Anon submits Daily Mail :Nigel criticizes the BRF

Nigel Farage attacks ‘Prince of Wokeness’ Harry and Meghan Markle and ‘Charlie Boy’ for their ‘irrelevant’ environmental campaigns and brands late Queen Mother an ‘overweight, chain-smoking gin drinker’

Holy Moly! I’ve posted videos of Nigel Farage, and he is a fighter!

People are sick and tired of the bullshit elitism! The woke left rhetoric of nincompoopism, that would eat crap on a cracker if it were trending on Instagram!


I fear our youth is being poisoned by George Soros and company to fit his ideal world. The only thing is to keep the peasant docile, and the Elite goes on with hypocrisy of living super luxury lifestyles, while we eat grass in a meadow where the cows once grazed.  No farting allowed in this brave new world, you’ll have to pay a carbon tax to Elites.


I agree with Nigel. The Royal brats are irrelevant with their woke speak; he said realistic things.  We do have a right to criticize our representative!  The Queen has done a fantastic job, but when it comes to keeping her family in line, she falls short.


The Sussex brand is disgusting!!



They are making money from Instagram as influencers.  Meghan makes money from appearances, source enty. She charges designers to wear their clothes(source Enty. The foundation is shady it’s not a non-profit, it’s set up like the Clinton foundation.



Prince Charles does nothing, and oh wait, he defends them.


Wasn’t it Jobson that was spit shining Meghan bum awhile back that Prince Charles thinks she is fantastic?  Criticizing the Cambridge’s, don’t you find that odd? A couple in line for the throne gets thrown under the double-decker for these two idiots.



I once adored the Royals and Prince Harry, but not so much anymore.  Meghan has brought a dark cloud, and Harry is more than happy to help tear the meaning of mystique in exchange to become Hollywood Harry! Meghan is training her circus monkey well.


God sped Nigel, and I think you’re fantastic!


Thank you anon, 🌸😎😝💋


Baby Archie anon

I don’t know if this question has been asked yet, I am sorry if it has.


Baby shower in New York, all very pink. Perhaps letting the color pink slip on purpose.


We know Harry wanted a girl and we know if they had a girl her name would be Diana. Done and done. I believe it was after the shower that Meghan found out that a little girl would not inherit the Sussex title.


I think that they had to bypass a baby girl and find a little boy to take her place. Baby no title and the title of the Duchess isn’t even hers until she becomes a legal citizen of Britain.


So if she divorced PH and had stayed long enough actually legally to have the Duchess title, she would never be able to marry again, or she loses that title.


She absolutely had to announce a baby boy or end up titleless. I am not a super sleuth or extremely brilliant person. Retired, turning 70 soon and a USA citizen and even I could figure this out.


The Queen is not going to be able to protect PA, PH and whoever else is involved with Epstein. The Crown might not always win on this one.


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LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 14: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend “The Lion King” European Premiere at Leicester Square on July 14, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)


Hello Anon,  No it hasn’t been asked, and you are right the baby shower was for a girl, and you’re right about the name Diana.  Meghan stopped short of taken out a billboard to advertise the gender and the name.  Even though Meghan’s was spouting gender-neutral looney left speak, being HSW her super wokeness, thought police.


We are quite sure they used a surrogate when you have more money then you deserve, I suppose you hire two surrogates.  We are speculating I do want to make this clear.  The Sussex’s created a mystery to keep us peasants talking about Her royal never was.


The pictures don’t add up. Nobody is that dumb actually to believe the timeline. Harry said that babies change so much in two weeks?  He certainly wasn’t kidding! Many bloggers say it’s a doll, maybe because he never seems to move. He is real.


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Anneke Gilkes, Adam Bidwell and Charlie Gilkes attend the King Power Royal Charity Polo Match, in which Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex were competing for the Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Polo Trophy at Billingbear Polo Club on July 10, 2019 in Wokingham, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

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Official Photographs From The Christening Of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor


One thing is Meghan is in control, remember the Daily Mail article where a source says she is smarter then all the Royals combined? Meghan was learning from day one and carefully plotted each step before the kill. The title she will keep it like Ferg.



Her distraction may have taken people minds off of Prince Andrew, but now this is burning California forest fire. It’s leaving a trail of mass destruction, and the Royals can sit and wait  Passively to get cooked. They have protected MM from day one.  Kate was never given that consideration when she was hounding night and day.


As far as titles are concerned,  Meghan will pull a Fergie, but at least Ferg is entertaining and makes you smile.



