JKR  submitted: Did Philip warn Harry?

Did Philip warn Harry?

Did Philip warn Harry against tying knot with Meghan? Prince told grandson ‘One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them’, report claims

  • Philip thought to have made the comments when the couple became serious
  • It is also thought William may have given his own piece of relationship advice
  • Despite their alleged advice, Harry proposed to Meghan after a year of dating

IMO. that one is very true because actresses are attention seekers it was never about race. It came to me as Prince Charles said that and it is possible that Prince Philip said the same. Camilla was supportive of Harry at that time.

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Camilla The Duchess of Cornwall ~ Elephant Ball

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 13: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales hold face masks as they host a reception for the Elephant Family Animal Ball at Clarence House on June 13, 2019 in London, England. Elephant Family is an international NGO dedicated to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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Daily Mail makes a big deal over Charles use Z instead of S, big cuppa of STHU

Everyone is wondering did Meghan write this for him and the reporter Jessica Rach (known sugar writer for MM) says No, Prince Charles is using the 15th-century version and insists its the correct way to write. Okay, but we live in the 21st century, Sir.  Pick your battles, and I insist that PC wouldn’t make a big deal and stick to don’t complain and don’t explain. Hmm… 🤔

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Lila4 on tumblr keeping up on CDAN blinds

Meghan Markle and Pryi, falling out, you bet! GHOSTED!

OMG! Are you surprised?  Well, doesn’t that put things into perspective

Cut ties with Jackson, but still protect MM? Must be something good? Maybe? Right?

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This is a speculation site that posts conjecture, use at your own risk, here is Enty’s disclaimer.  Take it with a grain of salt and lighten up. You choose to believe or not. Just like here, some anons maybe lying or not telling the entire truth to protect their identity.


Meghan the Politician lol

Meghan can talk politics as much as she wants to. But for office? Lol Oprah reconsidered her presidential run because she was explained that as soon as she starts off her campaign, her friendship with Uncle Harvey will be revealed to the public right away … MM is trying to figure out how she will make money after Harry. Any available opportunity for her?


Not in politics, the opposition will tear her to pieces! Meghan is not fiscally responsible, why would anyone vote for a person that won’t consider the people first.

The British public suffers, and she spent a million on clothes MM wears once. She could have tons of clothes for the price, but according to Enty, the Entertainment lawyer’s spies say she is charging designers to wear said clothes.  Isn’t that working to promote designers? Meghan is forbidden to work under her visa, who is going to be brave enough to ask questions?

We need the best reporters to inquire using their best tactics to get to the bottom of this dilemma.

The royal family is not supposed to meddle in politics, and Charles promised, is he breaking that promise to the people? Meghan has successfully influenced the Prince of Wales.  IMO she will bring them all down.

Is the Monarchy up for sale?  Did you notice they awarded the Smart Works charity with OBE?  Even though it’s a wonderful charity the timing, the award is mighty suspicious.


Now, Amal Clooney, she met Meghan for the first time at the wedding. George Clooney is represented by Creative Artist Agency, many from the CAA list of stars coming to Meghan Markle’s aide. Most are involved with Time’s up or MeToo movement.  Great concept but, the justice system is the rule of law, not witch hunting.

Prince Charles is making Amal a figurehead for the Prince’s trust. Why? No one else in GB that is qualified?

As far as Meghan’s afterlife she will write a tell-all.

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Clooney’s and the Prince of Wales

Would have paid a huge sum 100K to sit with PC during this dinner. PC does this several times a year to raise money for his charities. Means nothing. The invites would have gone out well before the shower.


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What is this good cop, bad cop? Of course, it means something don’t be silly.  That is what the public will think regardless; it’s an embarrassment. Blind item says Harry didn’t know Meghan flew private. Just like the palace didn’t know this was going to happen and accepted this couple’s money.

Wakeup!  I believe I’ve proven my point that they are being set up by American PR and talent agencies. They have always been five steps ahead. Meghan Markle is going to embarrass the BRF every chance she gets, and they fall for it every time.

