrana, Dershowitz, Hyatt Hotels Chairman Tom Pritzker, Brunel, and model and talent agent Naomi Campbell, among others.

written by Brooke Singman

Is PH really part of this MM farce

Hi JD, I am in the UK and have started to read blogs on MM and PH some weeks ago.

I am totally baffled and angry that debacle is allowed to carry on, is PH a willing participant in the ending of the monarchy. If this is the case for what motive??


It is strange and bewildering that HM the Queen has actually helped MM become a Duchess and allowed the British people to be Sh** upon. We pay for the RF millions annually, yet we are to be treated like plebs who are insignificant. What are your thoughts are the Queen and PH complicit in the lies and deceit? How will this all end and are there any backers as some other sites suggest?


Embed from Getty Images

Her Majesty Hosts The Final Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony


It sounds unbelievable they would allow this behavior, but they are doing just that! The royals are weakened by Philips, retirement, and age allowed this to plow through. The Royals hope passively for the best. There isn’t any rope, that was made up by LARPERS to keep you away from the real problem.


It comes down to Prince Andrew, and they are in CYA, cover your ass mode, but they won’t throw MM under the bus just yet. They need Harry and Meghan as a distraction for the violent storm headed their way, which is now. There is more than one family member involved.


Outside influences, you bet there is! Blackmail! You have to think higher than Soho, that’s a sewer, but it’s not capable of launching this type world campaign. The Royals are being complicit IMO, honesty is always the best policy but don’t complain and don’t explain is in effect even though our valued reporters are being threatened.



Look at the evidence it’s in the plain sight now, the gender-bending, racism, NWO,  thought police, the green new deal,  immigration, ending freedom of speech. MeToo, women empowerment, emasculating men, edging on pedophilia and gender-neutral, Trump haters. It’s Hillary Rotten Clinton and George Soros agenda.


I’ve been watching this 💩show for three years. Europe was first to feel the wrath, as you know any social media dislike of Muslim criminals got you a visit from the thought police in the UK. They were locking up citizens in the UK and the EU for speaking out against grooming gangs, group rapists.


Don’t get me wrong, any adult can be who they want to be, but to outright teach children at an elementary level about anal sex or any sex for that matter is morally wrong. Children act out what they learn.


Oh, and one more late-term abortion and infanticide is murder. I won’t get into what they do with fetuses, and I have already posted how much a dead baby body parts are worth on the blog.  It’s disgusting and immoral.


Katie Hopkins is leading the way to point out this wave of insanity. It’s shocking but true! She has made hundreds of video showing the abuse to Europe and the UK at the expense of her body. They ought to pin a medal on her.


Inclosing, Yes Prince Harry is up to his neck in this, I’m sorry to say, but he is, he had choices and chose the wrong path. Is Harry trying to bring the monarchy down, no, not exactly? They are the distraction.  What’s going to happen?  We have read all the articles and make informed decisions.  Go to https://www.qmap.pub/players


Thank you anon, God Bless America and GB, 🌸😎💋👀

Anon sends the Daily Mail Article – Sarah Left Jeffrey Epstein a message , This is killer stuff!

‘HRH Duchess of York is expecting your call’: Note recording a phone message from Sarah Ferguson to Jeffrey Epstein is discovered among police records along with a message from another caller about ‘underage girls’

Epstein Police Report by ChrisSpargo on Scribd


How about that, we were just talking about Sarah!


Seeing this in writing is so heartbreaking, it makes this real.  I’m telling you folks this rampant and connected worldwide. These human rights violators are even running for President of the USA.  We must expose them like the scum they are.

Drain The Swamp, get it now?  This is what Trump is doing. He’s calling out every scum bag, that hurt children or corrupt politician lining their pockets with gold with the money that was meant for your community.  When the left starts their drivel with racist tell them to SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!


There are no coincidences!

Thank you anon this is what we were waiting for and more to come. 🌸😎💋👀