Smeggy will get everything she wants as long as there is a crown. Plus she sitting on a king’s ransom when she writes her tell-all and she will write that.


Here is what I wonder when Prince Andrew is outed by out courts in America will the press jump on this and demand justice? Andy is not above the law, like the Queen. I did promise that if he was implicated that I would do my very best to expose the crime for the victims whose voices were never heard or called out as liars.



How can the royals sit idly back? Blood is thicker than water or citizens.



Where is their moral compass?



Where is the dignity to the people?  The Queen is supposed to put the people first!



Meghan Markle and Harry have spit on the mystique, dosed it with gasoline and set it ablaze. IMHO, they don’t give a rats 🤬 about you. They want your money for their Clinton like foundation to sell you crap clothes, a pseudo charity where the may send the actual charity 5 to 10 %.

Big charities are being exposed as money laundering vehicles. I do pray this is not the case, but it warrants investigating into the popup lion charity. Dig! Ask questions; they are not above the law.



There is a rumor that previous fab four charity is missing the money? Hmm



Prince Charles and Prince Philip were linked into Jimmy Saville, the Pedophile and I have heard from people that have the displeasure to meet this slimeball.

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English dj and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011), with pupils at the William Gladstone High School in Brent, London, 20th October 1977. Savile is at the school to make part of a film on vandalism for Northern Ireland. (Photo by Colin Davey/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Embed from Getty Images

Royals at Stoke Mandeville Hospital


There are so many pictures with the Royals standing by Jimmy at charity events. Surprisingly none with Prince Andrew. Scrubbed?

Embed from Getty Images

Sir Jimmy Savile mimics Prince Charles as he signs a book during his visit to Rotunda Museum in Scarborough. (Photo by Gareth Copley – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)


Embed from Getty Images

Patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire enjoy afternoon tea with Prince Philip and TV presenter Jimmy Savile. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)


The Royals are presumed innocent but we are allowed to wonder.



There is another rumor that Prince Andrew was into little boys, not girls, and this has been a long-standing rumor in England. When I see Enty, the entertainment lawyer say little girls did he get that right? Or does girls sound better than boys?



Will the Monarchy survive? Not without a crisis team and tossing some family members on the Guy Fawkes bonfire.


Qanon says, There are no coincidences.


Thank you, squad member, God bless America and Great Britain, 🌸😎💋👀

Harry , Unconscious Bias, and Learned Behaviours .

Yet another one I couldn’t resist JD. These two are a gift and becoming masters at

Bullshit Baffles Brains!

This is a training video on Unconcious Bias from the Royal Society

Learned Behaviour

Social Learning Theory (Bandura)

This very controversial short film of a young Elizabeth and her mother , sister , and Uncle .

The family including the future Edward VIII seem to be making a Nazi salute .
Edward was later to meet Adolph Hitler and was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer

Prince Phillip and his “gaffes”.

Prince Charles .
Are these examples of Unconscious Bias or Learned Behaviours . Or both ?
I wouldn’t know .
Maybe we should ask Harry .
Yet again the arrogant and foolish Harry has stepped into a minefield, he obviously feels it his mission to educate the masses ( the little people ) with his vast knowledge and expertise on well , everything and save them from themselves .

A contempory View on The Emperor’s New Clothes .

A Cautionary Tale Harry .
Unlike the Emperor in the story we do see you , you are naked and should be ashamed .

Kitty Links!!! 🐱‍👓🐱‍👓🐱‍👓

Another great time investigating links with the kitty!  I love your thought process, the title was the best.


You are a product of your environment, you are what you are taught. If we use the evidence you provided we can easily say he learned it from his family.


In the beginning, Harry’s friends would pop by to tumblr and tell me how awful Meghan was, pretentious, overbearing, attention seeker. Look at my plastic beaded bracelet Harry got me. MM is one of those people that always talk about how great they are, how educated she is while making the aristo want to vomit. One thing that stuck in my mind is she often called him a racist.

Makes perfect sense now with the drivel coming out both their mouths. It takes two to tango and there is plenty of blame to go around.  Choices were made and now they have to deal with it, however blind they both are.

Thank you, Kitty! 🌸😎💋🐱‍👓🍾


JKR  submitted: Did Philip warn Harry?

Did Philip warn Harry?

Did Philip warn Harry against tying knot with Meghan? Prince told grandson ‘One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them’, report claims

  • Philip thought to have made the comments when the couple became serious
  • It is also thought William may have given his own piece of relationship advice
  • Despite their alleged advice, Harry proposed to Meghan after a year of dating

IMO. that one is very true because actresses are attention seekers it was never about race. It came to me as Prince Charles said that and it is possible that Prince Philip said the same. Camilla was supportive of Harry at that time.

