The Queen and the Royal go to church

The monarch was joined by her grandson Prince William on the journey, but there was no sign of his wife the Duchess of Cambridge 

The Queen's eldest grandson kept her company on the journey to church, which is one of the most important parts of the monarch's weekly routine Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were also part of the group, but opted to travel to church in their own vehicle 


The Sun~ HM throws a Birthday celebration for Prince Charles

Prince Charles does deserve a nice Birthday party, happy birthday sir! ✨

The birthday will be paid for using the Queen’s private funds and the Prince of Wales’ personal aide, Michael Fawcett, is said to be overseeing proceedings.

Prince Charles, 69, was born at Buckingham Palace on November 14, 1948.

He was the first-born child of Princess Elizabeth who became Queen just over three years later in February 1952.

He is the longest serving Prince of Wales after beating the record of Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII, who was Prince of Wales for 58 years before he took the throne.

Anon said” Veterans have more serious issues

Veterans have more serious issues to contend with than worrying about Mr & Mrs Dumbarton. There is no threat to IG, the strength is in the bonds of mateship. PH is somewhat respected, although comes across as condescending. The Republican movement never goes on holiday, something the BRF is well aware of. I still think PC will make an interesting King. Like you, I admire the work of Camilla. The service of a true Royal is not tabloid fodder, but is quietly observed and respected.
Thank you very much anon, I agree with you.  This tabloid muck should be ignored; it’s undignified. Maybe I’ll lose anons over it, the point is and always has been the Monarchy.
I do love Camilla, she has a great vibe, smile and anyone who is friends with Joanne Lumley is pretty cool in my book. I hope people watch some of the documentaries I’ve posted; I think you’ll fall in love with her like I did. 
Thank you anon 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Here is a good shot with Dame Judi Dench

Birkhall  Royal residence of  Prince Charles the future king of England

I admire Prince Charles so much, I respect his sincerity to the farmers of the UK. He believed in organic farming, now it’s the only way to go.  Because of his vision, he’s able to help more charitable organizations for his country. Prince Charles continues to make a relevant change in housing, he built a village, can you imagine that? I’m so impressed.


Video: Prince Charles’ most tender moments with sons Prince William and Prince Harry

Looking back at the Prince of Wales’ relationship with his sons


Since becoming a father in 1982 to Prince William and in 1984 to Prince Harry, the Prince of Wales has been devoted to his beloved sons. The trio have always been close, and possibly even more so since Diana’s death in 1997 and often attend public engagements together. Prince Charles has always supported his two children, most recently he walked Meghan Markle down the aisle on her wedding to Prince Harry. See the video below for a few of the sweetest moments between the future King and his boys.


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Prince Charles as a father


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If Charles finds out that meghan is emptying his pocket with fake bills  -OMG the biggest must be her 250.000 £ Givenchy wedding gown freebie –  His Royal Highness ,the Future King of England will “majestically” fuck Meghan and Jessica whores + everyone who involved in this charlatanry . HRH Prince Charles of Wales is famous for his revenge and he already gave a second chance to ungrateful MM , he even walked down with her on the aisle like meghan is his daughter despite she has taken KP private area pics to sell them 2016 so MM dear , don’t trust your hubby that much , you playing with fire and harry can’t save your and jess’ ass against Pa Charles  and I have to say something louder : Meghan you are being such an ungrateful whore to your father in law really !!!!