They are up against 50 agencies; please read my post I did yesterday on Time’s up!  I agree with the concept; however, don’t agree that anyone has the right to play games. We have a justice system for offenders.  This is beyond sexual harassment and feminism.

Oprah is represented by CAA, the whole lot is, I’m not paranoid, this is happening. Beyonce is with CAA; MM’s got the beehive on call for when the bottom drops out. They are going after anyone that was/is or going to be charged with sexual crimes, I do support that, I will be posting about some.  I don’t like the delivery of the message.

Time for being passive is over; it’s time to bring in the real guns now.  I have a horrible feeling about this.

I’m not picking on you, it doesn’t look good.

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Ain’t this cute….

PC has Amal and George Clooney as guests of honor at his Prince’s Trust Gala. Real sensitive PC just after the outrage over Amal throwing a half million shower and celeb fest plus the private jet trip for Megsy.

PC just effectively said hey that was okay! You know pay for play is going on here. Amal wants a gong a Damehood so contribute to PC’s charity and voila!

Did Meghan get paid to arrange this? WTF is wrong with PC? Reading the public mood wrong or just arrogant? Boy, I am really starting to think HM failed to pass the integrity gene down to her son PC and grandson Harry. This smells. Could PC really be so stupid as to buy into Meghan’s scam?

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I think that Dyed in Wool put it best, they are royal who are we to dictate to them.  Completely out of touch with the people who allow them to rule.  That’s what it’s looking like to me, you can buy your way into the palace.

I recently posted the article about Charles taking questionable Russian Billionaires money to renovate his house in Scotland and let the charities pick up the rest of the tab. He filled it with priceless Chippendale, just some old furniture he has lying around that belongs in a museum.

What in the hell is going on with them?  Markle made them look good and their numbers are rising, but for how long? More people like yourself are going to be outraged by this show of extravagance. Maybe it’s time they pay their own way.   Pay fair Market value to live in London, that’s a start.

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Dirty shoes! It’s so much more than that!

JD, Dirty shoes again! Why? I do not understand? Where does she find dirt, in England, there is no asphalt? I am ashamed!


That would be on Meghan Markle; she wants to have it her way, the control freak!  The woman can insist on wearing bespoke at 10k but has shit shoes on; it means she has no class.

Since the Camilla Toimeny article praising her by Prince Charles as the savior of the monarchy, I have lost my faith in them.

Many of you have talked to me privately and feel the same way. A once mighty Monarchy has turned into a family for sale by the super wealthy and can be easily influenced by Hollywood.  I’m crushed!

Isn’t there anyone out there looking out for the best interests of British Royal Family? More accountability is needed, people are living in the streets, and you praise someone that spent a half a million on a trip to NYC for a pap fest, and merchandising opportunities then claim, it was paid for privately?  That is unacceptable; people need to drive the message home and this time directly at BRF, not Meghan Markle.

Vote on YouGov UK; the press uses that, turn it from millennials voting to actual baby boomers who vote in elections.

I may not be an expert in politics, one thing I know when your country hurts, you don’t spend money and flaunt it in the citizen’s faces.  Especially with Brexit looming and I will be honest with you there isn’t strong enough leadership to exit.  The timeline to pull away isn’t enough time.  Our president backs the people of the UK in their decision to leave; you have a friend with the United States of America.

The UK is having what we had in the 1700s, taxation without representation. Your tax is to accept floods of refugees from Africa, not Syria.  No plan to support and care for them. The NHS is overworked, underfunded.  My dear friend Sadie from Wales had to wait for a hernia operation that left her racked with pain and unbearable swelling for months; I believe she said she looked pregnant. Is that okay? No, it isn’t.

The UK charities are in question. We need more investigative journalists like the Guardian indicating that money laundering may be happening with Russian Billionaires and England. It’s time for real change to what could be a giant scam of this century regarding the BRF, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, now throw in MM and Harry’s Pologate in there, time to wake up and stop buying the bullshit happening.

Enty, the entertainment lawyers blind item that said, MM wants the people she represents to pay them for their appearances it’s time for real change.

I know you must be thinking, JD this ask was about dirty shoes, oh it’s much more than that.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Anon believes Charles wanted this

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