Thank you, JKR for your submittal, 🌸😎💋

Camilla The Duchess of Cornwall ~ Elephant Ball

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 13: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales hold face masks as they host a reception for the Elephant Family Animal Ball at Clarence House on June 13, 2019 in London, England. Elephant Family is an international NGO dedicated to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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Daily Mail makes a big deal over Charles use Z instead of S, big cuppa of STHU

Everyone is wondering did Meghan write this for him and the reporter Jessica Rach (known sugar writer for MM) says No, Prince Charles is using the 15th-century version and insists its the correct way to write. Okay, but we live in the 21st century, Sir.  Pick your battles, and I insist that PC wouldn’t make a big deal and stick to don’t complain and don’t explain. Hmm… 🤔

@wizkid101UK Thank you for posting on twitter

Lila4 on tumblr keeping up on CDAN blinds

Meghan Markle and Pryi, falling out, you bet! GHOSTED!

OMG! Are you surprised?  Well, doesn’t that put things into perspective

Cut ties with Jackson, but still protect MM? Must be something good? Maybe? Right?

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This is a speculation site that posts conjecture, use at your own risk, here is Enty’s disclaimer.  Take it with a grain of salt and lighten up. You choose to believe or not. Just like here, some anons maybe lying or not telling the entire truth to protect their identity.


Meghan the Politician lol

Meghan can talk politics as much as she wants to. But for office? Lol Oprah reconsidered her presidential run because she was explained that as soon as she starts off her campaign, her friendship with Uncle Harvey will be revealed to the public right away … MM is trying to figure out how she will make money after Harry. Any available opportunity for her?


Not in politics, the opposition will tear her to pieces! Meghan is not fiscally responsible, why would anyone vote for a person that won’t consider the people first.

The British public suffers, and she spent a million on clothes MM wears once. She could have tons of clothes for the price, but according to Enty, the Entertainment lawyer’s spies say she is charging designers to wear said clothes.  Isn’t that working to promote designers? Meghan is forbidden to work under her visa, who is going to be brave enough to ask questions?

We need the best reporters to inquire using their best tactics to get to the bottom of this dilemma.

The royal family is not supposed to meddle in politics, and Charles promised, is he breaking that promise to the people? Meghan has successfully influenced the Prince of Wales.  IMO she will bring them all down.

Is the Monarchy up for sale?  Did you notice they awarded the Smart Works charity with OBE?  Even though it’s a wonderful charity the timing, the award is mighty suspicious.


Now, Amal Clooney, she met Meghan for the first time at the wedding. George Clooney is represented by Creative Artist Agency, many from the CAA list of stars coming to Meghan Markle’s aide. Most are involved with Time’s up or MeToo movement.  Great concept but, the justice system is the rule of law, not witch hunting.

Prince Charles is making Amal a figurehead for the Prince’s trust. Why? No one else in GB that is qualified?

As far as Meghan’s afterlife she will write a tell-all.

Thank you for your ask, 🌸😎JD

Clooney’s and the Prince of Wales

Would have paid a huge sum 100K to sit with PC during this dinner. PC does this several times a year to raise money for his charities. Means nothing. The invites would have gone out well before the shower.


Embed from Getty Images

What is this good cop, bad cop? Of course, it means something don’t be silly.  That is what the public will think regardless; it’s an embarrassment. Blind item says Harry didn’t know Meghan flew private. Just like the palace didn’t know this was going to happen and accepted this couple’s money.

Wakeup!  I believe I’ve proven my point that they are being set up by American PR and talent agencies. They have always been five steps ahead. Meghan Markle is going to embarrass the BRF every chance she gets, and they fall for it every time.

They are up against 50 agencies; please read my post I did yesterday on Time’s up!  I agree with the concept; however, don’t agree that anyone has the right to play games. We have a justice system for offenders.  This is beyond sexual harassment and feminism.

Oprah is represented by CAA, the whole lot is, I’m not paranoid, this is happening. Beyonce is with CAA; MM’s got the beehive on call for when the bottom drops out. They are going after anyone that was/is or going to be charged with sexual crimes, I do support that, I will be posting about some.  I don’t like the delivery of the message.

Time for being passive is over; it’s time to bring in the real guns now.  I have a horrible feeling about this.

I’m not picking on you, it doesn’t look good.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