Hi JD, How is your healt?. Hope you are improving. Just curious about why the ref to NYC. Does she work at SS? I distinctly remember the now-disappeared NYC saying MM’s pregnancy will be announced around the time of Eug wedding. I got the impression she meant MM will be genuinely preggers. And meanwhile, we have Ma Doria sharing trolling duties with her daughter, an insisting she is the greatest mother earth (snatched the title from Jolie, :) and future grand-mom? What do we make of it? Ko

Health is what it is, you deal. 

One of the girls found one of the comments in DM that is very similar it’s uncanny. NYC loved to use rinse and repeat and Nah.  No, she does not work for SS, she works for the company helping out with IG if it’s to believe. That’s Hills and Knowles. Anon in the DM said she has new aggressive PR, that would be NYC department, crisis management. This is an assumption at this point. 

I didn’t see this comment about the preggers, but I’ve been getting chatter that it will be staged most likely. Please, remember this is a scripted play, as the engagement interview, it was allegedly put together in a day and a half. This next phase of the drama is moving in that direction. I expect plenty of innuendoes and then a miscarriage maybe. 

They are turning Doria into a saint, I expect the father and sister to come out swinging.  All part of the play for the fake Kimmy K afterlife. Sam is chatting away, and she is aware of what is being said on tumblr. 

Anyone else wants to add? 

Thank you, Ko 🌸🌸😎